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What is the dress code for a wedding rehearsal dinner?

Weddings are one of the most important events in a person’s life. From the bride and groom’s wardrobe to their guests’ attire, every detail matters and should be perfect. Wedding rehearsal dinners are one of the essential aspects of a wedding that holds significant importance. From the wedding rehearsal and organizing toasting and speeches, the wedding rehearsal dinner is a time for the wedding party to come together as a whole and be in sync for the big day. But, what about the dress code for the wedding rehearsal dinner? In this article, we will discuss how to select the perfect attire to wear for the wedding rehearsal dinner.

Rehearsal Dinner Dress Code Explained

Rehearsal dinners are a semi-formal or casual event, depending on the couple’s preferences. Although the rehearsal dinner is not as formal as the wedding ceremony, it still requires a dress code. Typically, the wedding rehearsal dinner dress code is semi-formal or casual.

For those attending the rehearsal dinner, it is imperative to read and understand the dress code mentioned in the invitation. If there’s no dress code mentioned, it is safe to assume that the wedding rehearsal dinner is semi-formal. The rehearsal dinner’s dress code should be informed alongside other information relayed to the guests, such as location, time, and RSVP.

What to Wear for a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

The bride and groom will usually communicate the rehearsal dinner dress code to their guests early so that they can prepare their wardrobe accordingly. Here are some of the dress codes and attire rules that both men and women can follow for a wedding rehearsal dinner.


A semi-formal wedding rehearsal dinner requires guests to wear dressy attire. This dress code is suitable for evening events. For men, a good rule is to wear dark suits and dress shoes with a matching tie. For ladies, midi or knee-length dresses are perfect. Cocktail dresses with heels or sandals and chic jumpsuits are fantastic options too.


If the wedding rehearsal dinner is casual, there is some flexibility in choosing what to wear. Guests do not need to dress up, but they should not be too casual either. For example, wearing jeans and a t-shirt is not ideal. Instead, guests can opt for khakis or dress pants for men, while women can consider a sundress or summer dress, a skirt, or smart-casual pants with a blouse.

Beach or Destination

If the wedding rehearsal dinner is at the beach or destination, the dress code is likewise more relaxed. Men can wear light-colored pants and a shirt with rolled-up sleeves or collarless shirts. Ladies can consider flowy skirts or dresses, while avoiding high heels, instead opting for sandals or flat shoes.

Fashion Tips for Wedding Rehearsal Dinners

While selecting the appropriate attire, it is also recommended to abide by some fashion tips to avoid fashion blunders.

Dress for the Occasion

As mentioned above, the dress code for the wedding rehearsal dinner is either semi-formal or casual, depending on the couple’s preference. Dressing appropriately not only shows respect for the couple’s choices but also reflects positively on the guests.

Comfort is Key

Being comfortable is essential for an enjoyable and memorable evening. Guests should avoid wearing uncomfortable or constricting clothes. If the event location requires specific footwear, it is best to put on comfortable shoes and then bring the ones for the event.

Follow Color Guidelines

The colors of the wedding rehearsal dinner should be considered when selecting the attire. To avoid confusion, guests should avoid wearing colors that may give off the impression that they are associated with the wedding party.

Accessorize with simplicity

The outfit’s accessories should be minimal to avoid detracting from the wedding rehearsal dinner’s atmosphere or theme. Simple jewelry and accessories can enhance the outfit and show a sense of taste.

Consider the Climate and Location

If the wedding rehearsal dinner is outdoor and occurring in summer, guests can consider wearing light-colored, breathable materials. Accessories like hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen are crucial for outdoor events.


In summary, the wedding rehearsal dinner dress code is an essential aspect of the wedding event. It not only helps guests dress accordingly but also helps to create a beautiful atmosphere for the wedding rehearsal dinner and contributes to the overall success of the wedding event. No matter the dress code, guests should always seek to wear something that suits the occasion, making an effort to dress appropriately while taking into account the other fashion tips given. With the right attire and mindset, the wedding rehearsal dinner can be an event to remember.


