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What is Taylor Hawkins least favorite Foo Fighters song?

As a die-hard Foo Fighters fan, it’s hard to imagine the band creating a song that one of its members dislikes. But that seems to be the case with Taylor Hawkins and the track ‘The One.’ In a recent interview, the drummer let his true feelings be known, and it sparked a lot of discussion among fans. In this blog post, we’ll explore the backstory behind ‘The One’ and why it holds such a negative connotation for Hawkins.

The Background of ‘The One’

‘The One’ was recorded for the soundtrack of the 2002 comedy film Orange County. It was a departure from the band’s usual sound and featured a more laid-back and acoustic vibe. The song became a minor hit on rock radio, but it never reached the heights of other Foo Fighters tracks.

In the years since its release, ‘The One’ has remained a somewhat obscure item for fans of the band. In fact, many people were likely surprised to learn that it’s one of Hawkins’ least favorite songs.

Why Hawkins Dislikes ‘The One’

In his interview, Hawkins didn’t hold back when discussing his disdain for ‘The One.’ He referred to it as a “total cop out” and criticized the production of the song. Hawkins’ main gripe with ‘The One’ seems to be that it’s an outlier in the Foo Fighters catalogue and doesn’t fit in with their other work.

It’s not hard to see why Hawkins might feel this way. The Foo Fighters are known for their high-energy rock anthems, and ‘The One’ is a more subdued and mellow affair. It doesn’t have the same intensity or urgency as other songs in the band’s discography.

Where ‘The One’ Fits in the Larger Conversation

While ‘The One’ might not be one of the Foo Fighters’ best-known tracks, it’s still interesting to consider how it fits into the band’s larger conversation. The Foo Fighters have always been willing to experiment with different sounds and genres, and ‘The One’ is no exception.

One could argue that the song foreshadowed some of the more acoustic and folk-inspired work that the band would create later on. For example, their 2011 album Wasting Light has several tracks with a similar vibe to ‘The One.’ It’s possible that the band was testing the waters with this track and seeing how their fans would react to something different.

The Legacy of ‘The One’

While it might not be Hawkins’ favorite song, ‘The One’ still holds a special place in the hearts of many Foo Fighters fans. It’s a testament to the band’s versatility and willingness to take risks with their music.

Even if it’s not one of their most well-known tracks, ‘The One’ has a legacy that continues to live on. For some fans, it represents a break from the norm and a chance to see the band in a different light.


In the end, while it’s interesting to hear about Hawkins’ opinion on ‘The One’, it’s important to remember that music is subjective. What one person likes, another might dislike. That being said, it’s always fascinating to dive deeper into the backstory behind a song and to explore how it fits into the larger conversation of a band’s career.


What song did Dave Grohl write about Kurt?

One of the most iconic bands in music history, Nirvana was formed in 1987 in Washington. The band consisted of three members – Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, and later on, Dave Grohl. Grohl joined the band as their drummer in 1990, and soon they would go on to release their second studio album, “Nevermind”, which became a cultural phenomenon.

After Kurt Cobain’s death in 1994, the remaining members of Nirvana disbanded, and Dave Grohl went on to form the Foo Fighters. Grohl, who is not only a skilled drummer but also a talented singer-songwriter, has often been credited with the success of the Foo Fighters.

In 1990, when Dave Grohl joined Nirvana, he was the new guy, and Cobain and Novoselic had known each other for a while. Grohl felt like an outsider, and he channeled those feelings into an acoustic song called “Friend of a Friend.” It was the first acoustic song Grohl had ever written.

The song was recorded in secret in 1990 but wasn’t released until 1995, on the Foo Fighters’ debut album. The song is a tribute to Cobain, and the lyrics are not just about their first meeting but also about Grohl’s first impressions of Cobain. The lyrics go:

“He needs a quiet room, with a lock to keep him in, it’s just a quiet room, and he’s there, he plays an old guitar, with a coin found by the phone, it was his friend’s guitar, that he played.”

