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What neckline is most flattering for broad shoulders?

Many women feel self-conscious about certain features on their bodies, and for some, it is their broad shoulders. Broad shoulders can make it difficult to find clothing that flatters their figure. However, styling your outfits with the right neckline can make all the difference. In this blog post, we will discuss the most flattering necklines for broad shoulders.


A V-neck is the most universally flattering neckline for all body types, but especially for women with broad shoulders. The V-neckline elongates the body by creating a vertical line down the chest, which balances out the broadness of the shoulders. It also draws the eye inward, creating a slimming effect. Whether it’s a V-neck t-shirt or a V-neck dress, you can’t go wrong with this neckline.


An off-the-shoulder neckline is perfect for broad-shouldered women who want to show some skin without drawing attention to their shoulders. This neckline creates a horizontal line across the shoulders, which balances out their width. By exposing the collarbone and neckline, it draws the eye upwards and creates a more elongated silhouette.

Scoop Neck

A scoop neck is a great choice for broad-shouldered women as it creates a curve around the neck and shoulders, which visually breaks up their width. It’s also great for women with a larger bust, as it creates a natural cleavage line that draws the eye in. A scoop neck shirt or dress can be worn casually or dressed up for a night out on the town.

Crew Neck

A crew neck is a classic neckline that can work for broad-shouldered women if styled properly. The key is to look for crew necklines that are not too high or too tight around the neck. A crew neck that is too high or too tight can accentuate the width of the shoulders. Instead, opt for a crew neck that sits slightly lower on the chest, creating a curved shape around the neck and shoulders.


A strapless neckline is a great option for women with broad shoulders who want to show off their arms and collarbones. It creates a horizontal line across the shoulders, which balances out their width. Adding a statement necklace or earrings can draw the eye upwards and create a vertical line that elongates the body. When selecting a strapless top or dress, make sure it fits properly and doesn’t slip down, as this can be unflattering.


Having broad shoulders should not limit your wardrobe choices. The key to dressing for your body type is to find clothing that accentuates your best features. The right neckline can make all the difference, and whether it’s a V-neck, off-the-shoulder, scoop neck, crew neck, or strapless, there are plenty of options to choose from. Embrace your body type and find the necklines that work best for you!


What neckline makes your shoulders look smaller?

If you have broad shoulders, you may feel self-conscious about them and want to make them look smaller to balance out the proportions of your body. Necklines can play a significant role in achieving this. Choosing the right neckline can make your shoulders appear smaller and balance out the upper half of your body.

One of the best necklines for making your shoulders look smaller is the V-neck. This neckline draws the eye downward and elongates your neck, which makes your shoulders look narrower in comparison. A deeper V-neckline can work particularly well if you have large shoulders, but it’s important to choose a V-neck that flatters your body shape and doesn’t reveal too much skin.

Scoop necklines are also a great option for making shoulders appear smaller. Like V-necks, they draw the eye downward and can create a lengthening effect. The wider the scoop, the more subtle the effect will be, and this neckline works especially well if you have a fuller bust.

Another good option is to avoid necklines that draw attention to your shoulders. Avoid boat necklines, halter necklines, and off-the-shoulder styles as they tend to make your shoulders look wider than they are. Since collars frame the face and neck, choosing a collarless blouse or dress can shift focus to your chest and collarbones instead of your shoulders.

In addition to the neckline, sleeve styles can also impact how your shoulders appear. Avoid puffed or capped sleeves as they add volume to your shoulder area. Fitted sleeves, raglan sleeves, and long, loose-fitting dolman sleeves can create the illusion of a smaller shoulder. These styles have different effects – fitted sleeves can make your arms look slimmer, while raglan sleeves can create a softer look by visually breaking up the shoulder line. Long and loose-fitting dolman sleeves draw the eye downward and away from your shoulder area, creating a more balanced look.

Choosing the right neckline and sleeve style can make a significant difference in making your shoulders look smaller. choose a style that flatters your body shape and makes you feel confident and comfortable.

What not to wear if you have broad shoulders?

