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What is Willie Nelson’s oldest song?

Willie Nelson has been a country music icon for over six decades, establishing himself as one of the most influential musicians in the genre. With a career that spans more than 70 studio albums and countless hits, it’s hard to imagine that there was a time when Nelson was just starting out in the industry. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Nelson’s early career and try to answer the question: what is Willie Nelson’s oldest song?

Early Years

Born in Abbott, Texas, in 1933, Willie Nelson grew up in a musical family. He wrote his first song at age seven, and began playing guitar soon afterwards. In the 1950s, Nelson moved to Nashville to try and make it as a songwriter, but found little success. He returned to Texas and became a disc jockey, playing the latest hits and spinning records from his own collection.

It wasn’t until 1960 that Nelson had his first major breakthrough. He wrote “Crazy,” which became a hit for Patsy Cline and helped establish Nelson as a songwriter to watch. This success led to a recording contract with Liberty Records, and the beginning of Nelson’s career as a recording artist.

Early Singles

Nelson released his first single, “Touch Me,” in 1962. The song, which Nelson wrote himself, reached the top ten on the country charts and helped establish him as a solo artist. He followed up with “Willingly,” a duet with Shirley Collie that also reached the top ten.

Other early singles include “The Part Where I Cry,” “Mr. Record Man,” and “Night Life.” While these songs were not as successful on the charts as “Touch Me” or “Willingly,” they helped establish Nelson’s sound and style. He was known for his smooth vocals, unique phrasing, and personal songwriting style.

Early Albums

Nelson’s first album, …And Then I Wrote, was released in 1962. The album features many of the songs that Nelson had written for other artists, as well as some of his own material. While the album was not a commercial success, it received critical acclaim and helped establish Nelson as a serious artist in the industry.

Other early albums include Here’s Willie Nelson and Country Willie – His Own Songs. These albums featured a mix of original songs and covers, and helped establish Nelson’s unique blend of traditional country and folk music.


While “Touch Me” may be Willie Nelson’s oldest and most successful song, it’s clear that his early career was full of memorable hits and influential albums. Nelson’s contributions to country music have been enormous, and his influence can be heard in the work of countless artists who came after him.

Today, at age 88, Willie Nelson is still actively recording and performing, and his legacy continues to grow. He has won dozens of awards, including multiple Grammy Awards and induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame. It’s safe to say that Willie Nelson’s impact on country music will be felt for generations to come.


In conclusion, the answer to the question “what is Willie Nelson’s oldest song?” is “Touch Me,” released in 1962. However, Nelson’s early career was full of memorable hits and influential albums that helped establish him as one of the most important artists in the history of country music. From his smooth vocals to his unique songwriting style, Nelson’s music continues to inspire and entertain audiences around the world.


Did Willie Nelson meet Elvis?

Willie Nelson, the legendary country musician, has claimed that he met Elvis Presley on a few occasions. According to Nelson’s interviews, he had a personal connection with Elvis through their mutual love of music. Nelson and Presley shared a passion for the guitar and both had an interest in writing their own songs.

Nelson spoke extensively about his relationship with Presley in a 2012 interview with GQ magazine, stating that he met him “a couple of times.” He recalled that Elvis had recorded two of his songs, “Always on My Mind” and “Night Life.” It is well-established that both songs went on to become some of Nelson’s most famous singles.

Despite Presley’s success as a musician, he struggled with addiction during his later years. In his final years, the “King of Rock and Roll” was attempting to find his place in an ever-changing industry. This struggle was evident in his performances, which became increasingly erratic.

Willie Nelson claimed to have met Elvis Presley and had a personal connection with him through their mutual love of music. This connection was solidified by Presley’s decision to record two of Nelson’s songs. However, it is evident that Presley was going through a difficult period in his life during their encounter.

What song did Willie Nelson sell for $50?

Willie Nelson, a renowned American musician and songwriter, has written numerous famous songs such as “Always on My Mind”, “On the Road Again”, “Crazy” and “Funny How Time Slips Away” to name a few. However, before earning fame as a songwriter and signing a recording contract with Liberty Records in 1961, he faced financial difficulties. One such instance was when he sold a song for $50.

The story goes that in the 1950s, Nelson was living in Houston, Texas, and struggling to make ends meet. He went to California for a brief period but returned to Texas after not finding any success. In 1957, while having dinner with his friend Paul Buskirk at a Pasadena restaurant, Willie realized that he did not have enough money to pay the check.

Nelson, being a musician, suggested to Buskirk that he could sell him a song to cover the bill and have some cash to spare. Buskirk agreed to the proposal, and to seal the deal, Willie sang the song “Family Bible,” which he had written a few years earlier. The song was a sentimental gospel ballad about the importance of family and tradition. Buskirk liked the song, and he paid Willie $50, which covered the cost of the check, and the two went their separate ways.

