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What song did Harry right about Taylor?

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift had a brief but highly publicized relationship back in 2012. The two were spotted together several times, including on a romantic vacation to the Caribbean. Of course, being two of the most famous pop stars in the world, their relationship was the subject of intense media scrutiny.

So when Harry released a song on One Direction’s fifth and final studio album, Made in the A.M., that was widely believed to be about Taylor, fans and tabloids alike were quick to dissect the lyrics.

The Song: “Perfect”

The song in question is “Perfect,” which was co-written by Harry and Louis Tomlinson. While the song never explicitly mentions Taylor by name, the lyrics describe a relationship that was passionate but ultimately doomed.

Some of the lines that fans have pointed to as evidence that the song is about Taylor include:

  • “And if you like cameras flashing every time we go out / And if you’re looking for someone to write your breakup songs about / Baby, I’m perfect”
  • “If you’re looking for someone to write your breakup songs about / Baby, I’m perfect”
  • “But if you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms / And if you like having secret little rendezvous / Baby, I’m perfect”

Of course, these lyrics are open to interpretation, and Harry himself has never confirmed that the song is about Taylor.

The James Corden Interview

In November 2015, Harry appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden, and the talk show host didn’t waste any time getting to the point.

“The song [“Perfect”] is quite possibly about Taylor Swift,” Corden said. “Is that something that you knew, could you confirm that today?”

Harry, for his part, played coy. “I think everyone writes from personal experience, and I think you draw from lots of different things and people,” he said.

Corden pressed on: “So it could be about Taylor?”

“Sure,” Harry replied, with a cheeky smile.

The Aftermath

After the release of “Perfect,” Taylor Swift also dropped a new album, Reputation, in 2017. Many of the album’s songs were believed to be about her current boyfriend (now fiancé), Joe Alwyn, but some fans couldn’t help but wonder if there were any veiled references to Harry.

However, Taylor has been quick to shut down any speculation that she still has feelings for Harry. In a 2019 interview with Rolling Stone, Taylor said that she and Harry are “good friends” now, but that their relationship was “a learning experience.”


While Harry has never confirmed that “Perfect” is about Taylor Swift, it’s hard to deny that the lyrics seem to describe their whirlwind romance. However, both stars have moved on to new relationships and new chapters in their lives, and it seems unlikely that we’ll get any more details about their past relationship in the near future.


Which one of Taylor’s songs is about Harry?

Taylor Swift’s songwriting is often a subject of fascination among fans and critics alike, with many searching for clues and hidden messages in her lyrics. One such topic of speculation is which of Taylor’s songs are about her former flame, Harry Styles.

There are several songs that Taylor Swift has written that are widely believed to be about Harry Styles. “I Knew You Were Trouble (IKYWT)” is perhaps the most obvious choice. Many fans believe that the song’s lyrics, which include lines like “I knew you were trouble when you walked in,” are referencing her relationship with the One Direction member. The song tells the story of a tumultuous and emotionally damaging relationship, and many fans have connected the dots between the song’s lyrics and Taylor and Harry’s high-profile romance.

Another song that is believed to be about Harry is “Out Of The Woods.” Released in 2014 on her album “1989,” the song describes a tumultuous relationship and mentions a snowmobile accident – an event that Harry and Taylor were reportedly involved in during their relationship. Additionally, Taylor has mentioned in interviews that the song was inspired by a specific relationship that she was in.

Finally, “Style” is another Taylor Swift song that many fans believe is about Harry Styles. The song features lyrics like “You got that James Dean daydream look in your eye” and “he can’t keep his wild eyes on the road.” Both references have been linked to Harry, who is known for his classic style and signature hairdo.

While Taylor has never officially confirmed which of her songs are about Harry, there are several tracks that fans have widely interpreted as referencing her relationship with the former One Direction member. “I Knew You Were Trouble,” “Out Of The Woods,” and “Style” are among the most popular choices among fans and critics alike.

How long did Harry and Taylor date for?

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift dated back in late 2012 for a couple of months before they decided to call it quits in early 2013. Their relationship was very public and it was easy to spot them together. There were numerous photos of them holding hands, hugging and just enjoying each other’s company.

Their brief but intense romance was documented in the media and fans were always eager to know what their next move was. The couple first sparked rumours of a relationship when they were spotted together in Central Park on a date. They officially confirmed their relationship by stepping out holding hands in December 2012.

However, their relationship was a rollercoaster, and there were already reports of a breakup a month later. Nevertheless, they reconciled and were seen spending time together during the New Year’s Eve celebrations in New York. However, things took a turn in early January, when they had a public fight while on vacation in the British Virgin Islands, which led to their eventual split.

Despite their rocky breakup, the two maintained a cordial relationship after their split. They were seen sitting next to each other at the 2018 Met Gala and were spotted chatting and dancing the night away. In addition, when Styles hosted “Saturday Night Live” in 2019, Swift sent him a congratulatory message, which he later used during his monologue.

All in all, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift’s relationship may have been short-lived, but its impact was huge. Even years after their split, the media and fans are still interested in their interactions and often speculate about a possible reunion.

Why is cardigan about Harry Styles?

“Cardigan” is a song written and performed by Taylor Swift. While there is no definitive answer about what the song is actually about, many people believe that it was inspired by Taylor’s past relationships, particularly her past with British singer and former member of One Direction Harry Styles. The speculation has become more rampant after Swift released the music video for the song in July 2020, which features her wearing a cable-knit cardigan and other accessories that fans are convinced that Harry Styles wore in his Fine Line album.

Furthermore, the meaning behind the song’s lyrics also hints at the possibility that it was written as a reference to Harry Styles. For example, the song’s first two lines, “Vintage tee, brand new phone / High heels on cobblestones,” suggest a juxtaposition between old and new, which could be interpreted as a nod to Styles’ reputation as a retro-style fashion icon. The song also includes references to someone being unable to “pretend it’s okay” and wanting “to be your endgame,” which many fans speculate could be references to Swift’s past relationship with Styles.

Aside from the lyrics, the fans also pointed out that when SuperMashVG shared an audio mash-up of her latest single “cardigan” and Harry Styles’ track “Falling” surprisingly worked well together. So, while it is not confirmed that the song is specifically about Harry Styles, many fans believe that there is enough evidence to suggest that the two were at the very least an inspiration for the song.

Who did Taylor write out of the woods about?

Taylor Swift’s smash hit “Out of the Woods” is widely speculated to be about her former boyfriend, Harry Styles, who is a member of the boy band One Direction. Although Taylor Swift has never confirmed or denied the song’s reference to Styles, the lyrics suggest a tumultuous relationship that was full of ups and downs. Fans and music critics alike have analyzed the lyrics of “Out of the Woods” in detail and have pointed out several references that point to Styles as the main inspiration behind the song.

For instance, a line in the chorus where Swift sings “Remember when you hit the brakes too soon/Twenty stitches in a hospital room” alludes to an incident where Styles crashed his car into a ditch while he was driving with Swift, causing them both to require medical attention. Another line “Two paper airplane necklaces” is believed to be a reference to the matching paper airplane necklaces that Swift and Styles were often seen wearing during their brief romance.

The emotions and themes conveyed in “Out of the Woods” point to a relationship that was intense, passionate, and ultimately destined to fail. Whether or not the song really is about Styles remains a topic of debate, but regardless of its subject matter, “Out of the Woods” remains one of Taylor Swift’s most memorable hits, with its soaring vocals and catchy chorus capturing the hearts of fans everywhere.