The song’s lyrics suggest that Cobain was a solitary man who occasionally played an old guitar lying around and that Grohl was humbled by the opportunity to play alongside him. The song remains one of the most beautiful tributes to Cobain and a reminder of the heart behind the Foo Fighters’ music.

What are the Foo Fighters going to do without Taylor Hawkins?

The Foo Fighters are undoubtedly one of the most popular rock bands in the world right now. They are known for their high-energy concerts, catchy melodies, and exceptional musicianship. However, the tragic death of their drummer Taylor Hawkins in March of 2022 has left fans wondering what the future holds for the band.

The summer tour that began on May 24 marks the band’s first set of live performances following Hawkins’ passing, with the exception of two tribute shows they performed later that year. With the loss of a key member of their band, it’s understandable that fans are concerned about how the Foo Fighters will continue to perform without their talented drummer behind the kit.

One thing that fans can take comfort in is that the Foo Fighters are a band that has always been able to adapt and change over time. When founding member Pat Smear left the band in 1997, they continued on as a four-piece, and later added a fifth member in keyboardist Rami Jaffee. This adaptability speaks to the band’s resilience and ability to overcome any challenge.

Moreover, the Foo Fighters have a deep bench of talented musicians who they could potentially tap to fill in for Hawkins. For example, the band has used drummers like Alanis Morissette’s Taylor Hawkins and Queen’s Roger Taylor as guests in the past, and it’s possible that they could bring in other drummers to play in Hawkins’ absence.

Of course, there will never be another Taylor Hawkins. His unique drumming style, fiery stage presence, and distinct personality made him an integral part of the Foo Fighters’ sound and image. Nonetheless, the band’s show must go on, and it’s likely that they will honor Hawkins by continuing to make music and perform to the best of their ability.

The Foo Fighters are facing a difficult challenge following Taylor Hawkins’ passing. However, the band’s resilience and adaptability over the years suggest that they will be able to continue on in some form or another. Whether they choose to bring in new members, pay tribute to Hawkins’ memory, or simply soldier on as a four-piece, there’s no doubt that the Foo Fighters will continue to make great music and put on epic performances for years to come.

Was Dave Grohl best friends with Taylor Hawkins?

Yes, Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins shared a special bond of friendship that went beyond just their musical collaborations. The story of how they met is almost like fate: while playing in the band Alanis Morissette, Hawkins was left behind in Los Angeles and was biding his time drumming in a coffee shop. One day, Grohl walked in and recognized Hawkins from his previous band Sass Jordan. Grohl struck up a conversation, and Hawkins mentioned that he was a drummer. The two jammed together, and it was clear that they had an undeniable musical chemistry.

The rest, as they say, is history. Grohl invited Hawkins to join the Foo Fighters in 1997, and Hawkins has been a valuable member of the band ever since. But it’s clear that their friendship extends beyond just their work in the band. In interviews, they have spoken about their deep love for each other and their friendship that has lasted decades.

Hawkins has described Grohl as a “big brother” figure, and it’s clear that Grohl feels similarly about Hawkins. They have shared some truly heartwarming moments together over the years, from Hawkins crying on stage during a Foo Fighters concert to the two of them sharing a hug after winning a Grammy in 2018.

Sadly, Hawkins passed away in March of 2022, leaving behind a legacy of incredible musicianship and a deep friendship with Grohl. In the wake of Hawkins’ death, Grohl has spoken eloquently about his friend and the impact he had on his life and career. It’s clear that their friendship was a profound and meaningful one that will be cherished by those who knew them both.

Was Dave Grohl Kurt Cobain’s best friend?

Dave Grohl and Kurt Cobain were bandmates in the iconic alternative rock band Nirvana, which rose to worldwide fame in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The two musicians had known each other for several years before Nirvana was formed, having first met when Grohl was a member of the Washington DC band Scream and Cobain was a fan who frequented their shows.

