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What is the best app to livestream wedding?

With the pandemic still affecting the globe, many weddings have been postponed or scaled back, but online streaming is offering the perfect solution for those who still want their loved ones to be a part of their special day. For most couples, livestreaming technology is new territory, and they may feel overwhelmed when trying to choose the right app for their wedding. In this article, we’ll be exploring the best apps to livestream your wedding, so that you can make a more informed decision.

1. YouTube Live

If you’re looking for a free livestreaming option with a massive audience reach, then YouTube Live is the way to go. With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube Live is arguably the largest video sharing platform in the world.

You can choose to stream your wedding publicly or have the video shared through a private link, which you can share with your guests. This means that anyone with the link can watch the wedding live, but it’s not accessible to the wider public.

In terms of quality, YouTube Live can stream up to 1080p resolution, depending on your internet connection speed. Additionally, this platform offers a live chat feature that allows you to interact with your guests in real-time.

2. Zoom

With the surge of remote work, Zoom has become a household name worldwide. Zoom has also proven to be a reliable app for live streaming. The platform’s interface and reliability make it an excellent choice for weddings and other virtual events.

Zoom offers a user-friendly interface for both the host and participants. The free version of Zoom supports up to 100 participants, which should be more than enough for most weddings. However, if you have guests who cannot attend due to various reasons, you can also record the wedding and share it later.

The quality of Zoom calls is also exceptional, and you can stream at 720p resolution. Additionally, Zoom has a virtual background feature that adds a fun touch to your wedding stream.

3. Facebook Live

Facebook is another popular platform for live streaming your wedding. If you already have an active social media following, then this option might be perfect for you.

Facebook Live is free and accessible to anyone who has a Facebook profile. This means that your guests won’t need to download a new app to watch your wedding. Additionally, Facebook Live has an interactive commenting feature that allows your guests to engage with your live stream.

In terms of video quality, Facebook Live supports 720p streaming. However, this is dependent on the internet connection speed. Additionally, you can choose to share your wedding with everyone publicly or just selected guests through a private link.

4. Vimeo Livestream

Vimeo Livestream is another platform that can easily handle live streaming your wedding. This app is known for its reliability and high-quality video streaming capability.

With Vimeo Livestream, you can stream your wedding live and share it through a private link with your guests. However, Vimeo Livestream is a paid service, and the plans differ according to the features you need.

In terms of video quality, Vimeo Livestream can stream up to 1080p. Additionally, Vimeo Livestream has a range of interactive tools, such as live chats and real-time polls, which can make the viewing experience more engaging.


In conclusion, these are some of the best apps for livestreaming your wedding. Each of these apps offers something different. Therefore, choosing the right one depends on your specific needs such as cost, audience reach, and video quality.

Regardless of the app you choose, live streaming your wedding offers various benefits, such as allowing your loved ones who are far away to be a part of the special day. Live streaming is also an excellent option for couples who want to keep their wedding small but still want to share their memories with a larger audience.


How can I stream my own wedding?

Streaming your own wedding can be a great option for those who have guests that cannot attend the ceremony in person. With technological advancements, it’s now easier than ever to stream live events straight from your computer, phone or tablet. Here are some ways to stream your own wedding:

1. Use social media platforms: You can easily use Facebook Live, Instagram Live or YouTube to broadcast your wedding. These platforms allow you to live stream the event for free and share the link with your guests.

2. Dedicated live streaming services: There are a number of live streaming services like DaCast or Livestream that help you broadcast live events such as weddings. You’ll need to sign up for a paid account to access the features you need, such as broadcasting for longer than an hour or to more than a small audience.

3. Hire professionals: If you want a high-quality wedding video with multiple cameras and a professional videographer, you may want to consider hiring a professional live streaming service. It may be pricey, but you’ll have an experienced team of experts handling the filming, audio, and broadcasting for you.

It’s important to consider your internet connection before deciding to broadcast live. Make sure you have a strong, reliable broadband connection and test it ahead of time to avoid any issues. You’ll also need to ensure that your equipment is fully charged, and you have enough memory space to store the recorded video.

Streaming your own wedding can be an excellent way to share your special day with those who cannot attend in person. Whether you choose to use social media platforms, dedicated streaming services or hire professionals, make sure to test everything ahead of time to avoid any technical difficulties on your big day.

Can you live stream a wedding on Zoom?

Yes, you can live stream a wedding on Zoom. Zoom provides a platform that allows people to connect from different locations and participate in real-time conversations. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, more people have turned to online tools to host virtual events, including weddings.

Zoom offers a Pro version that works perfectly for live streaming weddings. With the Pro version, you can invite up to 100 people and host a maximum of 24 hours. The host can also control who participates in the wedding event and chooses which guests to allow on video or mute.

To host a successful wedding on Zoom, you need to have a stable internet connection, a laptop or mobile device with a camera, and good lighting. You can also use virtual backgrounds to create an ambiance that reflects the theme and mood of the wedding.

One of the benefits of live streaming a wedding on Zoom is that it allows guests who cannot attend the wedding physically to participate in the celebration. Since travel restrictions have made it difficult for relatives and friends to travel from one location to another, it’s a great way to share the wedding experience with loved ones.

Another benefit is that it’s cost-effective compared to organizing a physical wedding, where you have to cater to food, venue, and other logistics. With Zoom, you only need to invest in a stable internet connection, a laptop or mobile device, and good lighting.

Live streaming a wedding on Zoom is possible and an excellent option for couples who cannot have a physical wedding or want to share their wedding experience with people who are far away. With Zoom, you can have a memorable wedding that is cost-effective, secure, and engaging.

Are their any live stream wedding website options?

With the rise of social distancing measures and restrictions on large gatherings, weddings have had to adapt to the new normal. One solution that has gained popularity is live streaming the wedding ceremony and reception for virtual guests to experience the special day from the comfort of their own homes.

Thankfully, there are several live stream wedding website options available to couples looking to take their wedding virtual. One such option is LoveStream, which is a wedding live stream platform specifically designed for weddings. This means that the platform is tailored to the needs and desires of the couple getting married and their virtual guests. The platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it accessible for anyone to view the wedding from their mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Additionally, the platform allows for an unlimited number of virtual guests to attend the wedding, making it easy for couples to share their big day with family and friends from all over the world.

Another option for a live stream wedding website is the popular video conferencing platform Zoom. Zoom has risen in popularity throughout the pandemic due to its ease of use and accessibility. The platform allows for virtual guests to video chat in real-time and watch the wedding together. However, there can be limitations with Zoom, such as the time limit on meetings and the potential for technical difficulties during the live stream.

Other wedding live stream options include Vimeo, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live. These platforms are more general live streaming options but can still be used for wedding live streams. However, it is important for couples to consider the privacy and security of their wedding, and select the appropriate platform accordingly.

There are several live stream wedding website options available for couples looking to virtualize their wedding. From wedding-specific platforms like LoveStream, to general live streaming options like Vimeo, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live, there is an option that will cater to the specific needs and desires of every couple and their virtual guests.