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What size is plus-size in bridal?

Your wedding day is supposed to be the most beautiful and happy day of your life. However, if you are a plus-size bride-to-be, finding the perfect wedding dress can be a bit of a challenge because the sizing can be so different than that of your everyday clothes. Many bridal stores only carry sample sizes 10 or lower, which is not ideal for the average American woman who wears a size 14 or above. So what size is plus-size in bridal?

To put things into perspective, the average American woman wears a size 16. This in-between range is often referred to as “curvy” and is (thankfully) becoming more represented in bridal shops as store owners finally begin to realize that the average bride is no longer a straight size 10. So then, if you are above a size 16 in everyday clothes you are labeled as plus-size in bridal.

While some bridal shops may carry larger sizes, many boutiques only go up to a size 24 in bridal. If you wear above that, it may be more challenging to find the perfect wedding dress. Plus-size in bridal is also different than plus-size in everyday clothing. The grading for bridal can vary greatly from brand to brand, so it’s essential to try on various sizes to find your perfect fit.

Thankfully, inclusive bridal shops are changing the game and embracing diversity in sizing. They carry sizes in a range of 00-40 to accommodate all shapes and sizes of brides. It’s essential to find a bridal shop that carries plus-size wedding dresses, so you can feel comfortable and happy on your special day.

Another thing to consider when shopping for a plus-size wedding dress is the style and fabric. Some styles may not be flattering for certain body types, and some fabrics may cling to areas you want to conceal. It’s helpful to do some research and consult with a stylist to find the best dress for your body type.

When it comes to shopping for a plus-size wedding dress, remember that you are beautiful just the way you are, and you deserve to feel confident and amazing on your wedding day. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, ask questions, and take your time with the process. There are plenty of options for plus-size brides, so don’t settle for anything less than the perfect dress for you.


In conclusion, plus-size in bridal is typically considered size 16 and above. However, it’s essential to try on different sizes and find the perfect fit as grading can vary from brand to brand. Inclusive bridal shops are embracing diversity in sizing and carrying a wide range of sizes to accommodate all shapes and sizes of brides. When shopping for a plus-size wedding dress, it’s crucial to consider the style and fabric to find the best dress for your body type. Remember, you are beautiful just the way you are, and you deserve to feel confident and amazing on your wedding day.


What is a bridal size 14 equivalent to?

Bridal sizing can be confusing for many people, and it can be challenging to figure out what size to order for your wedding dress. Bridal sizing is different than typical streetwear sizing, and it is essential to understand this when shopping for a wedding dress.

The bridal industry typically uses the US sizing system, which ranges from 0-32. However, unlike regular streetwear, bridal sizing runs small. For example, if you wear a size 4-6 in jeans, you’re likely a bridal size 8-10. Similarly, if you usually wear a size 14-16, your bridal size will probably be 18-20. Hence, it is crucial not to get too caught up in the numbers and instead focus on finding a dress that fits well and makes you feel beautiful.

Moreover, when purchasing a wedding dress, it’s essential to keep in mind that alterations may be necessary, no matter the size or brand you select. Dresses come in standard sizes, but no two bodies are the same, so getting a dress that fits perfectly off the rack is rare. Altering a gown can significantly benefit the way it fits your unique body shape and make you feel much more confident on your special day, so don’t be afraid of the costs associated.

Bridal size 14 is equivalent to a regular size 18-20, as bridal sizing runs small. When shopping for a wedding dress, it’s necessary to focus on finding a dress that fits well, rather than stressing about the size. Alterations may also be necessary to ensure your gown fits perfectly to your body shape on your wedding day.

What size does David’s bridal go to?

David’s Bridal is a popular wedding gown retailer that has been in business since 1950. They offer a wide range of wedding dresses in various styles, from traditional ball gowns to modern and sleek styles. If you are wondering what size David’s Bridal carries, they offer wedding dresses in sizes 0-18 and 14W-30W. These sizes are designed to accommodate a diverse range of body types and sizes. Additionally, they offer a variety of lengths to suit different heights, including standard, tall, and petite.

It’s important to note that the availability of sizes can vary depending on the style of the dress you are interested in, but David’s Bridal has a large selection of dresses to choose from, so you are likely to find something that works for your needs. Keep in mind that wedding dresses typically run smaller than regular clothing, so you may need to be measured by a David’s Bridal bridal consultant to ensure a proper fit.

In addition to wedding dresses, David’s Bridal also offers bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride/groom dresses, and flower girl dresses. They offer similar size ranges for these wedding party dresses as well. With their wide range of sizes and styles, David’s Bridal strives to help every bride find the perfect dress for their special day, regardless of size or body type.

Can a size 14 dress be altered to a size 10?

The answer to whether a size 14 dress can be altered to a size 10 can be a bit nuanced. Typically, altering a dress involves taking in or letting out fabric in specific areas to adjust its overall size and fit. However, there are limitations to how much a dress can be altered, and the extent of the adjustments that can be made can vary depending on several factors.

One general rule of thumb when it comes to wedding dresses is that they tend to be relatively easy to adjust by up to two sizes down and one size up. This means that if you have a size 14 wedding dress that you need to make smaller, your tailor should be able to take it in by two sizes down to a size 10 without too much difficulty. However, if you need to go down more than two sizes, you may need to consider more extensive alterations, such as recutting the dress entirely.

Of course, there are some things to consider when determining how much a dress can be altered. For example, some dresses may have intricate detailing or embellishments that make it difficult to take in or let out fabric. In these cases, your tailor may need to get creative to make the necessary adjustments without compromising the dress’s overall design.

Additionally, the amount that a dress can be altered also depends on your starting size and the size you want to end up at. Going from a size 14 to a size 10 involves a fairly significant reduction in size, which means that the dress will need to be taken in quite a bit. Depending on the specific design of the dress, this may be possible, or it may not be feasible to make the adjustments without dramatically altering the dress’s overall shape or appearance.

Whether you can alter a size 14 dress to a size 10 depends on several factors, including the dress’s specific design, the amount of fabric available for adjustment, and the skill of your tailor. While it may be possible to make these alterations, it’s essential to keep in mind that there are limits to what can be done, and you may need to consider more extensive alterations or a different dress style to achieve the look you want.