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What is the Property Brothers scandal?

The Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, are known for their hit HGTV show where they help couples find and remodel their dream homes. However, the popular duo is now facing a scandal involving a couple who appeared on their show.

The Background of the Property Brothers Scandal

Mindy and Paul King, a couple from Las Vegas, appeared on “Property Brothers” in 2019. They were looking for a forever home and the show helped them find and purchase a fixer-upper in Las Vegas for $1.3 million. The Kings claim that the Property Brothers promised a home renovation that would be completed on time and on budget. However, they allege that the home they received was filled with building code violations and health hazards.

The Allegations

The Kings’ lawsuit against the Property Brothers alleges that they were pressured into buying a particular property selected by the show. Furthermore, they claim they were told that the remodeling budget of $200,000 would be more than sufficient to cover all of the necessary work to bring their new home up to code.

The couple claims that the Property Brothers did not deliver on their promises. As a result, the Kings claim they are now living in a home with building code violations and with health and safety hazards. According to reports, the home has exposed electrical wires, a dangerous pool that is not up to code, and faulty plumbing throughout the property.

Mindy and Paul King also allege that they had to spend an additional $140,000 to fix the Property Brothers’ mistakes and bring their home up to the required standards. They claim that the Property Brothers were involved in many of the decisions made during the remodeling process, and that the show failed to hire licensed professionals to do the work.

The Response from the Property Brothers

The Property Brothers have denied all of the allegations made by the Kings. They have said that the show follows strict standards and practices, and that they work with licensed professionals to perform the necessary work.

In a statement to the media, the Property Brothers said that they had provided the Kings with a “beautifully renovated home” and that the Kings’ allegations were unfounded and without merit.

The Conclusion

The Property Brothers scandal has brought up questions about the ethics and responsibility of renovation shows and the production companies behind them. It also highlights the importance of hiring licensed, experienced professionals to perform renovations, and that homeowners should always conduct thorough research before hiring a contractor.

The Property Brothers scandal is still unfolding and it is unclear how it will be resolved. However, it serves as a reminder that homeowners should always be vigilant and informed in their home renovation projects.


What did Property Brothers get in trouble for?

The popular HGTV show “Property Brothers” has faced accusations of fraud and faulty workmanship from some viewers. In one such case, Mindy and Paul King of Las Vegas have filed a lawsuit against the show, alleging that they were misled and that the brothers violated the terms of their agreement with them. The Kings assert that they were promised a custom-made home, but instead received a poorly constructed house that was filled with defects.

According to the lawsuit, the Kings paid $1.4 million for a 6,000-square-foot property, and they had planned to use the space as a vacation home. They claimed that the show’s crew used shoddy materials and cut corners during the construction process. They also accused the brothers of failing to obtain the necessary permits and making late design changes without consulting them. The Kings further allege that they had to spend an additional $145,000 on repairs and upgrades after the show was complete.

The lawsuit also contains allegations of misrepresentation. Specifically, the Kings assert that the brothers misled them about the extent of the work that would be done and the costs involved. They claim that they were promised a “dream home” that would be featured on the show, but that they ended up with a home that fell far short of their expectations.

The Kings allege that the brothers committed fraud, breached their contract with them, and engaged in deceptive and unfair trade practices. The lawsuit seeks damages of $1 million, as well as additional compensation for the Kings’ legal fees and other costs. The case is still ongoing, and it remains to be seen how it will be resolved.

Is one of the Property Brothers going to jail?

Recently, rumors have been circulating that one of the Property Brothers, Jonathan Scott, may be facing jail time over his involvement in a bar fight that occurred on April 24th in Fargo, North Dakota. However, according to recent reports, this is actually not the case. Scott, who is a co-star on the popular HGTV show “Property Brothers,” has been cleared of any wrongdoing in connection with the incident and will not face charges.

Reports indicate that police were called to an establishment in downtown Fargo after receiving reports of a physical altercation. It was alleged that Scott was involved in the altercation and was subsequently detained by police. However, after an investigation into the incident, authorities determined that there was not enough evidence to support charges against Scott and he was released.

Despite the fact that Scott has been cleared of wrongdoing, the incident has created some controversy and speculation in the media. Fans of the show have expressed concern about the negative impact that such rumors could have on the Property Brothers brand, which has grown significantly in recent years. However, it seems that Scott and his brother, Drew, are putting the incident behind them and focusing on continuing to make great content for their fans.

While there were rumors that one of the Property Brothers may have been facing jail time, it turns out that this is not the case. Jonathan Scott has been cleared of any wrongdoing in connection with the bar fight in Fargo and will not face charges. While the incident has generated some controversy and speculation, the Property Brothers brand remains strong and fans can continue to look forward to watching the duo on their hit HGTV show.

Did Jonathan Scott have a baby?

Jonathan Scott, well-known as the host of the popular home renovation series, “Property Brothers,” has not had a biological child of his own. However, Scott’s personal life has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. In 2019, he announced his relationship with actress Zooey Deschanel. The couple met while filming an episode of “Carpool Karaoke,” and the two hit it off.

Despite having no children of his own, Scott has embraced his role as a “bonus dad” to Deschanel’s two children, Elsie and Charlie. In a recent interview with, Scott shared that being a stepfather has been one of the most significant life changes he has experienced. He has expressed his love and appreciation for both Elsie and Charlie, saying that he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Scott’s role as a family man has been a topic of conversation for some time, given his previous statements on marriage and having children. In a 2017 interview with People, Scott talked about his desire to have children eventually, saying that he would love to have a large family. He has also expressed his hope of someday finding the right person to share his life with and start a family.

Jonathan Scott has not had a baby of his own, but he has embraced his new role as a “bonus dad” to Zooey Deschanel’s two children. Despite previous statements about wanting a family of his own, Scott seems to have found fulfillment in being a part of Deschanel’s family. As always, we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for Jonathan Scott’s personal life.