The song “Family Bible” became popular and has been covered by numerous artists. It was recorded by Claude Gray in 1960, and the version reached number seven on the country music charts. The Statler Brothers’ version also became a hit in 1975, reaching number twelve on the same chart. The song was finally released by Willie Nelson in 1971 on his album “The Willie Way”.

“Family Bible” remains one of the most popular gospel songs of all time. Though Willie Nelson sold the song for just $50, it has since earned him a significant amount of income through record sales and royalties. It stands as a testament to his incredible songwriting and musical talent, and serves as a reminder that sometimes the most valuable things can come from unexpected places.

How many songs did Willie Nelson actually write?

Willie Nelson, born on April 29, 1933, is an American musician, songwriter, and actor. He is an iconic figure in country music, known for his unique vocal style and innovative approach to songwriting. Nelson has been active in the music industry for over six decades and has written an extensive collection of songs.

To date, Willie Nelson has written more than 2,500 songs, making him one of the most prolific songwriters in the history of American music. His writing style is characterized by his heartfelt and often poignant lyrics, which he delivers with sincerity and authenticity.

Nelson started his career in the 1950s as a songwriter, writing hits for other artists like Patsy Cline and Roy Orbison. In the 1960s, he began recording his own music. His breakthrough album, “Red Headed Stranger,” released in 1975, was a critical and commercial success, cementing his place as a legendary musician.

Throughout his career, Nelson has continued to write and record new music. He has released more than 250 albums, including his most recent album, “First Rose of Spring,” which was released in 2020. His music spans across genres, from country to rock, and has won him numerous awards, including seven Grammy Awards, as well as the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors in 1998.

In addition to his music career, Nelson has appeared in over 25 films and several television series, showcasing his acting and storytelling abilities.

Willie Nelson’s contributions to the music industry are immeasurable. He is a true American icon, and his extensive collection of more than 2,500 songs showcases his incredible talent as a songwriter. Despite his success, Nelson remains humble and continues to write and release music that touches the hearts of his fans globally.

What are a list of songs that Willie Nelson wrote?

Willie Nelson is a highly acclaimed singer-songwriter and one of the most influential figures in country music history. He has written numerous songs throughout his career, which spans over six decades. Some of his most notable songs include “On the Road Again,” “Crazy,” and “Always on My Mind,” which have become iconic country music classics, and have been covered by several artists.

Apart from these popular songs, there is a wide range of other Willie Nelson-written songs that reflect his versatility as a songwriter. These songs include “A Moment Isn’t Very Long,” “A Penny for Your Thoughts,” “Alice in Hulaland” (co-written with Buddy Cannon), “Albania Albania,” “Always Now,” “American Dream” (co-written with Bob Dylan), “Amnesia,” and “And So Will You My Love.”

Other notable songs in his vast catalog of compositions include “Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground,” “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain,” “Farther Along,” “Georgia on My Mind,” and “Good Hearted Woman,” which he co-wrote with his dear friend and fellow country music legend, Waylon Jennings.

In addition to these songs, Willie Nelson has written several other classics that include “Hello Walls,” “Make Way for a Better Man,” “One for My Baby (And One More for the Road),” “Pretend I Never Happened,” “Red Headed Stranger,” and “Seven Spanish Angels.”

Willie Nelson’s immense contribution to country music as a songwriter cannot be overstated. His songs have not only showcased his exceptional talent but have also inspired future generations of songwriters worldwide.

Which singer recorded the first song about the birth control pill?

“The Pill” is a country music song recorded by Loretta Lynn in 1975. The song is about the birth control pill and the sense of freedom that it can provide to a woman. It is one of Loretta Lynn’s most controversial records and also one of her best-known songs.

Before the song was recorded, birth control was a taboo topic in the country music scene, and any mention of it was censored. But “The Pill” challenged those norms by openly discussing the topic, which made it groundbreaking at the time. The song sent shockwaves through the music industry and became an instant hit, despite being banned on many radio stations.

In the lyrics, Lynn explains how the birth control pill changed her life, and the lives of other women, by giving them the ability to control their own reproductive health. It also addresses the societal expectations placed on women at the time to have large families and be stay-at-home mothers.

In one of the verses, Lynn sings: “This little while the fixin’s been hit and miss / And though it’s cost me a pretty sum / What’s thirty dollars to the price of a kid? / For I can’t afford another one.”

Despite the controversy surrounding the song, it went on to become an anthem for women’s liberation and helped to bring reproductive rights into the mainstream conversation.

Loretta Lynn’s “The Pill” is the first song about the birth control pill in country music history. It played a pivotal role in breaking down taboos and getting people to talk about reproductive rights. The song stands as a testament to the powerful impact that music can have on society.