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What not to ask for on a wedding registry?

Wedding registries are a wonderful way for couples to gather household necessities and start their lives together. However, there are certain items that should not be included on the registry as they could come across as inappropriate, tacky, or insensitive. In this blog post, we will cover what not to ask for on a wedding registry.

Clothing and Accessories

While it might be tempting to ask for a designer handbag or a fancy new watch, clothing and accessories should be off-limits when it comes to creating your wedding registry. Not only are fashion choices highly personal, but items like these should be purchased out of your personal budget and should not be expected as gifts.

Personal Electronics

It may be tempting to add the latest iPhone or a brand new tablet to your wedding registry, but personal electronics should be purchased separately and not requested as gifts. It is important to remember that wedding gifts should be focused on the couple as a whole, and not on individual preferences for technology.

Cash Gifts

While cash gifts may seem like a no-brainer for newlyweds, it is considered inappropriate to include a request for cash on your wedding registry. The idea of a wedding registry is to provide guests with a list of items the couple would like to receive as gifts, not simply ask for money. If you need financial assistance to start your married life, consider setting up a honeymoon fund or asking for contributions towards a down payment on a house.

Offensive or Inappropriate Gifts

It should go without saying that offensive or inappropriate gifts should not be included on a wedding registry. Inappropriate items may include anything sexual in nature or anything that could be deemed offensive or insensitive to certain cultural or religious beliefs. Ensure that all of your guests feel comfortable and respected by only including appropriate items on your registry.

Gender-Specific Gifts

It is important to avoid gender-specific gifts on your wedding registry. Items like tools or sports equipment that are geared towards one gender should not be included. Make the registry inclusive and welcoming to everyone who may be attending your wedding.

Over-the-Top Gifts

It is also important to remember that while it is perfectly acceptable to ask for big-ticket items on your wedding registry, it is generally not expected. Before adding an expensive item to your registry, make sure that it is something that is needed and will be used often. For example, a high-end kitchen appliance is a useful and appropriate item to ask for, whereas a luxury car is not.


Creating a wedding registry can be a fun and exciting part of the wedding planning process. However, it is important to remember that not all items are appropriate to include. Avoid requesting clothing, personal electronics, cash gifts, offensive or inappropriate gifts, gender-specific items, and over-the-top expensive gifts. Instead, focus on items that will be useful to both you and your partner as you start your journey together.


Is it rude to buy wedding gift not on registry?

When attending a wedding, there are many decisions to make regarding the celebration, including the perfect gift to give the couple. Gift giving can be a source of stress for guests as they try to balance their budget with the couple’s needs and wants. Registry lists were created to simplify the process of choosing a wedding gift, but there are still questions regarding the etiquette of gift-giving. One of the most common queries is whether it is okay to buy a wedding gift that is not on the registry.

According to wedding etiquette, gifting items that aren’t included on the registry is not a violation. Emily Post, the etiquette expert, says that the choice of what to buy or give is always up to the guest. It is important to remember that the registry is simply a guideline for guests who may not be familiar with the couple’s tastes or preferences. Some couples may request an unorthodox wedding gift that may not be found in traditional registries. Thus, as long as the couple is happy with the gift that you give, it matters less whether it is on the registry or not.

However, there are some dos and don’ts when it comes to deviating from the couple’s registry. First, it is essential to put time and thought into the gift. When purchasing an off-registry item, make sure it is something that you know the couple will absolutely love. You wouldn’t want them to receive something irrelevant or inconsiderate that might cause them hassle or stress. Second, consider the couple’s personality, taste, and style. Be mindful of personal preferences to ensure that the gift fits right in with the couple’s lifestyle. Lastly, make sure to follow basic etiquette rules regarding gifts. Include a thoughtful note, note to whom the gift is from, and any special sentiment or message you want to communicate.

It is not rude to buy a wedding gift that is not on the registry. However, if you choose an off-registry item, make sure it’s something you know they will love and use often. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, and your goal is to make the couple happy and feel loved on their special day.

Is it bad to put expensive items on wedding registry?

The wedding registry is an important part of the wedding planning process. It helps to provide guidance to guests who are looking for gift ideas and ensures that the couple receives gifts that they want and will use. However, it is common for couples to ask themselves if it is appropriate to include expensive items on their wedding registry.

While it is not necessarily bad to include high-priced items on the registry, it is important to remember that the registry is not a gift grab. It is a service that provides convenience and guidance to guests. Including expensive items can give guests more gift options to choose from, but it should not be the only or main reason for including them.

When deciding what items to include, couples should consider the needs and preferences of their guests. It is important to have a range of prices that accommodates guests with varying budgets. Keep in mind that guests are not obligated to purchase gifts from the wedding registry; they may choose to give a cash gift or purchase a gift not listed on the registry.

It is also essential to think about the long-term value and usage of items before including them on the registry. Expensive items such as kitchen appliances or furniture can be practical, long-lasting gifts that couples might not be able to afford on their own. Couples can also consider group gifting options and group gifting websites that allow guests to contribute to the purchase of a larger item.

It is up to the couple’s judgement to include expensive items on their registry. It can be a convenient option for guests with the means to purchase high-priced gifts. However, couples should not forget the real purpose of the registry, which is to assist guests in choosing meaningful and useful items to give as a gift.

Is $500 dollars a good wedding gift?

When it comes to determining the appropriate amount to spend on a wedding gift, there are a few factors to consider. These factors may include the relationship between the gift giver and gift receiver, where the wedding is taking place, and the gift giver’s personal budget.

A typical cash wedding gift could range from $50 to $500, depending on the same factors listed above. However, there isn’t always a right or wrong answer when it comes to how much to give. For many people, the idea of gifting at a wedding isn’t to match a certain price point, but instead, it’s to show the couple that you care and wish them well.

That being said, if you’re wondering whether $500 is a good amount for a wedding gift, the answer is that it can be. In general, aiming for the $100 mark is generally sufficient and will be comparable to the average cost of a physical wedding gift. Still, if you have a close relationship with the couple or are in a financial position to do so, giving a more generous gift, such as $500, could be appropriate.

It’S important to remember that the cost of a wedding gift isn’t the most important thing. What matters most is that the gift comes from the heart and is a token of appreciation for the couple and their special day.