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What movie is I don’t dance from?

“I Don’t Dance” is a song that many people know and love, particularly fans of the High School Musical franchise. It’s a catchy tune that has become a fan favorite and has been covered by many artists over the years. But what exactly is the origin of this iconic song? In this blog post, we will delve into the history of “I Don’t Dance” and explore the movie it comes from.

The High School Musical Franchise

To understand the origin of “I Don’t Dance,” we must first take a look at the franchise it belongs to. High School Musical is a series of movies that were released by Disney Channel in the mid-2000s. The first movie, released in 2006, quickly became a cultural phenomenon, capturing the hearts of young audiences everywhere.

The movie follows the story of Troy Bolton, a star athlete at East High School, and Gabriella Montez, a shy and intelligent new student. The two teenagers fall in love and learn to overcome the social barriers that stand in their way. The movie is filled with catchy songs and energetic dance numbers that make it an instant classic.

The success of the first movie led to two sequels: High School Musical 2 and High School Musical 3: Senior Year. Both movies continued the story of Troy and Gabriella and introduced new characters and songs to the franchise.

High School Musical 2

“I Don’t Dance” is a song that appears in High School Musical 2. The movie was released in 2007 and is set during the summer vacation of the East High School students. It follows the story of Troy, Gabriella, and their friends as they take summer jobs at a country club.

In the movie, “I Don’t Dance” is performed by the characters Ryan Evans, played by Lucas Grabeel, and Chad Danforth, played by Corbin Bleu. Ryan is the twin brother of Sharpay Evans, the main antagonist of the franchise, and is known for his love of dance and theater. Chad, on the other hand, is Troy’s best friend and a star athlete.

The song is performed during a baseball game between the staff members of the country club and the East High Wildcats. Chad is a great baseball player but is reluctant to join the game as he doesn’t want to jeopardize his future in sports. Ryan convinces Chad to join the game by challenging him to a dance-off. The result is a fun and energetic performance that has become one of the most memorable moments in the franchise.

The Songwriters

“I Don’t Dance” was written by the same team of songwriters who wrote the songs for the entire High School Musical franchise. The team consists of Matthew Gerrard, Robbie Nevil, and Jamie Houston.

Gerrard and Nevil are both accomplished songwriters and producers who have worked on many other projects over the years. Houston, on the other hand, is a composer and songwriter who has worked with Disney on numerous occasions.

The team was responsible for writing all the songs in the High School Musical franchise, including “Breaking Free,” “Start of Something New,” and “We’re All in This Together.” Their success with the franchise has cemented their place in music history and has made them household names.

The Legacy of “I Don’t Dance”

“I Don’t Dance” has become one of the most popular songs from the High School Musical franchise. It’s a fun and energetic tune that has captured the hearts of fans everywhere. The song has been covered by many artists over the years, including the cast of Glee and YouTuber Tyler Ward.

The legacy of “I Don’t Dance” extends beyond the High School Musical franchise. It has become a cultural touchstone and a symbol of the music and entertainment of the mid-2000s. The song has stood the test of time and remains as popular as ever.


“I Don’t Dance” is a song that has become an iconic part of the High School Musical franchise. It’s a fun and catchy tune that has captured the hearts of fans everywhere. The song, along with the franchise it belongs to, has left a lasting impact on pop culture and has become a symbol of the music and entertainment of the mid-2000s.


Were Chad and Ryan a couple?

In the world of High School Musical, the characters of Chad and Ryan played a significant role in the movies. As a result, many fans speculated if there was something more than just friendship between the two characters. Some even believed that Chad and Ryan were secretly a couple, and pointed to a particular wardrobe swap scene in the second movie as evidence of a possible romantic bond between the two.

However, in a recent interview with Insider, Lucas Grabeel, the actor who played Ryan, addressed the rumors and cleared up any confusion. He explained that the outfit swap scene was suggested by the director Kenny Ortega as a fun and humorous way to encourage individuality and self-expression among the characters. Grabeel added that the scene “wasn’t meant to be this homoerotic thing.”

Furthermore, Grabeel added that throughout the High School Musical franchise, Ryan’s character was portrayed as openly gay and comfortable with his sexuality, which was a significant breakthrough in representation in Disney’s productions. However, he went on to clarify that the bond between Chad and Ryan was purely platonic, much like the rest of the cast’s relationships in the movie.

While many fans might have speculated whether Chad and Ryan’s characters were romantically involved, Lucas Grabeel’s recent clarification on the matter reiterates that the bond between the two characters was always intended to be a wholesome, platonic friendship. Nonetheless, Ryan’s representation of an openly gay character was a significant milestone for the film industry and helped promote diversity and inclusivity in mainstream media.

Did they add a scene to High School Musical 2?

