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What kind of music do you play during wedding dinner?

When planning a wedding, music is an important aspect that sets the mood and tone for the entire event. One crucial element that often gets overlooked is the music played during dinner service. This is the time where guests are seated and enjoying their meals, so the music played should be appropriate for the occasion while still setting a nice ambiance. In this blog post, we will discuss what kind of music you should play during wedding dinner.

Instrumental Music

During dinner service, it is common for couples to play instrumental music because it creates a relaxing atmosphere without competing with guests’ conversations. Soft instrumental music in genres like classical, jazz, or acoustic guitar is recommended. These genres are well-suited for the occasion and provide a perfect background for guests to enjoy their meals and engage in conversation.

Personalized Playlist

Another popular option is to create a personalized playlist that is a reflection of the couple’s personal music taste or theme of the wedding. For instance, if the wedding has a beach or tropical theme, incorporating some light reggae or easy-listening music will help set the tone. On the other hand, if the couple is a fan of electronic or EDM music, choosing a few instrumental versions of the popular hits can add energy to the dinner service.

Live Band

If you have hired a live band for your special day, dinner service is the perfect time for them to perform. Having a live band adds to the ambiance and, in many cases, the band will play soft background music that complements the dinner service setting. If it is a smaller reception, a solo musician like a violinist or pianist can still create an intimate and romantic ambiance.

The Playlist for the Transition from Dinner to Dance Party

As the dinner service comes to an end, and desserts are being served, it is time to transition to more upbeat music, which will get guests excited to hit the dance floor. If you have created a personalized playlist, this is the time to add some more upbeat numbers and popular dance tracks. Playlists based on current mainstream tunes are ideal, ensuring everyone in attendance will have a song that is familiar and a few favorite hits to choose from. This is the time when guests should start to feel more relaxed and comfortable, which will encourage them to get up and dance.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, wedding dinner service is an essential part of the event that guests look forward to as the perfect time to meet and mingle with the newlyweds and other guests. Choosing the right music can create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere while still keeping the mood upbeat and energetic. Whether you choose instrumental music, a personalized playlist, or a live band, ensure that the music is well-suited to the couple’s tastes and the wedding theme.

At the same time, the music shouldn’t be too loud or overpowering, as it could become a distraction and create discomfort among the guests. As soon as the dinner service concludes, make a seamless transition to more upbeat music, allowing guests to dance the night away and make wonderful memories with the newlyweds.


Do you need music during dinner at wedding?

Music can play a significant role in setting the tone and mood for any event, including a wedding reception. While it’s not absolutely necessary, having music during the dinner portion of your wedding reception can enhance the experience for you and your guests.

One of the primary reasons to have dinner music is to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for your guests. The right music can help create a welcoming atmosphere, making everyone feel at ease and ready to enjoy the meal ahead. Without music, the reception can feel a bit dull and quiet, and guests may feel uncomfortable during mealtime.

Another reason to consider having music during dinner is that it can help provide a sense of rhythm and flow to the reception as a whole. It’s essential to choose the right kind of music that complements the dinner setting and encourages conversation, rather than drowning it out. Soft instrumental tracks or even easy listening tunes can be the perfect accompaniment to allow guests to talk and enjoy their meal.

Choosing the right kind of music for your wedding’s dinner can be a fun and exciting endeavour. Instrumentals, jazz, and classical tracks are often popular choices for the dinner hour, with their mellow tones and relaxing melodies. Alternatively, you can choose a playlist that caters to your guests’ tastes, whether it’s hits from the ’70s, ’80s, or current pop chart-toppers.

Finally, remember that the music doesn’t have to be the main focus; it should be a subtle yet integral part of the evening. Your wedding DJ or event planner can discuss the options with you, help you choose the right music, and ensure that the volume levels are suitable for the occasion.

While having dinner music at your wedding reception is not essential, it can enhance the overall experience and create a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Choose the right kind of music and volume levels to allow your guests to mingle and enjoy their meal to the fullest.

How do I make a wedding dinner playlist?

Music is an essential part of any wedding ceremony or reception. A good wedding dinner playlist should be able to set the tone for the evening, from the moment your guests arrive at the venue until they leave the dance floor. With so many music genres and songs to choose from, preparing the perfect playlist can be overwhelming, but with a little bit of planning and preparation, you can create a playlist that both you and your guests will enjoy.

Firstly, make a song list with your fiancé. This will give you a starting point and help you understand each other’s music preferences. Include your favorite songs and songs that are significant to your relationship. This will make the playlist more personal and meaningful.

It’s also a good idea to ask for song requests from your wedding guests. This will give you an idea of what your guests like and what will keep them on the dance floor. You can include a note on your RSVPs or create a dedicated email address for song requests. It’s also a great way to engage your guests in the planning process.

Another fun idea is to host a playlist-making party. Invite some of your closest friends and family over, and ask them to bring their favorite songs. Put all the songs in a hat, and take turns drawing out suggestions to add to the playlist. This way, you’ll get a range of music genres and styles that you might not have thought of on your own.

If you have a Spotify or Apple Music account, you can create a collaborative playlist that your friends and family can contribute to. This is great for guests who live out of town or can’t make your playlist-making party.

When creating your playlist, it’s essential to add a variety of music genres. This will ensure that there is something for everyone. Include classic love songs, top 40 hits, and songs from different eras and countries. You can also consider adding music that reflects your cultural background.

While it’s important to include romantic ballads during dinner, it’s also important to pick songs that are upbeat and fun for when the dancing begins. Consider adding songs with a strong beat or that people will recognize. This will encourage guests to get on the dance floor and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Creating a wedding dinner playlist may seem daunting, but it can be a fun activity that involves your friends and family. Remember to make a list with your partner, ask for song requests from your guests, add a variety of music genres, and focus on picking songs that will keep your guests dancing. By following these steps and trusting your music taste, you’re sure to create a playlist that will make your special day unforgettable.