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What is the number one rock and roll song ever?

Music is an art form that transcends culture and time. It brings together people from different backgrounds and allows them to connect through a common interest. Among different music genres, rock and roll has been a staple for many generations. It originated in the United States in the 1950s and grew in popularity around the world. Rock and roll is often associated with rebellion, youthful spirit, and energy.

Throughout the decades, many rock and roll songs have become iconic and have shaped the cultural landscape of music. But what is the number one rock and roll song ever? It’s a question that has been debated for years and is a tough one to answer. However, in this blog post, we’ll delve into the history of rock and roll and examine some of the contenders for the title of the number one rock and roll song ever.

The Roots of Rock and Roll

The history of rock and roll can be traced back to the early 1950s in the United States. The genre was born out of a mix of influences, including blues, country, gospel, and R&B. The first rock and roll song is often considered to be “Rocket 88” by Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats, recorded in 1951.

However, it was in 1954 when rock and roll really exploded onto the music scene. That year, Bill Haley and his Comets released “Rock Around the Clock,” which became the first rock and roll song to top the charts. The song’s infectious beat and catchy lyrics made it an instant hit and a cultural phenomenon.

From there, the rock and roll movement grew and evolved. Some of the most iconic rock and roll stars emerged in the late 1950s and early 1960s, including Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard. Their music was full of energy, rebellious spirit, and a sense of excitement that captured the hearts of young music fans.

The Contenders for the Number One Rock and Roll Song Ever

With so many iconic rock and roll songs to choose from, it’s tough to narrow down the contenders for the title of the number one rock and roll song ever. Here are some of the most popular and influential songs that have been mentioned in discussions on the topic:

“Johnny B. Goode” by Chuck Berry

“Johnny B. Goode” was released by Chuck Berry in 1958 and is one of the most recognizable and influential rock and roll songs in history. The song features Berry’s signature guitar riffs and catchy lyrics about a young boy who dreams of becoming a famous musician.

The song’s impact was immediate, and it has since been covered by countless artists and featured in numerous movies and TV shows. “Johnny B. Goode” has become a symbol of rock and roll and its spirit of youthful rebellion.

“Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin

“Stairway to Heaven” is a classic rock masterpiece that has stood the test of time. The song was released by Led Zeppelin in 1971 and quickly became a cultural phenomenon. It features a mesmerizing guitar solo, haunting lyrics, and a sense of mystery and wonder that captivates listeners.

“Stairway to Heaven” is often cited as one of the greatest rock and roll songs ever written and has been covered by countless artists. Despite being over 40 years old, the song’s popularity has not diminished, and it remains a beloved classic.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen

“Bohemian Rhapsody” was released by Queen in 1975 and is one of the most innovative and iconic rock songs ever recorded. The song is known for its unique structure, featuring different musical sections that blend together seamlessly.

The lyrics tell a story of love, loss, and betrayal, and the song’s emotional impact is undeniable. “Bohemian Rhapsody” has been covered and parodied by countless artists and has become a cultural touchstone for music fans around the world.


Overall, the question of what is the number one rock and roll song ever is a difficult one to answer definitively. However, there are certainly songs that stand out as iconic and influential, like “Johnny B. Goode,” “Stairway to Heaven,” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.” These songs captured the spirit of rock and roll and have shaped the cultural landscape of music. Whether you’re a die-hard rock and roll fan or just appreciate good music, these songs are definitely worth listening to and celebrating.


What rock and roll song was number one the longest?

Throughout the history of rock and roll, many songs have become immensely popular and have climbed to the top of the Billboard Charts. However, when it comes to the question of which rock and roll song was number one the longest, there is only one song that stands out.

“Thick As A Brick” by Jethro Tull tops our list as the longest song and the only song to reach #1 on the Billboard Charts. Released in 1972, the song was part of Jethro Tull’s fifth studio album of the same name. The album was a concept record that featured one song split into two parts, each around 20 minutes long, totaling 43 minutes and 46 seconds of glam rock greatness.

During the year of its release, “Thick As A Brick” ruled the charts for an impressive seven weeks. The song’s success can be attributed to its groundbreaking structure, encompassing multiple musical themes and motifs to create a sonically diverse listening experience that captivated audiences.

While “Thick As A Brick” holds the title for the longest rock and roll song to top the charts, it’s also a testament to the enduring popularity of the genre. Rock and roll has always been about pushing boundaries and exploring the limits of what music can do, and “Thick As A Brick” is just one shining example of how rock music can continue to captivate audiences for generations to come.

Who had the first #1 rock and roll?

The emergence of Rock and Roll music in the early 1950s brought about a new era in popular music and cultural expression. At the forefront of this musical revolution was Bill Haley and his band, The Comets, with their groundbreaking hit “Rock Around the Clock.”

Released in 1954, “Rock Around the Clock” became an instant sensation and catapulted to the top of the charts. The song’s driving beat, catchy lyrics, and high energy proved irresistible to the younger generation, who were eager for a new sound that reflected their changing cultural identity.

Haley and The Comets created a unique sound that blended country, swing jazz, and rhythm and blues, commonly known as rockabilly. Their fusion of these distinct genres helped to create a musical style that would go on to inspire countless musicians and bands for years to come.

The success of “Rock Around the Clock” marked a turning point in the music industry, paving the way for other popular Rock and Roll hits to follow. It became an anthem for a generation and remains a beloved classic to this day.

The first number-one Rock and Roll single was “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley and The Comets. This iconic song and its catchy melody, driving beat, and high energy represented a new era in popular music, bringing about a cultural revolution that changed the music industry forever.

What is the most listened to song in the world right now?

As of now, the most listened to song in the world is “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd. The song has accumulated a staggering 3.59 billion streams globally and has reached the top spot in numerous music charts.

“Blinding Lights” was released in November 2019 and quickly became a fan favorite. Its catchy beat and nostalgic 80s vibe make it the perfect track for dancing and singing along. The song’s popularity has even been boosted by the use of it in various TikTok dance trends and viral videos.

The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He has had many hits in his career, but “Blinding Lights” has undoubtedly been his biggest success so far. The song has achieved multiple records, including being the first song to spend an entire year in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

It’s worth noting that the data for the most listened to song frequently changes, and new songs might overshadow even this massive hit in the future. Nonetheless, it’s not hard to see why “Blinding Lights” has garnered so much attention and love from fans worldwide.