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What is the jar game for bridal shower?

Hosting a bridal shower is a wonderful way to honor the bride-to-be while also having a fun-filled celebration with family and friends. When it comes to bridal shower games, one of the most popular options is the guess jar game. It’s easy to set up, entertaining, and creates a sweet memory for the bride.

So, what is the jar game for a bridal shower, and how can you make it more fun and unique for your party? In this blog post, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know.

What is the Guess Jar Game?

The guess jar game is also known as a “guessing game” or a “guess how many” game. It involves filling up a jar with a specific item, like chocolates, candies, or any other small items. Then, guests are asked to guess how many items are in the jar. The one who comes closest to the actual number is the winner.

How to Set Up the Guess Jar Game?

Setting up the guess jar game for your bridal shower is easy and requires only a few items. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A Clear Jar: Choose a clear jar that’s large enough to hold a good number of items. A clear plastic jar or a mason jar is perfect and easy to find.
  • Items to Fill the Jar: Fill the jar with small items like candies, chocolates, or other bridal shower-themed objects like miniature bridal dresses or plastic wedding rings.
  • Paper and Pens: Provide small pieces of paper for guests to write their names and their guess of the number of items in the jar. Provide pens or pencils for them to use as well.
  • A Prize for the Winner: Decide on an appropriate prize for the winner. It could be anything from a box of chocolates to a gift card to a local store.

Once you have all the items, setting it up is a breeze. Fill the jar with your small items, and make a note of the number of items in the jar. You may want to keep it secret so that the guests don’t know the actual number of items in the jar. Then, place the jar on a table at the entrance of the bridal shower venue with the papers and pens nearby.

How to Play the Guess Jar Game?

Ask your guests to write their names and their guess of the number of items in the jar on the piece of paper provided. They can drop their entries in a box or a basket near the jar. Ensure that you have a cut-off time for entries.

Near the end of the shower, reveal the actual number of items in the jar. The guest whose guess is closest to the actual number wins the prize.

Unique Ideas to Make the Guess Jar Game More Fun

Here are some unique ideas to make the guess jar game more engaging and fun for all the guests:

  • Choose Bridal Shower-themed Items: Instead of using candies or chocolates, use small bridal shower-themed items such as mini bridal dresses, plastic wedding rings, or other items that fit with the shower’s theme.
  • Create a Theme: Tie the game into the bridal shower theme. For example, you could use a beach theme and fill the jar with shells, or a garden theme and fill the jar with flowers or flower petals.
  • Include Multiple Jars: To make the game more challenging, include multiple jars with different items and ask guests to guess the number of items in each of them. Choose items that are similar in size and use different jars.
  • Personalize the Prize: Choose a prize that is meaningful to the bride. For example, if the bride loves to read, gift them a book by their favorite author.


The guess jar game is an easy, fun, and unique way to entertain guests at a bridal shower. It creates a fun-filled memory for the guests and the bride-to-be. With these tips and ideas, you can make the game more engaging, more fun, and customize it to suit your bridal shower’s theme. Try it out at your next bridal shower, and watch your guests enjoy themselves while trying to guess the correct number of items in the jar.


How many kisses in the jar bridal shower game?

The “How many kisses in the jar?” bridal shower game is an exciting and fun activity that is perfect for any bridal shower. As the name implies, the game involves guessing the total number of kisses, usually chocolate, that are contained in a jar. It’s a great way to encourage friendly competition among guests and provide entertainment at the event.

To play the game, you will first need to prepare the jar of kisses. Start by filling a large jar with chocolate kisses, making sure to count each one as you place it inside the jar. Once the chocolate kisses have been placed inside the jar, you’ll need to seal it shut to prevent guests from peeking inside.

Towards the end of the bridal shower, bring out the jar of kisses and ask each guest to take a guess at the total number of kisses they think are inside the jar. Have them write their guess down on a piece of paper along with their name. It’s important to remind guests not to take the jar or peek inside to try to count the kisses.

The correct number of kisses can then be revealed at the end of the event. The person who guessed the closest without going over is declared the winner and can receive a small prize or get to take the jar of kisses home as a reward.

This game is perfect for guests of all ages and can be customized to fit any bridal shower. You can choose to use different candy or fillings to suit the bride-to-be’s preferences. It is also important to note that to make the game more challenging, you can choose to use a jar of an unusual shape or size.

The “How many kisses in the jar?” bridal shower game is a great way to add excitement and entertainment to the event. It provides a fun and engaging way for guests to interact and connect with each other while celebrating the bride-to-be.

How do you play Guess the kisses in the jar?

“Guess the kisses in the jar” is a fun and entertaining party game that can be played with a group of friends or family members. The goal of the game is to guess the total number of candy kisses that are in a jar or bowl. The person who has the closest guess to the actual number of kisses, without going over, is declared the winner.

To set up the game, you will need to gather a jar or bowl of candy kisses. You may choose to use traditional Hershey’s chocolate kisses, or you can mix it up with other types of candy, such as flavored or seasonal kisses. Fill the jar or bowl with the candy kisses, making sure to keep track of the total number of kisses as you do so.

Next, you will need to create a sign that says “Guess the kisses in the jar” and place it in front of the jar or bowl of candy kisses. You can personalize the sign by adding the name of the host or the occasion for the party.

To play the game, hand out guess cards to all of the party guests. The guess cards should include the guest’s name, their guess for the total number of kisses in the jar, and their contact information. For younger children, you can modify the game by having them draw a picture of their guess instead of writing it down.

Once everyone has submitted their guess, you can reveal the total number of candy kisses in the jar. The guest who has the closest guess to the actual number of kisses, without going over, is declared the winner. You can award prizes to the winner, such as the jar of candy kisses or a small gift basket.

“Guess the kisses in the jar” is a simple yet exciting party game that can keep your guests entertained for hours. With a jar of candy kisses and a little creativity, you can create a fun-filled party game that everyone will enjoy.

How many games should be played at a bridal shower?

When planning a bridal shower, one important aspect is determining how many games should be played. The number of games can depend on the length of the shower, the number of guests, and the preferences of the bride-to-be.

Typically, a bridal shower may have three games going on at once, with an average battery life of three hours. Having multiple games simultaneously allows guests to switch between activities, avoiding boredom and keeping the party lively. Additionally, having a variety of games ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

When selecting games, it is important to include both interactive and non-interactive options. Interactive games, such as a photo booth or scavenger hunt, encourage guest participation and help to break the ice. Non-interactive games, such as guessing games or quizzes, can be played solo or in small groups and provide a fun mental challenge.

The number of games and the types of games played should reflect the personality and interests of the bride-to-be and her guests. It is important to strike a balance between entertainment and relaxation, so that everyone can enjoy themselves and celebrate the bride-to-be.