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What shoes to wear with black dress at wedding?

A black dress is a wardrobe staple that can be worn for various occasions, including weddings. While black is a versatile shade that goes with almost everything, selecting the right shoes to wear with a black dress can be tricky, especially if you’re attending a wedding. You want to choose shoes that complement your outfit and are comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Here are some ideas on what shoes to wear with a black dress at a wedding:

Classic White Shoes

White shoes are a timeless choice that always looks chic and sophisticated. They are the perfect partner for a black dress as they offer a refreshing contrast to the dark shade, and they’ll help your outfit stand out in the crowd. Choose a pair that is simple and understated to avoid overshadowing your dress. White pumps or strappy sandals will work well.

Neutral Shoes

If you want to avoid a high contrast between your shoes and the black dress, try wearing neutral-colored shoes. Nude pumps, sandals, or even ballet flats will elongate your legs and create a natural flow with your dress, making you look taller and slimmer. This understated look is perfect for a wedding, and it’ll leave your dress to do the talking.

Metallic Shoes

Metallic shoes, such as gold or silver, will add some sparkle and pizzazz to your otherwise simple black dress. They’re a great way to add some glamour and personality to your outfit and are perfect if you’re looking to make a statement. Metallic shoes work well whether you’re attending a day or evening wedding. Keep in mind that bulky and shiny shoes may not be suitable for outdoor weddings.

Colored Shoes

When it comes to choosing colored shoes to wear with a black dress, there’s no need to shy away from bright and bold colors. Colored shoes can be a great way to add some life and vibrancy to your outfit, especially if the wedding is a daytime event. Choose colors that are in season or work well with your dress. Red, navy, green, or pink shoes paired with a black dress are all great options. When choosing a statement-colored shoe for a black dress, be sure to keep the rest of your outfit minimal.

Strappy Sandals

If you’re heading to an outdoor wedding, a pair of strappy sandals will be comfortable and appropriate. Strappy sandals can add a touch of femininity to your outfit while keeping you cool. They’ll look great with a black dress, especially if they have embellishments such as beading or sequins.

Closed Toe Pumps

If you’re looking for a more formal touch, closed-toe pumps may be the way to go. They’re a classic style that will look good with almost any outfit, including a black dress. Choose a pair in black or even a metallic shade for an added touch of glamour.


Choosing the right shoes to wear with a black dress at a wedding doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you opt for classic white shoes, neutral pumps, strappy sandals or bold-colored pumps, choosing shoes that complement your dress and are comfortable to wear throughout the day should be your priority. The key is to choose a style that makes you feel confident and stylish while keeping in mind the type of wedding you’re attending. Happy shoe shopping!


What footwear goes well with black dress?

When it comes to fashion choices, the little black dress is a timeless classic that remains a staple in any wardrobe. But the question is, what kind of footwear should you wear with a black dress to make the most of this sophisticated piece? Whether you’re dressing up for a formal occasion, or you simply want to wear it out on a casual outing, there are a variety of footwear options that can complement a black dress.

For formal occasions, pumps are the most recommended shoes to wear with a black dress. Pumps are versatile and come in many heel designs, ranging from classic to modern. They are typically mid-heeled with pointed or round toes that create a timeless and chic look. You can also opt to wear pumps with straps to add a touch of elegance. Black pumps are an obvious choice, but beige or nude pumps can also elevate the elegance of your black dress and create an illusion of elongated legs.

For a more casual look, ballerina flats are a comfortable and stylish choice. They come in a plethora of colors and designs that can match the dress’s style and occasion. If the dress has a lot of texture, you might want to opt for a more straightforward shoe design. However, if the dress is simple, you can experiment with some prints, patterns, or even sparkle.

Another option for a casual outing is pairing your black dress with a pair of sneakers. The right pair of kicks can add a fun and playful vibe to your outfit. You can wear black sneakers for a straightforward look, or you can experiment with different colors that can add some personality to your black dress.

There are many footwear options that can complement your black dress. The key is to understand the occasion, consider the dress’s style, and match your shoes accordingly. Whether you opt for elegant pumps, comfortable ballerina flats, or playful sneakers, pair your black dress with footwear that will make you feel confident, comfortable, and most importantly, stylish.

Is it OK to wear a dress with black in it to a wedding?

The question of whether it is okay to wear a dress with black to a wedding is a common one. While many people believe that wearing black to a wedding is a fashion faux-pas, the reality is that it is perfectly acceptable in most cases. The key is to ensure that your outfit is appropriate for the occasion and does not overshadow the bride.

When it comes to black dresses, it is important to consider the style, fabric and accessories that you pair with the dress. For example, a black cocktail dress with elegant accessories and high heels can be a chic and sophisticated choice for an evening wedding. On the other hand, an overly revealing or casual black dress may not be suitable for a formal event.

It is also important to note that the etiquette surrounding wedding attire can vary depending on the region, time of year and the type of ceremony or reception. If you are unsure of the dress code or cultural expectations, it is always a good idea to ask the bride or groom or to read the invitation carefully.

In addition to wearing black, there are other colors and patterns that are generally considered inappropriate for wedding guest attire. For example, white or ivory should be avoided as they are reserved for the bride. Similarly, red may be viewed as too attention-grabbing and should be worn sparingly.

Wearing a dress with black in it to a wedding is generally acceptable as long as the style and accessories are appropriate and the color does not detract from the bride’s special day. It is always a good idea to read the invitation carefully and ask the bride or groom if you are uncertain about the dress code or cultural expectations.

What should a female guest wear to a wedding?

Attending a wedding is an exciting event, but one that requires careful consideration when it comes to choosing an appropriate outfit. As a female guest, it is essential to dress appropriately and be mindful of the dress code to respect the couple’s wishes and the formality of the occasion.

First and foremost, it is important to consider the wedding’s dress code. The invitation usually states the dress code or provides some clues about the level of formality. The commonly used dress codes for weddings are black-tie, semi-formal, formal, and casual.

For a black-tie affair, women should choose a floor-length gown that is elegant and sophisticated. When it comes to colors, stick with classic and timeless hues such as black, navy blue, or burgundy. Pair it with statement jewelry and high heels to add some glamour to the outfit.

If the dress code is semi-formal, opt for a cocktail-length dress or a dressy suit that is comfortable yet stylish. When it comes to colors and prints, guests can experiment with bolder hues or patterns, but should still keep their outfit refined and dressy.

Formal events call for a long evening gown, which is a step above semi-formal attire. A dress or skirt that reaches the floor is appropriate, and guests should opt for a dress that has some embellishments such as lace or sequins.

Finally, for a casual wedding, guests have more flexibility when it comes to outfit choices. Women can wear light dresses, skirts, or dressy pants with a blouse. It is important to remember that even though the dress code may be casual, the outfit should still be appropriate for a wedding.

Dressing appropriately for a wedding is important. By considering the dress code and dressing in an elegant yet comfortable manner, female guests can show respect to the couple and look and feel their best. Remember that the focus of the day should be on the happy couple, not the guests’ attire.