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What part of the wedding cake do you cut first?

Wedding cakes are an essential part of every wedding. From simple to intricate designs, wedding cakes are known to be a centerpiece on every reception. And aside from its beauty, the traditional cake cutting ceremony is one of the most anticipated moments of the wedding. But the question is, what part of the wedding cake do you cut first?

The Bottom Tier

Traditionally, wedding cakes are multi-layered cakes and stacked on top of each other. The most common way is to cut the bottom tier of the cake first. By doing this, you’ll have more stability and the easier it is to save the top tier of the cake to eat for your first anniversary.

How to Cut the Cake

Before you start the cake cutting ceremony, make sure to prepare a few things such as a cake cutting knife, server, and plates. Here are some steps to follow on how to properly cut your wedding cake.

Step 1: Pierce the Bottom Tier

Using your cake cutting knife, pierce the bottom tier of the cake at the center. This will be your starting point for slicing.

Step 2: Slice the Bottom Tier

After piercing the bottom tier, start slicing downwards towards the bottom edge of the cake. Cut a triangular-shaped piece and lift it from the cake using the server. Place it on a plate and repeat the process for the remaining slices.

Step 3: Continue Slicing

After slicing the first tier, move on to the next tier, and repeat the process until you reach the top tier of the cake. Some people prefer to save the top tier of their cake for their first anniversary or for their first child’s christening.

Alternative to Slicing

If you want a square-shaped piece instead of a triangular one, make another slice parallel to the first one you made about one to two inches over. Then, cut a crosswise line to slice the cake from the center to the edge, forming a square slice.

The Cake Cutting Ceremony

The cake cutting ceremony is one of the most cherished moments during the wedding reception. It signifies the couple’s first joint act together as husband and wife. The bride and groom stand together at the cake table with the knife and server in their hands.

As soon as the couple cut the first slice of cake, they feed each other a piece, which symbolizes their commitment to provide for each other and their readiness to work together as husband and wife. The couple then serves slices of cake to their parents and wedding party.


In conclusion, cutting the bottom tier of the wedding cake first is still considered the most traditional way of cutting the cake. However, there is no right or wrong way on how you should cut your wedding cake. Whether you prefer to cut the top tier first or slice the cake into square pieces, it’s up to you. Just remember that the cake cutting ceremony is a special moment in your wedding day and it’s a wonderful opportunity to share your love and happiness with your guests.


Which layer of cake do you cut wedding?

When it comes to a traditional wedding cake, it is generally recommended to cut the bottom tier of the cake. The bottom tier is cut because it is usually the largest of all the layers and provides the most stability and support. Cutting into the top tier of the cake is not suggested because it is typically the smallest tier and the one that’s going to be saved as a tradition for the couple’s first anniversary. After all, it wouldn’t make sense to cut into the frozen top tier of the cake that is supposed to be eaten on the couple’s first wedding anniversary.

When it comes to cutting the cake, there is a certain etiquette that should be followed. The bride and groom should have their photo taken before they cut into the cake, ensuring the photographer captures the moment. The groom should stand behind the bride and place his hands over hers on the knife while they cut the cake together.

When the couple is about to take their first slice, it is a common practice to serve the guests from the same tier from which the first slice was cut. It is also essential to ensure that the cake is cut correctly to make sure that each slice served to the guests is perfectly presented and proportioned.

The bottom tier of the cake is the one that should be cut first, ensuring that the smallest tier—the top tier, which is often kept aside for the first anniversary—is left untouched. Following wedding cake etiquette while cutting the cake is also important during the wedding reception. By doing this, the newlyweds can not only enjoy the moment but also create a lasting memory of their special day for years to come.

At what point do you cut the cake?

Cutting the cake is a vital part of any wedding celebration which symbolizes the first task carried out by the newlywed couple together. It’s the moment when the bride and the groom officially share their first piece of cake as a newly married couple. The formal cake cutting ceremony typically takes place towards the end of the wedding reception after the speeches and dinner.

Traditionally, the bride and groom cut the cake together as they hold hands, with the groom’s hand over the bride’s, and make a slice. After the first slice is cut from the bottom tier, the couple feeds each other a small piece of cake, symbolizing their commitment to provide for each other. The bride feeds the groom first, followed by the groom who reciprocates.

In modern times, couples opt to cut the cake anytime during the reception, as it is not always necessary to adhere to strict traditional customs. However, it is important to note that the cake cutting ceremony should be the last formal moment of the whole day, after the speeches. At this point, the toastmaster or best man will announce the cutting of the cake, and the bride, with the groom’s right hand over hers, takes an elegant silver-plated cake knife to cut a small piece from the bottom tier.

The wedding cake is a beautiful centerpiece and often quite large, so it is usually cut by the venue staff or catering team who serve the slices to the guests. As per traditional customs, one slice is saved to be frozen and eaten on the couple’s first wedding anniversary.

A wedding cake holds a special place in every wedding ceremony, not just as a dessert, but as a symbol of the couple’s love and commitment. It represents the beginning of a new journey, together as one. Therefore, the cake cutting ceremony should be put in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.

How bride and groom cut wedding cake?

The cake cutting ceremony is one of the most important moments of a wedding ceremony. It is a symbolic ritual that marks the beginning of the couple’s life together. The cake is usually cut after the dinner or during the reception.

Traditionally, the bride and groom cut the wedding cake together. The bride stands on the left side of the groom, facing the cake. Using her right hand, the bride will usually hold the handle of the knife and the groom will put his hand over hers. It is a sign of their unity and partnership.

Before starting to cut the cake, the couple should make sure that the photographer, videographer and all the guests are ready. Usually, the couple will wait for the DJ or band to announce the cake cutting ceremony, and then make their way to the cake table.

Once the bride and groom are standing in front of the cake, they can begin cutting the cake. They should be sure to make two cuts in the bottom tier of the cake using the pointed part of the knife. The first cut is for the couple to keep as a souvenir, and the second cut is for them to serve to their guests. After the second cut is made, the groom should remove the slice of cake and place it on a plate. The bride and groom will then take a bite of the cake from the same fork, which symbolizes their shared commitment to each other.

Remember that the cake cutting ceremony is a time for happiness and celebration, so don’t be afraid to show your personality or have a little fun! While some couples prefer a formal and elegant cake cutting ceremony, others might choose to smash the cake in each other’s faces. It is important to remember that this is completely optional and the couple should make sure to discuss this beforehand, to prevent any surprises.

The cake cutting ceremony is a celebrated tradition that is an important part of many weddings. It is a time to share happiness and joy with friends and family, and to begin the couple’s journey through life together.