Over the years, Grohl and Cobain developed a close friendship, with Grohl eventually joining Nirvana as their drummer in 1990. While the dynamics between the two bandmates were sometimes fraught, particularly as Nirvana’s success grew and tensions arose within the band, it’s clear that they remained close.

In interviews, Grohl has described Cobain as his “best friend,” and he has spoken candidly about the impact of Cobain’s death on his life. In a 2013 interview with the UK’s Daily Mail, Grohl said, “Losing Kurt was earth-shattering to me. It was like the earth shifted. I remember feeling ashamed, like I’d failed somehow. I thought, ‘Oh God, I’m not going to be able to do anything without him.'”

Despite the pain of losing his friend and bandmate, Grohl continued to work in music after Cobain’s death. He formed the Foo Fighters, and the band has gone on to achieve significant success in their own right. However, the impact of his time in Nirvana and his friendship with Cobain remain deeply ingrained in Grohl’s work and in his public persona.

It’S hard to say definitively whether or not Dave Grohl was Kurt Cobain’s “best friend,” as such labels are difficult to quantify. However, there’s no denying the closeness of their relationship and the impact of Cobain’s death on Grohl’s life and career.

Who is Dave Grohl’s favorite drummer?

Dave Grohl, the lead singer and guitarist of Foo Fighters and former drummer of Nirvana, has expressed his admiration for several drummers over the years. However, when it comes to his favorite drummer, Grohl consistently mentions the same name: John Bonham.

John Bonham was the drummer for Led Zeppelin, one of the most influential rock bands of all time. Bonham’s style was characterized by his powerful, thunderous beats, and his ability to create complex rhythms that blended perfectly with the rest of the band. Grohl has often spoken of how Bonham’s playing inspired him as a young drummer, and how it continues to inspire him to this day.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Grohl called Bonham “the greatest drummer of all time” and elaborated on why he feels this way. According to Grohl, “What John Bonham did with Led Zeppelin is legendary. He has influenced every rock drummer since then. His style is so unique and powerful. He played with such conviction and emotion that you can feel it in every beat.”

Grohl also spoke about how Bonham’s playing was a huge influence on his own style, saying, “When I first heard Led Zeppelin, I was blown away by the drums. John Bonham was a huge inspiration for me when I was learning to play. His playing was so dynamic and creative, and I tried to incorporate some of that into my own style.”

It’s clear that John Bonham holds a special place in Dave Grohl’s heart as a musician and as a drummer. His admiration for Bonham’s unique style and musical ability is evident in the way he talks about him, and it’s likely that Bonham’s playing will continue to inspire Grohl for many years to come.

Did Dave Grohl get a tattoo for Taylor Hawkins?

Dave Grohl, the renowned American musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer, is popularly known for being the co-founder of the iconic rock band Foo Fighters. He has achieved immense popularity and success over the years with his music, and has always been vocal about his appreciation and admiration for his band members.

One such instance is the rumored tattoo that he got for his late bandmate, Taylor Hawkins. Hawkins was a drummer for the Foo Fighters and an important part of the band’s identity. In 2015, Hawkins’ stepmother, Wanda Hawkins, claimed in an interview that Dave Grohl had gotten a tattoo of the letter ‘T’ on his right hand in honor of the drummer. However, Grohl has never confirmed this claim himself.

Despite this, Grohl’s rumored tattoo can be seen in various photographs and videos. It appears to be a simple black letter ‘T’ on his right-hand thumb area, and it is speculated that Grohl might have gotten this tattoo after Hawkins’ successful recovery from addiction. While the story behind the tattoo remains unverified, fans believe that it is Dave Grohl’s way of showing his love and admiration for his bandmate. This is in line with Grohl’s history of showing appreciation towards his bandmates, including dedicating a song to Hawkins during their concerts.

While it is not explicitly confirmed by Grohl himself, the existence of the rumored tattoo has become a topic of interest for fans worldwide. Whether or not Grohl actually got the tattoo as a tribute to Taylor Hawkins, it is clear that their friendship and bond hold a special place in the hearts of Foo Fighters fans everywhere.