Do rehearsal dinners have dress codes?

When it comes to rehearsal dinners, there isn’t always a set dress code. Ultimately, it depends on the type of venue that the dinner is being hosted at. If the rehearsal dinner is being held at someone’s home, it might be casual dress, especially if it’s a backyard barbecue or potluck-style dinner. However, if the rehearsal dinner is being held at a nice restaurant, hotel or country club, it’s safe to assume that there will be a formal dress code in effect.

The dress code for the rehearsal dinner might vary depending on the theme and formality of the wedding. If the wedding is black tie, the rehearsal dinner might require cocktail attire. If the wedding is more casual, the rehearsal dinner might require business casual or smart casual attire.

In general, guests should aim to dress a step up from what they might wear on a normal night out. Women might wear a dress or skirt with a blouse and heels, while men might wear dress pants and a button-up shirt, or a blazer and dress shoes. If in doubt, it’s always better to overdress than underdress.

The couple getting married should communicate the expected dress code to their guests ahead of time so that everyone is on the same page and feels comfortable. Providing some guidance on dress code can also help guests avoid any last-minute outfit changes or fashion faux pas on the night of the rehearsal dinner.

Do you have to wear wedding colors to rehearsal dinner?

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are so many details to think through and decisions to make, and this includes deciding what to wear to the rehearsal dinner. One common question that individuals may have is whether or not they have to wear wedding colors to the rehearsal dinner.

It’s important to remember that the rehearsal dinner is a pre-wedding event, and not the actual wedding ceremony or reception. This means that there is some flexibility in terms of attire. While it is certainly appropriate to wear wedding colors if you’d like, it is not a requirement.

If you do choose to wear wedding colors to the rehearsal dinner, it can be a nice way to build excitement and anticipation for the big day. White is a classic and timeless color choice, and can help you feel like a bride even before the wedding day arrives. Light blues and pinks are also popular choices, as they offer a soft, romantic feel that complements the mood of the event.

However, if you want to go a different direction, that’s totally fine too! There are endless possibilities when it comes to rehearsal dinner attire. Wearing a bold pattern or bright color can be a fun and unexpected choice, adding a touch of personality and individuality to your look.

What you wear to the rehearsal dinner should make you feel comfortable, confident, and excited for the wedding day ahead. Whether you choose to wear wedding colors or not, the most important thing is that you are happy with your outfit and are ready to celebrate with your loved ones.

Do you wear normal clothes at wedding rehearsal?

When attending a wedding rehearsal, it is important to consider several factors when deciding what to wear. Generally, a rehearsal is a more casual event than the actual wedding ceremony. However, it is still important to dress appropriately and respectfully.

Unless you have been told otherwise by the wedding party or through the invitation, it is safe to assume that the dress code for a wedding rehearsal is at minimum, business casual. This means dressing in slacks or khakis with a collared shirt, such as a polo or button-down. It’s best to avoid T-shirts, jeans, tennis shoes, and other overly casual clothing.

If the wedding rehearsal is taking place outdoors or in a more relaxed setting, such as a park or beach, you can opt for more casual attire like shorts and a polo shirt. However, it’s important to keep the overall style respectful to the occasion.

Always take into consideration the time of day and location of the wedding rehearsal, as this can also influence dress code choices. If the rehearsal is in the evening, consider slightly more formal attire such as dress pants and a dress shirt. If the venue is a temple or a church, it’s best to wear something more conservative and modest, such as a dress or skirt with a blouse.

A good rule of thumb when determining what to wear to a wedding rehearsal is to dress one level less formal than you would for the actual wedding ceremony. This will ensure that you are appropriately dressed while still adhering to the overall tone of the rehearsal.

It is important to dress respectfully and mindfully for a wedding rehearsal. While the dress code for a rehearsal may not be as formal as the actual wedding ceremony, it is still important to dress appropriately and respectfully. When in doubt, it’s best to be slightly overdressed than to underdress for such an occasion.