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What is the effect of viewpoint in photography?

Photography is an art form that allows us to capture moments and memories that we can keep forever. However, not all photographs are created equal. Depending on how the photographer chooses to frame the shot, the same subject can look completely different. One key element that can play a significant role in changing the perspective of a picture is the viewpoint of the photographer. In this blog post, we’ll explore the effect of viewpoint in photography and how it can impact the final shot.

What is viewpoint in photography?

Viewpoint, also known as perspective, refers to the position the photographer is in when they take a picture. The viewpoint of a photograph can be at eye level, from above, or from below. It’s important to choose the right viewpoint to convey the message you want to express in your shot.

The impact of viewpoint in photography

Changing the viewpoint of a photograph can have a significant impact on how the subject appears. For instance, taking a picture from a high angle can make the subject appear smaller and more vulnerable. Conversely, taking a picture from a low angle can make the subject appear more powerful and dominant.

High Viewpoint

When taking photographs using a high viewpoint, the photographer stands above the subject’s eye level. This can provide a new perspective to the subject, making them appear smaller, and as if they are being overlooked. This type of viewpoint is often used in street photography when the photographer wants to capture the hustle and bustle of a crowded city. High viewpoint photography can also be used to capture subjects like buildings and landscapes.

Low Viewpoint

In low viewpoint photography, the photographer takes the shot from below the subject’s eye level. This viewpoint can make the subject appear more powerful and imposing, especially when it’s a person or an animal. This type of viewpoint is commonly used in sports and action photography, as it allows you to capture the intensity and energy of the event. Shooting from a low viewpoint can also be used to capture landscapes and architectural subjects, adding a unique perspective to the shot.

Eye-Level Viewpoint

Eye-level viewpoint photography is when the photographer takes the shot from the same level as the subject’s eyes. This is the most common viewpoint in photography, as it provides a natural perspective of the subject. Eye-level viewpoint photography is commonly used in portraits and can be used to capture other subjects like landscapes, street photography, and architectural subjects.

Other factors that affect viewpoint in photography

Apart from the photographer’s physical position, there are other factors that can impact the viewpoint of a photograph. The lens, distance, and framing can also play a significant role in determining the viewpoint in a photograph.

Using a wide-angle lens, for example, can increase the depth of field in a shot while changing the perspective of the subject. With a distance, the photographer can establish a relationship between the subject and the background. Framing, on the other hand, can either draw the viewer’s attention to the subject or emphasize the surrounding area.


In conclusion, the viewpoint is one of the most important elements in photography that determines how a subject appears to the viewer. It defines the relationship between the subject and the surroundings and creates an overall feeling of the photograph. By experimenting with different viewpoints, lenses, and distances, a photographer can create unique and compelling photographs. As they say, sometimes a change in perspective is all you need to create something beautiful.


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What is the best definition of viewpoint?

Viewpoint refers to the position, attitude, or perspective from which an individual perceives and evaluates a particular situation, argument, or object. It defines a person’s unique way of perceiving the world around them, which is influenced by their experiences, beliefs, culture, and knowledge. The perspective an individual adopts shapes their opinion and understanding of events, experiences, and other people.

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