Yes, an additional scene was added to the High School Musical 2 movie. The scene in question is a musical number featuring Troy and Sharpay rehearsing. It was integrated into the film when it was released on the standard DVD.

This extra scene was not included in the original TV airing of the movie but was added to the DVD release. The decision to add the scene was probably made in order to give fans of the movie something extra to enjoy. This is a common practice in the movie industry, where scenes are often cut or added in post-production in order to improve the quality of the film.

High School Musical 2 was released in 2007 and was a sequel to the highly successful High School Musical movie that had come out the year before. It follows the story of Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez, and the other students of East High School as they embark on their summer vacation. The movie features many iconic songs such as “What Time Is It?” and “Fabulous.” The addition of the rehearsal scene featuring Troy and Sharpay adds to the musical aspect of the film and is a great bonus for fans of the franchise.

The answer is yes, a scene was added to High School Musical 2. While it was not included in the original TV airing of the movie, it was added to the standard DVD release as an extra treat for fans. This additional scene adds to the musical aspect of the film and is an enjoyable addition to an already beloved movie.

Where was High School Musical 2 filmed?

High School Musical 2, the sequel to the popular Disney Channel movie, was filmed in several locations, but the primary filming location was The Inn at Entrada, located in St. George, Utah. The Inn at Entrada is a luxury golf and spa resort that was transformed into Lava Springs Country Club, the setting for much of the movie’s action.

In addition to The Inn at Entrada, some scenes were also filmed in other parts of Utah, such as Salt Lake City and Payson. Several outdoor scenes were filmed at the Sand Hollow State Park, which is located in Hurricane, Utah. The park’s red sandstone formations and picturesque landscape provided a stunning backdrop for many of the movie’s musical numbers and dance sequences.

Aside from Utah, the production also spent some time in California, specifically in San Francisco and Los Angeles. San Francisco was used as the setting for the opening song, “What Time Is It?” which featured the cast dancing and singing around various landmarks in the city. Meanwhile, a few scenes were filmed in Los Angeles, including the scene where Troy Bolton (played by Zac Efron) and Gabriella Montez (played by Vanessa Hudgens) watched shooting stars.

High School Musical 2 was filmed in several locations, but The Inn at Entrada in Utah was the primary filming location that served as the setting for much of the movie’s action. The beautiful scenery and landscapes of Utah provided a perfect backdrop for the film’s musical numbers and dance sequences, making it a memorable location for fans of the franchise.

What year was last dance song?

“Last Dance” is a well-known disco song by the late American singer Donna Summer. This iconic song was released in 1978 as a part of the soundtrack album for the movie Thank God It’s Friday. The song was written by Paul Jabara and produced by the famous disco producer, Bob Esty.

The release of “Last Dance” coincided with the peak of the disco era, which was a genre of dance music that ruled the airwaves and the nightclub scene in the late 1970s. It was a time of vibrant energy and wild disco parties, and “Last Dance” quickly became one of the biggest hits in the genre, earning Donna Summer an Academy Award for Best Original Song Score in 1979.

Since its release, “Last Dance” has remained a disco classic and has been covered by many other artists, including Dolly Parton, Madonna, and the cast of the TV series Glee. The song’s iconic opening lyrics, “Last dance, last chance for love,” still bring back memories of disco fever and the era of flared pants, funky dance moves, and the disco ball.

“Last Dance” by Donna Summer was released in 1978 and remains a disco classic to this day. It represents a significant milestone in music history and is a testament to the enduring allure of disco music and its influence on popular culture.

When did Jason Derulo release Take You Dancing?

Jason Derulo is an American singer, songwriter and dancer who has been active in the music industry for over a decade, producing hit after hit. “Take You Dancing” is one of his most recent works, and many fans wonder when he released this catchy song.

“Take You Dancing” was released as a single on July 21, 2020, by Atlantic Records. This happened after Jason Derulo switched labels from his previous home label Warner Records to Atlantic Records. The song was written by Teemu Brunila, Derulo, Emanuel “Eman” Kiriakou, Sarah Solovay and Shawn Charles, with production credits going to the trio Kiriakou, Brunila and 2Toxic.

The song features Derulo’s signature upbeat sound and catchy lyrics, with a music video that shows the singer dancing through various locations, captivating viewers with his smooth moves. It quickly became a hit after its release, with fans praising the song for its danceability, and streaming it on various platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

To promote the song even further, Derulo performed it on several television shows, including America’s Got Talent, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Kelly Clarkson Show. He also collaborated with the popular video-sharing app, TikTok, to launch the #TakeYouDancing challenge, which encouraged users to create their own dance videos to the song.

“Take You Dancing” was released on July 21, 2020, and quickly became a fan favorite, showcasing Jason Derulo’s talents as a singer and dancer. The song’s positive reception continues to highlight Derulo’s ongoing success in the music industry.