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What is the most underrated George Strait song?

George Strait is a country music legend, with over 60 No. 1 hits and countless accolades throughout his career. Despite his success, there are certain songs in his catalog that don’t receive the recognition they deserve. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what we consider to be the most underrated George Strait song.

The Song in Question

The most underrated George Strait song is undoubtedly “If You’re Thinking You Want A Stranger (There’s One Coming Home)”. This single, released in 1983, reached No. 3 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. While this is certainly an impressive achievement, it pales in comparison to the success of other Strait hits such as “The Chair” and “All My Ex’s Live in Texas”, which both reached No. 1.

So why is “If You’re Thinking You Want A Stranger” underrated? For one, it hasn’t received the same level of radio airplay as some of Strait’s other hits. Additionally, the song isn’t mentioned as often as other classics like “Amarillo by Morning” and “Ocean Front Property”.

The Lyrics

One of the reasons “If You’re Thinking You Want A Stranger” is so special is the lyrics. The song tells the story of a man who’s worried about losing his woman to another man. He’s not sure what he’s done wrong, and he’s afraid that he’s going to be replaced. The chorus goes:

“If you’re thinking you want a stranger
There’s one coming home
And should you find you want somebody new
There’s nothing left to do
But break these ties and let me go
And find somebody too”

These lyrics are beautifully written and convey a sense of vulnerability that is often missing from country music today.

The Music

In addition to the lyrics, “If You’re Thinking You Want A Stranger” has a memorable melody and arrangement. Dudley Connell’s electric guitar riffs create a sense of urgency and tension that perfectly accompanies Strait’s vocal performance. This blend of instrumentation and vocals is what sets George Strait’s music apart from so many other artists.


In conclusion, “If You’re Thinking You Want A Stranger” is unquestionably George Strait’s most underrated single. Despite its impressive chart performance and beautiful lyrics and music, the song doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves. Hopefully, this blog post has shed some light on this unsung classic, and will encourage more people to give it a listen.


How many #1 hits does George Strait have?

George Strait is a country music legend, famous for his ability to blend traditional country sounds with new, contemporary styles. Spanning a 33-year recording career, Strait has had an incredible 60 number one hits, far surpassing any other artist in the history of music.

Strait’s incredible string of successes is due in part to his dedication to the craft of country music. He has often stated that his goal has been to create music that people can relate to, and his seemingly effortless ability to capture the hearts and imaginations of his listeners has been the key to his continued success.

Strait’s number one hits cover a wide range of topics, from love and heartbreak to patriotism and the simple pleasures of life. His unique style of storytelling has won over fans from all walks of life, and his ability to make ordinary experiences feel extraordinary has kept audiences coming back time and time again.

In addition to his record-breaking number of number one hits, Strait has also received numerous awards and honors, including membership in the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Academy of Country Music’s Artist of the Decade Award, and the Country Music Association’s Entertainer of the Year Award.

George Strait’s legacy as one of the greatest country music artists of all time is secure thanks to his incredible string of number one hits, his dedication to the craft, and his ability to create timeless music that resonates with fans across the world.

What was George Strait’s first number one hit?

George Strait is one of the most successful and iconic country music artists of all time. He has had a remarkable career that has spanned over four decades, producing numerous chart-topping hits, albums, and awards. His first-ever No. 1 single, “Fool Hearted Memory,” released in May 1982, marked the beginning of this legendary career.

“Fool Hearted Memory” was written by Byron Hill and Blake Mevis and was released under MCA Nashville Records. The song was part of his second studio album, “Strait from the Heart.” The track features a classic country sound that blends traditional twang with contemporary pop influences, which perfectly sets the tone for George Strait’s music style.

The song became an instant hit, eventually reaching the top of the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart on October 9, 1982 – George Strait’s first-ever No. 1 hit. The track’s immense popularity was thanks to Strait’s smooth and seductive vocals, which resonated with country music fans its sincerity, catchy tune, and heartfelt lyrics.

Since “Fool Hearted Memory,” George Strait has earned a total of 60 No. 1 hits on the country charts, making him one of the most successful artists of all time. His historic music career that has influenced several generations continues to impress and inspire millions of fans worldwide to this day.

What song does never never sample?

Drenchill feat. Indiiana’s “Never Never” is a popular dance-pop track that features an infectious beat and catchy lyrics. The song, which was released in 2019, samples a popular European dance track from the late 2000s called “Stereo Love” by Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina.

“Never Never” takes the iconic accordion riff that is the signature of “Stereo Love” and blends it seamlessly with contemporary dance beats and modern pop vocals. The sampling of “Stereo Love” is not surprising considering its impact on the European dance music scene. The song became a major hit across Europe when it was released in 2009 and remains a popular dance floor anthem to this day.

In terms of production, “Never Never” is an upgrade from the original track as it features a more polished and modern sound. The addition of Indiiana’s vocals and Drenchill’s beats give the track a new identity, even as it draws inspiration from “Stereo Love.”

“Never Never” is a testament to the power of sampling in music production. By taking an iconic track and giving it a new twist, Drenchill feat. Indiiana created a fresh, danceable hit that is sure to keep audiences grooving on the dance floor for years to come.

What is the least liked music?

The world of music is vast and diverse, with something for just about every taste. However, not every genre of music is to everyone’s liking. In fact, researchers have found that certain types of music are more commonly disliked than others. According to a study published in the journal Poetics, more people overall say they dislike country, folk, and “religious” styles.

The findings of this study are consistent with earlier research that suggests that these genres have become increasingly divisive over the past couple of decades. In particular, some country artists aligned themselves with the Iraq War and conservative politics, which may have turned off fans with different political views. In addition, religious music may be disliked by some due to its heavy emphasis on faith and spirituality, which may not be appealing to more secular listeners.

It’s worth noting that just because a certain genre of music is widely disliked doesn’t mean that it’s objectively “bad.” Music is a highly subjective art form, and what sounds grating and unpleasant to one person may be deeply moving and profound to another. One person’s least favorite music may be another person’s favorite genre.

Moreover, these findings don’t necessarily mean that everyone dislikes country, folk, and religious music. There are undoubtedly many people who enjoy and appreciate these genres. But taken as a whole, the study suggests that these styles may have a higher proportion of detractors than other types of music.

While music is a universal language that can bring people together, there are certain genres that are more divisive than others. According to the research, country, folk, and religious styles are the least liked by overall audiences. However, as with all things related to music, personal taste is highly subjective, and what one person loathes, another may adore.