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What is the quote from the wedding date?

Weddings are a time of celebration, filled with love, laughter and heartfelt emotions. Most of us have attended a wedding at some point in our lives, and we all have our special memories associated with these beautiful events. However, there is one line from a romantic comedy that has transcended time and has become a popular phrase associated with weddings. That line is from The Wedding Date, a 2005 romantic comedy starring Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney. This blog post will explore what that quote is, why it has become so popular and its significance in today’s society.

The Quote

The famous quote from The Wedding Date is:

“Here’s to the husbands who’ve won you, the losers who’ve lost you, and the lucky bastards who’ve yet to meet you.”

This line is spoken by the character Nick Mercer (played by Dermot Mulroney) during the best man’s speech at his younger brother’s wedding. The line instantly became a hit and has been quoted innumerable times ever since.

Why is the Quote So Popular?

There is something about this quote that everyone seems to love. Perhaps it’s the charming way Nick delivers the line, or maybe it’s the sentiment behind the words. One possible explanation for its popularity is that it speaks to the universal desire for love and companionship. The quote acknowledges that finding the right person is not an easy feat, but it also acknowledges that there is hope for everyone, even those who have not yet found their special someone.

Another reason the quote may be so popular is that it captures the feeling of weddings in general. Weddings are a time of hope and optimism, and the quote encapsulates these emotions perfectly. It is a toast to the past, present and future, acknowledging the journey that led the couple to this moment and celebrating the love that will carry them forward.

The Significance of the Quote

The Wedding Date was released in 2005, and yet the quote has remained popular more than a decade later. The longevity of the quote speaks to something deeper than just a catchy phrase from a rom-com. It speaks to the universal human desire for love, companionship and hope.

In today’s society, where dating apps, social media and hookup culture dominate the landscape, it can be easy to feel jaded or discouraged about finding love. However, the quote from The Wedding Date reminds us that no matter how difficult the search may be, there is always hope. It encourages us to keep an open mind and heart, and to believe that one day we will find someone who loves us for who we are.


In conclusion, the quote from The Wedding Date has become an iconic phrase associated with weddings, love and hope. Its popularity is a testament to the human desire for companionship and the enduring optimism that weddings represent. As we continue to navigate the complexities of modern dating, it’s important to remember that finding love is not always easy, but it’s always worth pursuing. So, here’s to the husbands who’ve won us, the losers who’ve lost us, and the lucky bastards who’ve yet to meet us!


When I majored in comparative literature at Brown I hate anchovies?

It’s difficult to establish a direct correlation between someone majoring in comparative literature at Brown and disliking anchovies. It is possible that the individual associated the two for personal reasons that were not influenced by their academic pursuits.

At Brown University, the comparative literature major is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the study of literature and cultures across languages, national borders, and historical periods. While students engage with a diverse range of literary works and cultural perspectives, the curriculum is not necessarily geared towards developing preferences for or against specific foods.

Anchovies are a type of small, saltwater fish that can be polarizing due to their distinctive flavor profile. Some people may enjoy the intense umami taste, while others find it overpowering and unappetizing. It is possible that the individual who mentioned their dislike for anchovies simply happens to be in the latter category, and their academic background at Brown is unrelated to their culinary tastes.

There is likely no direct relationship between an individual majoring in comparative literature at Brown and disliking anchovies. It’s possible that the two are coincidental and unrelated, and there may be a variety of factors that influence a person’s food preferences beyond their academic experiences.

What village was the wedding date filmed in?

The wedding date is a popular romantic comedy movie that was released in 2005 starring Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney. One of the significant settings of the movie is the idyllic English village where the characters stayed during the events of the movie. The village where the wedding date was filmed is the quintessentially British village of Shere, which has attracted movie-makers for many years with its centuries-old buildings nestled in the Surrey Hills.

Shere is a picturesque village that embodies the charm and essence of rural England. It is located between the towns of Guildford and Dorking, close to the popular beauty spots of Newlands Corner and Silent Pool. The village is famous for its quaint cottages, historic houses, and cobbled streets that provide an authentic medieval atmosphere. Shere’s beauty lies in its well-preserved architecture, which gives filmmakers the opportunity to create a period piece feel without the need for heavy digital enhancements or set decorations.

Apart from its architectural authenticity, Shere is also known for its lively community and thriving social life. The village boasts of several pubs, cafes, and shops that offer visitors a range of experience that is quintessentially English. One such recognizable spot is the White Horse, a 16th-century coaching inn that featured in the wedding date as the hotel where Debra Messing’s character stayed during the movie.

The wedding date was filmed in the beautiful village of Shere, which epitomizes the charm and culture of rural England. Shere’s enchanting atmosphere gives filmmakers a chance to create authentic period pieces while providing visitors with an unforgettable and immersive experience. If you are a fan of the movie or want to relive some of the movie’s scenes, a visit to Shere is highly recommended.

Who is the guy from Mike and Dave need wedding dates?

The 2016 romantic comedy film, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, had an ensemble cast that included several talented actors and actresses. However, the lead characters, Mike and Dave, were portrayed by two well-known actors- Zac Efron and Adam DeVine, respectively.