If you have broad shoulders, you may want to be strategic when it comes to choosing your clothing options. While there is nothing wrong with having broad shoulders, certain clothing styles may accentuate them in a way that is less flattering. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to what not to wear if you have broad shoulders:

Firstly, you may want to avoid off-the-shoulder styles. While these types of tops and dresses can be stylish and popular, they may draw too much attention to your already broad shoulders. When your shoulders are bare, they become the focal point of your outfit, making them appear larger than they actually are. This lack of balance in your body shape can be unflattering, so it is best to steer clear of this style if you have broad shoulders.

In addition to off-the-shoulder styles, boat necklines may also be best to avoid. Boat necklines, which show off a wide expanse of collarbone and shoulder, can make your shoulders appear even broader. This type of neckline draws attention to your upper body in a way that can throw off your overall proportions. Instead of boat necklines, opt for scoop necks or v-necks, which help break up the width of your shoulders.

Another style to watch out for if you have broad shoulders is oversized or boxy tops. These types of tops don’t provide much definition to your waist and hips, and instead just hang off your broad shoulders, creating an unflattering shape. Instead, choose tops that are more fitted or tailored to create more shape and definition around your waist. This will help balance out the proportions of your upper body with your lower body.

To sum up, if you have broad shoulders, it is best to avoid off-the-shoulder styles, boat necklines, and oversized tops. Instead, opt for tops that provide definition at the waist, as well as scoop necks and v-necks, which help balance out the proportions of your upper body. By following these guidelines, you can choose clothing that flatters your unique body shape and helps you look and feel confident.

How do you know if your shoulders are too broad?

Having broad shoulders is a desirable trait for many people as it can create a strong, confident and athletic look. However, some individuals may feel concerned that their shoulders are too broad and it affects their overall appearance.

One way to determine if your shoulders are too broad is to look at your body’s proportions. If your shoulders appear significantly wider than your hips and waist, then you likely have broad shoulders. Look at yourself in the mirror with your upper body exposed and observe the shape of your upper body. If it appears that your upper body tapers down to a narrow waistline, creating a V-shaped silhouette, you probably have broad shoulders.

Another way to determine if your shoulders are too broad is to compare them to the average shoulder width of your gender and age group. Typically, men tend to have broader shoulders than women due to differences in hormones and bone structure. To determine if you have broad shoulders, measure the width of your shoulders from the end of each shoulder bone and compare it with the average measurements for your gender and age group.

It’s important to remember that having broad shoulders is not necessarily a negative trait. It can enhance your appearance, create a more balanced look for your body, and even improve your posture. However, if you have concerns about your shoulder width, you can try implementing exercises that target your upper back and shoulders, which will help to tone and tighten the muscles in those areas.

Determining if your shoulders are too broad is a matter of personal preference and is often subjective. What may be considered too broad for one person may not be for another. So, it’s important to embrace your body type and work towards being comfortable in your own skin.

How do I stop my shoulders from being broad?

If you’re looking to reduce the appearance of broad shoulders, there are a few things you can do. Firstly, it’s important to understand that your genetics play a big role in the size and shape of your shoulders, so some people may simply have broader shoulders than others. However, there are some steps you can take to help minimize their appearance and achieve a more balanced body shape.

One way to achieve this is to adjust your fitness routine. Many exercises that target your shoulders, such as overhead presses and lateral raises, can actually make them appear broader. Instead, focus on exercises that work your entire body, such as squats, lunges, and deadlifts, which can help to create a more balanced overall shape. You can also do exercises that target your chest and back, which can help to offset the appearance of broad shoulders.

Another important factor to consider is your diet. To reduce the size of your shoulders, you need to reduce your overall body fat. This means cutting back on calories and eating a healthy, balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Avoid processed foods and added sugars, as these can contribute to weight gain and make it harder to achieve your goals.

Finally, you may also want to consider wearing clothing that helps to balance out your figure. For example, wearing tops that have a wider neckline can help to visually narrow your shoulders. You can also choose clothing that emphasizes your lower body, such as skirts or pants with a flared hemline, which can help to create a more hourglass shape.

Reducing the appearance of broad shoulders is a gradual process that requires a combination of exercise, diet, and wardrobe adjustments. By taking a holistic approach and making small changes to your lifestyle, you can achieve a more balanced, proportional figure that you feel confident in.