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What is the most extravagant wedding cake?

Weddings are special occasions where newlyweds celebrate a new beginning of their lives together. No celebration is complete without a beautiful princess-like cake as the centerpiece. For many, the wedding cake is an essential part of the big day, as it showcases the couple’s personality and tastes. Wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes, but some are much more extravagant than others. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at some of the most extravagant wedding cakes ever created, with one in particular valued at a staggering $52.7 million.

The $52.7 Million Wedding Cake

In 2013, a bakery in Chester, England, created what is believed to be the world’s most expensive wedding cake. The eight-tiered wedding cake weighed over 1,000 pounds and was covered in more than 4,000 diamonds. Each diamond was hand-placed on the cake to create a stunning design that sparkled in the light.

The bakery, named Choccywoccydoodah, is a specialist cake shop that has been featured on television shows such as “MasterChef” and “Extreme Cake Makers.” The cake was commissioned for an Arab bride who wanted nothing but the best for her special day. The bride had requested that the cake be rose and peony-themed, with each handcrafted flower made from sugar.

It took a team of seven people over 1,100 hours to create the cake, which is believed to have cost around $52.7 million. The cake was so precious that it had to be escorted by security guards to the wedding reception.

The 2000 Pound Cake

Another extravagant wedding cake was created in 2003 by a baker named Steven J Stryjewski. The cake weighed over 2,000 pounds and stood over six feet tall. The cake was created for a wealthy wedding, and it took over three months to design and construction the cake with a team of seven creating the cake.

The cake was covered with intricate details and sugar flowers, costing over $10,000 alone. The couple’s initials were cut out from gold leaf and used to make a topper, and the cake was adorned with 500 sugar roses.

The cake gained national attention, with articles in multiple magazines, and a feature on a national television show.

The 13 Footer Cake

A couple from Texas had requested a cake over thirteen feet tall, ten feet wide, and sixty feet long that weighed over 6,800 pounds, and took two months to create.

The cake was so grand that the bakers had to construct it on-site, with the bottom layer being six feet tall. The couple had designed and requested boxes for guests to take home slices of cake, which were individually wrapped to take back to their rooms.

The cake had intricate detailing and big sugar flowers adorning the top of the cake, completing the grandiose design. The cost of this colossal confectionary creation? A whopping $130,000.

In Conclusion

Wedding cakes have been part of ceremonial occasions throughout history, symbolizing unity, purity, and marriage. As a result, the wedding cake has been elevated to an art form, with the ability to create masterpieces that have captured the imagination of people worldwide. These extravagant cakes each have unique design features, intricate details, and even pricing that takes them beyond the abilities of most people for their wedding day. However, they remain a testament to the skill and creativity that master bakers and designers can bring to every couple’s special day to create a lasting and memorable celebration.


How much did Meghan Markle’s wedding cake cost?

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19, 2018, was a huge event, watched by millions of people all over the world. One important feature of any wedding is the wedding cake, and this royal wedding was no exception. The couple opted for a cake that was relatively simple compared to some other royal wedding cakes, but it still came with a hefty cost.

The cake was the work of pastry chef Claire Ptak, based in London. Ptak had previously worked as a pastry chef for famous food writer and restaurant owner Alice Waters in California, before opening her own bakery, Violet Bakery in London in 2010. Ptak is known for using organic and seasonal ingredients in her baking, and this was an important part of the couple’s request for their wedding cake.

The cake itself was a lemon and elderflower sponge, covered in buttercream icing and decorated with fresh flowers. It had three tiers and was served on large silver platters. While the cake was not as tall or elaborately decorated as some other royal wedding cakes, the cost still came out to $70,000.

So how did a relatively simple cake end up costing so much? The answer lies in the quality of the ingredients and the time and effort put into making and decorating it. Ptak used only the finest organic ingredients, sourcing lemons from the Amalfi coast, elderflower from the Queen’s Sandringham estate, butter and cream from a local farm, and flour from a family-run mill in Essex. All of these ingredients were carefully selected for their quality and sustainability.

The assembly and decorating of the cake also took a lot of time and effort. The tiers were baked in advance, and then brought to Windsor Castle the day before the wedding to be assembled. Fresh flowers were added to the cake on the morning of the wedding by a team of florists. The final result was a beautiful, fresh and delicious cake that perfectly fit the couple’s desire for a simple, elegant and organic creation.

Meghan Markle’s wedding cake cost $70,000 due to the use of high-quality organic ingredients, the careful assembly and decoration, and the prestige of being a royal wedding cake. It was a beautiful and memorable addition to the day’s celebrations, and showcased the talent and ethical values of pastry chef Claire Ptak.

How much was Kim Kardashian’s wedding cake?

Kim Kardashian is a well-known American television personality, model, and social media influencer. She became even more famous when she tied the knot with professional basketball player Kris Humphries in 2011. This extravagant wedding was one of the most highly anticipated celebrity events of its time, and it was estimated to have cost over $10 million. One of the most expensive items at their wedding was the wedding cake.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ wedding cake was an unusual choice. Instead of the traditional white cake, the couple opted for a black and white tiered cake. The base layer was a black and white swirl design, while the top layer featured white cake adorned with intricate black decorations. The cake measured six feet tall, and it reportedly cost the couple a whopping $20,000.

The cake was designed and created by world-famous luxury baker, Hansen’s Cakes. This high-end pastry shop has been creating custom cakes for over 40 years and is renowned for its celebrity clientele. Hansen’s Cakes’ reputation for delivering stunning, one-of-a-kind cakes makes it one of the most sought-after cake shops in Los Angeles.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ wedding cake was the epitome of extravagance and luxury. The $20,000 black and white confection was a centerpiece of their wedding reception and is still remembered as one of the most expensive celebrity wedding cakes of all time. The couple’s choice to go with Hansen’s Cakes only amplified the opulence of their day and ensured that their guests were treated to not only a visually stunning cake but one that tasted amazing too.

How much is the platinum jubilee cake?

The platinum jubilee cake refers to the cake which was designed in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 years on the throne. The cake was designed and commissioned by the British Baker’s Association and was presented to the Queen during the official celebrations in June 2022. The cake measured over a meter in height and consisted of 13 tiers, each representing one decade of the Queen’s reign.

If you are wondering how much the platinum jubilee cake cost, then it should be noted that it was quite expensive. At the time it was presented, it cost £7,562, or approximately £1.6 million ($2 million) in today’s currency. The cake was made with high-quality ingredients and took skilled bakers over 250 hours to create, which could explain the high cost.

Furthermore, the platinum jubilee cake was not just any ordinary cake. It was a symbolic cake that marked a historic milestone in the British monarchy and was designed to reflect the Queen’s reign and personality. The fact that it was presented during a grand celebration that was attended by prestigious guests from all over the world could also be a contributing factor to its high cost.

The platinum jubilee cake was an exquisite masterpiece that marked a significant moment in the history of the British monarchy. In terms of price, it was quite expensive, costing about £7,562 or £1.6 million ($2 million) in today’s currency. Nevertheless, its high cost was justifiable when considering the amount of work, skill, and artistic vision that went into making the cake.