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What is the theme for a March wedding?

When it comes to planning a wedding, choosing the perfect theme is essential. Not only does a theme provide a cohesive look and feel for the special day, but it also helps to set the overall tone and atmosphere of the event. For couples tying the knot in March, it’s important to consider the season and current trends when selecting a theme. In this post, we’ll explore some popular themes for a March wedding and offer tips on how to incorporate them into your big day.

Spring Garden Theme

One of the most popular themes for a March wedding is a spring garden theme. With the weather starting to warm up and flowers beginning to bloom, a garden-themed wedding is the perfect way to celebrate the season. When it comes to décor, think lush greenery, pastel-colored flowers, and natural elements such as wood and stone. Soft, romantic lighting and delicate details such as lace table runners or floral garlands can also add to the overall ambiance.

For the bride’s wedding dress, consider a soft, flowing gown with floral accents. Bridesmaids can wear dresses in a range of pastel shades, or even mismatched dresses in complementary colors. The groom and groomsmen can wear suits in light, spring-tinged hues such as grey, beige, or light blue.

At the reception, consider filling the space with greenery and flowers such as roses, peonies, and tulips. For centerpieces, you can create unique arrangements using vintage books, antique vases, or even teapots as vessels. Personalized wedding favors such as packets of seeds or mini potted plants can also be a lovely touch to tie in with the garden theme.

Vintage Theme

For couples who love a touch of history and glamour, a vintage-themed wedding can be a perfect choice for a March wedding. Featuring soft, muted pastels and delicate lace accents, this theme is all about romance and elegance. When it comes to bridal attire, consider a gown with intricate lace detailing, or a vintage-inspired dress with a tea-length hemline. Bridesmaids can wear soft pink or lavender dresses, while the groom and groomsmen can wear suits with suspenders, bowties, or patterned ties.

For décor, think antique furniture and vintage china. Use lace table runners and vintage tableware to set the scene, and consider incorporating soft florals in hues such as rose, peach, and lavender. Add ambiance with vintage-inspired lighting, such as Edison bulbs or chandeliers. Personalized touches such as antique photo frames or handwritten love letters can also help to add a sentimental touch to the day.

Whimsical Theme

If you’re looking for a theme that’s fun, playful, and full of personality, a whimsical theme might be the perfect choice for your March wedding. Featuring bright pops of color, animated elements, and quirky accents, this theme is all about letting your creativity run wild. When it comes to bridal attire, consider a colorful wedding gown or a dress with playful details such as polka dots or stripes. Bridesmaids can wear dresses in a range of bright, vibrant hues, while the groom and groomsmen can wear suits in fun, playful shades such as yellow, green, or even pink.

For décor, think outside the box with unexpected twists such as balloons, streamers, and playful signage. Use unique centerpieces such as oversized lollipops, paper flowers, or even pinwheels. Keep the mood light and carefree with upbeat music and plenty of opportunities to dance and celebrate.


A March wedding is the perfect opportunity to celebrate all that’s wonderful about the season. Whether you opt for a spring garden theme, a vintage-inspired affair, or a whimsical celebration, there are plenty of ways to bring your vision to life. Whether you’re tying the knot in a garden, ballroom, or backyard, choosing a theme can help make your wedding a unique and unforgettable experience for all involved.


What is March theme color?

March is the third month of the year in the Gregorian calendar, and the month that signifies the arrival of spring in many parts of the world. With the beginning of a new season, comes new colors, new traditions, and new themes that symbolize the start of something fresh and exciting. One of the most popular themes associated with March is the color scheme that is used to represent this month.

The theme color for March is primarily light blue and white. This color combination is derived from the March birthstone Aquamarine, one of the most well-known and loved gemstones in the world. The Aquamarine gemstone, with its beautiful light blue color, is said to symbolize youth, hope, and health, which are themes that are often associated with the month of March.

The light blue color represents the calmness, serenity, and clarity of the sky. It also represents the purity and calmness of water that is often associated with the coming of spring. The white color, on the other hand, signifies the freshness and purity of the season. This color combination is often used in various contexts, including clothing, accessories, and decorations for March events such as St. Patrick’s Day, International Women’s Day, and Easter.

March is a time of renewal and a time to welcome the arrival of spring. The theme color for March, light blue and white, is a beautiful and refreshing color combination that perfectly captures the mood of the season. Whether it’s used in decor, fashion, or accessories, this color combination is sure to bring a sense of hope, purity, and freshness to any event or setting.

What colors are good in March?