Fans of Efron may remember him from his breakout role as Troy Bolton in Disney’s High School Musical franchise. Since then, he has steadily built a reputation for being a versatile actor who can play both comedic and dramatic roles with ease. In Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Efron plays the role of Mike, who along with his brother Dave, puts out an ad for dates to their sister’s wedding.

Meanwhile, Adam DeVine is a comedian and actor who is best known for his work on the Comedy Central series Workaholics, as well as his roles in the Pitch Perfect films. In Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, DeVine plays the role of Dave, Mike’s raucous and unpredictable brother who is equally desperate to find a date for their sister’s wedding.

Apart from Efron and DeVine, the film also features Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza as the two girls who answer Mike and Dave’s ad and end up joining them at the wedding. Kendrick is an Academy Award-nominated actress who has starred in films like Up in the Air and Pitch Perfect, while Plaza is best known for her roles in the TV series Parks and Recreation and the film Safety Not Guaranteed.

The guy from Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is Adam DeVine, who played the role of Dave, one of the lead characters in the film. He starred alongside Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick, and Aubrey Plaza in the 2016 romantic comedy, which was a box office success and was praised for its hilarious performances and witty dialogue.

Who was the boyfriend in the wedding singer?

The Wedding Singer is a romantic comedy film that was released in 1998. It stars Adam Sandler as Robbie Hart, a wedding singer who falls in love with Julia Sullivan, a waitress played by Drew Barrymore. However, Julia is already engaged to a man named Glenn Guglia, portrayed by Matthew Glave.

Glenn Guglia is a Wall Street broker who works with Julia’s father. He is portrayed as a wealthy, arrogant, and controlling individual who wants to have everything his way. He has a high opinion of himself and is often seen flaunting his money and status. Julia is initially attracted to Glenn because of his success, but she starts to have doubts about their relationship after she meets Robbie.

Glenn becomes the main antagonist in the story because he sees Robbie as a threat to his relationship with Julia. He becomes jealous of Robbie’s interactions with Julia and tries to sabotage their relationship in any way he can. Glenn’s actions eventually lead Julia to realize that he is not the right person for her, leading her to break off their engagement and pursue a relationship with Robbie instead.

Glenn Guglia was an important character in The Wedding Singer. He played a significant role in driving the story forward and served as a foil to Robbie’s character. Matthew Glave’s performance as Glenn was memorable, and it helped to create an engaging and entertaining film that has become a classic romantic comedy of the 1990s.

Who does he marry in my best friends wedding?

In the 1997 romantic comedy “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, Julianne Potter (played by Julia Roberts) has always been in love with her best friend Michael O’Neal (played by Dermot Mulroney), but they never pursued a romantic relationship. Suddenly, Michael calls Julianne to invite her to his wedding. Julianne is both ecstatic and distraught, as she realizes that she wants Michael for herself.

At the wedding, Julianne meets Michael’s fiancé, a young woman named Kimmy (played by Cameron Diaz). Despite her initial jealousy, Julianne tries to befriend Kimmy and make amends for her feelings. However, she realizes that she cannot bear the thought of Michael marrying someone else.

In a moment of weakness, Julianne confesses her love to Michael, but he rejects her. Furious, he calls Kimmy, calling off the wedding. The next morning, Jules discovers that neither Michael nor Kimmy have told anyone else that the wedding is off. She tries to manipulate the couple into breaking up for good, but Michael and Kimmy decide to get married after all.

In the end, Julianne realizes that she cannot control other people’s lives and must learn to let go of Michael. She attends the wedding and gives a heartfelt speech about her love for Michael, but ultimately accepts that they are not meant to be together. The movie ends with Julianne dancing with her best friend George (played by Rupert Everett) and finding happiness in her friendship.

So, to answer the question “Who does he marry in my best friend’s wedding?”, Michael ultimately marries Kimmy after a series of complications and emotional turmoil.

Who is Gavin Mitchell on friends?

Gavin Mitchell is a minor character on the popular American sitcom “Friends.” He is portrayed by actor Dermot Mulroney. Gavin appears briefly in season 9 of the show, in three consecutive episodes. He is introduced as a love interest for Rachel Green, one of the main characters on the show.

Gavin is a corporate buyer for Ralph Lauren, the fictional fashion company that Rachel works for. He is described as being handsome and charming, with an alluring sense of humor that immediately catches Rachel’s attention. Throughout his appearances on the show, Gavin and Rachel share several romantic moments and seem to be developing a strong connection.

However, their relationship is halted when Gavin is promoted to a job in Paris and is forced to leave Ralph Lauren’s New York office. Despite their mutual feelings for each other, Rachel decides not to pursue a long-distance relationship, and Gavin leaves without her. Gavin’s departure signifies the end of his storyline on the show, and he is never seen again in subsequent episodes.

Although Gavin’s time on “Friends” was short-lived, his character’s impact on the show’s romantic plotlines remains significant. His role as Rachel’s potential love interest added a layer of complexity to the show’s last few seasons and left fans of the show wondering what could have been if he had stayed on the show longer.