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What is the summary of Gay Girl, Good God?

Gay Girl, Good God is a powerful memoir by Jackie Hill Perry that tells the story of her journey from a gay lifestyle to accepting Jesus Christ. This book is not only a personal story, but a message of hope for those wrestling with same-sex attraction and the Christian faith. In this blog post, we will discuss the key themes and takeaways from Gay Girl, Good God.


Jackie Hill Perry is a poet, rapper, and public speaker who gained popularity in the Christian community for her spoken word performances on Christian topics. Gay Girl, Good God is her debut book, published in 2018. In this book, she shares her personal story of growing up in a fatherless home, experimenting with same-sex relationships, and ultimately finding her true identity in Jesus Christ.


Gay Girl, Good God is divided into three parts. In Part One, Jackie shares her childhood experiences and how they led her to seek love and validation in same-sex relationships. She talks about her father’s absence, growing up in “the hood,” and being sexually abused as a child. Jackie found solace and security in romantic relationships with women, but always had a nagging feeling that something was missing.

In Part Two, Jackie talks about her spiritual journey and how she encountered Jesus Christ. She describes how she was initially skeptical of Christianity and thought it was just another form of oppression. However, she had a spiritual experience that led her to read the Bible and ultimately accept Christ as her Savior. Jackie shares how her relationship with Jesus Christ transformed her, leading her to want to serve others and share her testimony.

In Part Three, Jackie addresses some of the common objections and questions she has faced since becoming a Christian. She talks about how she reconciles her faith with her same-sex attraction, and how she responds to criticism from both the conservative Christian community and the LGBT community. Jackie argues that her primary identity is in Christ, and that her same-sex desires are not sinful as long as she does not act on them.

Key Themes

One of the key themes of Gay Girl, Good God is identity. Jackie struggled with finding her true identity as a child, and ultimately found it in Christ. She argues that our society places too much emphasis on sexual identity, to the point where people define themselves solely by their desires. Jackie encourages readers to see themselves as children of God first and foremost, and to let their identity be shaped by Christ.

Another key theme is the power of God’s grace. Jackie describes how she felt like a “hopeless case” before encountering Christ, and how His love and grace transformed her life. She encourages readers to trust in God’s grace, and to never give up hope that He can change their lives too.

A third theme is the importance of community. Jackie emphasizes the need for Christian community and accountability, as well as the need for compassion towards those who are struggling with same-sex attraction or other sins. She argues that the Christian community needs to do a better job of showing love and grace to those who are hurting, rather than just condemning them.


In conclusion, Gay Girl, Good God is a powerful and inspiring book that offers hope and encouragement to those struggling with same-sex attraction and the Christian faith. Jackie Hill Perry’s personal story is a testament to the power of God’s grace, and her message of hope is needed now more than ever. Ultimately, this book is a call to see ourselves and others as beloved children of God, and to trust in His power to transform our lives.