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What is the Irish blessing for May the road wedding?

Throughout history, many cultures have had their own unique wedding traditions. One of the most well-known and beloved traditions from Ireland is the Irish blessing for May the road wedding. This blessing has been used for generations as a way to wish newlyweds good fortune and a happy life together. In this blog post, we’ll explore the origins and meaning of this beautiful Irish blessing.

The Origins of the Irish Blessing for May the Road Wedding

The origins of the Irish blessing for May the road wedding are somewhat unclear, as it has been used for many generations in Ireland. However, it is believed that the blessing most likely has its roots in the ancient Celtic culture that once dominated Ireland.

The Celts were known for their strong connection to nature, and many of their religious and cultural practices revolved around the cycles of the seasons and the natural world. As such, it’s possible that the idea of wishing newlyweds a good road and a favorable wind was a way to invoke the power of nature to bring good fortune to the couple.

Over time, the Irish blessing for May the road wedding became a popular tradition at weddings throughout Ireland and beyond. Today, it is still a beloved tradition that is often incorporated into modern wedding ceremonies.

The Meaning of the Irish Blessing for May the Road Wedding

The Irish blessing for May the road wedding is a beautiful tribute to the power of nature and the importance of friendship and community. The blessing is meant to convey the following sentiments:

– May the road rise up to meet you: This line is often interpreted as a wish for an easy journey through life. The road can be seen as a metaphor for the path that we all must travel, and the blessing is a way of saying that the couple should have a clear and smooth path ahead of them, with no obstacles to impede their progress.

– May the wind be always at your back: The wind is a powerful force that can either help us or hinder us in our journey through life. This line of the blessing is therefore a wish for a favorable wind, one that will propel the couple forward and help them to achieve their goals.

– May the sun shine warm upon your home: The sun is a symbol of warmth, light, and growth. This line of the blessing is therefore a wish for a happy and prosperous home, one that is filled with light and warmth, and that is conducive to growth and happiness.

– The rains fall soft upon your fields: The rains are a symbol of nourishment and life-giving energy. This line of the blessing is therefore a wish for abundance and fertility, both in the literal sense of the couple’s ability to conceive and raise children, as well as in the figurative sense of their ability to grow and thrive as individuals and as a couple.

– And the light of friendship guide your paths together: This line of the blessing is perhaps the most poignant of all, as it speaks to the importance of friendship and community in our lives. The light of friendship is a symbol of kindness, generosity, and love, and it is meant to serve as a guiding force for the couple as they navigate the ups and downs of life together.

– And until we meet again, May you see your children’s children: This final line of the blessing is a wish for longevity and happiness, both for the newlyweds and for their future offspring. It is a way of saying that the couple’s love and legacy will endure, and that they will be blessed with many happy years together.


The Irish blessing for May the road wedding is a beautiful and meaningful tradition that has been used for generations to wish newlyweds good fortune and a happy life together. Its origins may be somewhat unclear, but its message of hope, love, and community is as relevant today as it was centuries ago. So the next time you hear this beautiful blessing, take a moment to reflect on its meaning and let its message of hope and love guide you on your own journey through life.


How do you say may the road rise with you in Irish?

The phrase “may the road rise with you” is a popular Irish blessing, often used to wish someone good luck and safe travels. In the Irish language, the phrase is “Go gcoinní Dia i mbos A láimhe thú”. This can be translated to “May God hold you in the palm of His hand.”

This blessing has been a staple among the Irish community for centuries, and it has become a part of Irish culture. It is often used as a farewell message or as a sign of good fortune in various situations.

It is interesting to note that the Irish language has many different dialects, and the phrase may be pronounced differently depending on where you are in Ireland. For example, the phrase might be pronounced “guh guh-nee jee-uh ih muh-uss a law-vuh hoo” in the Connacht dialect and “guh guh-nee dee-uh ih muh-uss a law-vuh hoo” in the Munster dialect.

In addition, this phrase is often followed by other blessings such as “May the wind be always on your back” or “May you be in heaven a half-hour before the devil knows you’re dead.” These additional sayings are meant to further emphasize the message of good luck and to offer protection to the person being blessed.

“May the road rise with you” is a traditional Irish blessing that is deeply ingrained in Irish culture. Its powerful message of safety, good fortune, and blessings has made it an enduring part of the Irish identity.

What do you give for an Irish wedding?

In Irish culture, weddings are an important event, and gift-giving is a common part of the celebration. While there are no strict rules about what to give as a wedding gift, there are some traditional gifts that are often given to the newlyweds. One of the most common gifts given at an Irish wedding is cash or a check. It’s not the most romantic of presents, but many Irish couples prefer this type of gift to more traditional wedding gifts like household items or personal gifts.

The reason for this preference for cash gifts is cultural. In Ireland, it’s believed that newly married couples need financial support to set up their own home and start their new life together. Giving cash gifts is a practical way to show support for the couple, and it ensures that the couple can choose how to use the money as they see fit. It’s also seen as a way to help the couple with the cost of the wedding itself, as Irish weddings can be expensive affairs.

If you’re attending an Irish wedding and you’re not comfortable giving cash, there are other gift options to consider. Personalized gifts are always appreciated, as they show that you’ve put thought into the gift. You could consider giving a gift that reflects the couple’s interests or hobbies, such as a subscription to a book club or a gift card to a restaurant they enjoy. Other options include household items like towels or kitchen gadgets, or sentimental gifts like a photo album or framed picture.

In terms of how much to give as a cash gift, there are no hard and fast rules. It depends on your relationship with the couple and your financial situation. A good rule of thumb is to give what you can afford to give, whether that’s €50 or €500. it’s the thought that counts, and the couple will appreciate any gift given with love and good intentions.

While cash is the preferred gift at an Irish wedding, there are other options to consider if you’re not comfortable giving money. Whatever gift you choose, it’s important to put thought into it and to give what you can afford. Weddings are a celebration of love and commitment, and the most important thing is to show your support for the happy couple on their special day.