In many cultures, colors have different meanings and symbolism attached to them. The colors that are associated with each month can vary depending on different factors such as cultural beliefs, religious traditions, and seasonal changes. When it comes to the month of March, there are a few colors that are particularly popular. For instance, the March colors for this year are light blue and white.

Light blue is often associated with peace, stillness, and mildness. This color is believed to create a calming and serene atmosphere, making it a popular choice for home decor and clothing during the spring season. Light blue is also often associated with the sky and water, two elements that are closely linked to the idea of renewal and rejuvenation.

White is another popular March color that is often associated with purity, innocence, and clarity. This color is often used in weddings, religious ceremonies, and other special occasions that celebrate new beginnings and fresh starts. In many cultures, white is seen as a symbol of hope and optimism, making it a perfect choice for the month of March when the season is changing and new growth is beginning to emerge.

Other colors that are often associated with March include shades of green, which represent growth and renewal, and pastel shades of pink and purple, which are commonly used in Easter decor. the colors associated with March are intended to evoke feelings of hope, growth, and new beginnings, making them a perfect choice for the season of spring.

Is a March wedding spring or winter?

A March wedding can be seen as a transition from winter to spring, depending on the region where the wedding is taking place. In parts of the world that experience predominantly cold and snowy winters, March is usually considered the start of spring as the snow melts and temperatures begin to rise. Alternatively, in regions where the weather is warmer year-round, March might be seen as the tail end of winter.

In any case, March is a lovely month to plan a wedding. Its in-between status means you can play around with both winter and early spring colors and themes to create a unique and whimsical event. You can still embrace winter features like cozy décor, warm lighting, and hearty foods while incorporating early spring elements such as flowers and fresh produce.

If you’re planning a March wedding, you have an array of color palettes to choose from, including icy blues, soft greys, silver, and gold. Pale pinks, lavender, and pastels are also excellent options that you can pair with deeper, richer tones to add depth and dimension. For flowers, options include tulips, daffodils, cherry blossoms, and spring-blooming branches.

Whether you want to consider your March wedding as a spring or winter wedding is up to you. However, the great thing about the month of March is that it offers a unique opportunity to combine the best aspects of both seasons, providing you with endless possibilities to create an unforgettable wedding event.

Is March yellow or green?

March is typically associated with the color green, not yellow. This is because March is the month that kicks off the spring season in many parts of the world, and green is often used to symbolize new life, growth, and renewal. As the winter snow begins to melt away, the ground starts to thaw, and the first buds of spring start to emerge, everything seems to take on a green hue. From the fresh blades of grass to the buds on the trees, the world is transformed into a green wonderland.

While yellow is a bright and cheerful color that is often associated with sunshine and happiness, it is not typically associated with the month of March. That being said, there are some instances where yellow might be used to represent March, such as in art or design projects where an artist is trying to evoke a specific mood or feeling. However, in general, the color that is most often associated with March is green. Whether we are talking about St. Patrick’s Day or the budding trees, March is a month that is closely tied to the color green and all that it represents.

What theme month is March?

March is a particularly special month as it is dedicated to several important themes, with different organizations and communities celebrating it in many ways. One of the most popular themes for March is Women’s History Month, a time when we celebrate the invaluable contributions women have made throughout history in various fields, including science, politics, art, and culture. It’s an opportunity to acknowledge the progress that has been made in achieving gender equality and to recognize the work that still needs to be done to ensure that women are given equal opportunities and rights.

In addition to Women’s History Month, March is also National Nutrition Month, a campaign that aims to educate people about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity. This theme is particularly important in light of the prevalence of unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles, which have contributed to a rise in chronic illnesses such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Moreover, March is recognized as American Red Cross Month, a time when we celebrate the work of the American Red Cross in providing humanitarian aid and assistance to communities affected by disasters, natural or man-made. The American Red Cross also plays a crucial role in blood donation drives, training people in life-saving skills such as CPR, and helping military families in times of crisis.

Finally, March is also Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. This campaign aims to raise awareness and advocate for the rights and needs of individuals with developmental disabilities, including autism, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy. It’s an opportunity to recognize the strengths and abilities of individuals with disabilities, and to support them in achieving their personal goals and aspirations.

March is a month of multiple themes, with each serving a unique purpose in commemorating and raising awareness about various causes and issues affecting our society. Whether through supporting women’s achievements, advocating for healthy lifestyles, providing aid during disasters, or promoting inclusivity and support for those with developmental disabilities, March reminds us of our collective responsibility to work towards a brighter and more equitable future for all.