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What is in the bag memory bridal shower game?

When it’s time to host a bridal shower, finding the perfect game to entertain your guests can be a daunting task. The game must be interactive, engaging, and most importantly – fun! If you’re looking to add a unique touch to your bridal shower, consider playing the “What’s in the Bag” memory game.

This game is not only entertaining, but it also helps to test the memory of the guests. The game requires the players to remember the various items that are packed in a bag. It can be a great icebreaker game for guests who may not know one another.

Game Play

The basic premise of this game is to fill a bag with different items that a Bride-to-be may carry on her honeymoon or have in her purse on a daily basis, and then have the guests take turns guessing what is in the bag once they can no longer see the items.

To start the game, use a tote bag or purse to pack 15 to 20 items that the Bride-to-be might pack for her honeymoon. Some examples of items to include are:

  • Lip balm
  • Sunscreen
  • Travel-sized perfume
  • Reading material
  • Snacks
  • Earphones
  • Travel-sized shampoo and conditioner
  • Facial tissue
  • Gum or breath mints
  • Phone charger
  • Sunglasses
  • Passport holder

Once you have all of your items in the bag, show it to the guests for a moment and then remove the bag from view. Pass out game cards to each guest that have the items listed that have been placed in the bag. Make sure they can’t see what you are doing while they fill out their cards, and time them so they don’t have too much time to consider each item.

Once all players have written down what they think is in the bag, pull each item out one-by-one, calling on guests to say what they remember seeing during the initial “memory” phase of the game.

The guest who has the most correct items wins the game and can receive a small prize. If there is a tie, have the tied guests participate in a tiebreaker round.

Benefits of the Game

The “What’s in the Bag” memory game provides several benefits that are sure to make your bridal shower interesting and memorable:

Interactive Experience

The game provides an interactive experience for guests that can help them to bond with one another. It serves as a great ice breaker for guests who may not have met one another before the shower.

Fun Memories

The game provides a fun way to create memories that will be cherished forever. At the end of the shower, guests will remember the fun they had guessing what was in the bag and the memories that were created during the game.

Test Memory

The game is a perfect way to test the memory of guests. It challenges players to recall the items that were shown to them only once.


The game is an opportunity to reward the guest who has the best memory or has the most correct answers. Prize ideas include gift cards or small gift baskets.


The “What’s in the Bag” memory game is a simple and fun way to make a bridal shower entertaining and memorable for all guests. It is easy to set up and provides an interactive experience for all guests. So, if you’re looking for an engaging and memorable activity to include in your next bridal shower, consider adding this game to your list of activities.


What’s in the honeymoon bag game?

The honeymoon bag game is a fun and interactive bridal shower game that is usually played with a group of guests who are close friends or family members of the bride-to-be. The game involves a bag filled with items that the newlywed couple might need on their honeymoon vacation. Common items found inside the bag include a bikini, sunblock, sunglasses, flip flops, a beach hat, a passport holder, a guidebook, and more.

To play the game, the honeymoon bag is passed around, and each guest has a few seconds to look at the items and try and memorize what is inside. After everyone has had a peek inside the bag, the bag is taken away, and guests will use pens to write down as many items as they can remember on printable game cards. This is typically a timed exercise where guests have around 1-2 minutes to write down their answers.

Once all the guests have written down their answers, they will compare them to the items inside the bag, and the one with the most correct answers wins. This game is not only fun and interactive but can also be a great way for the guests to bond.

The honeymoon bag game is a fun and lighthearted bridal shower game that is perfect for a bride-to-be and her close friends and family. The items found in the bag can vary depending on the type of honeymoon the couple has planned, but the game is always a great way to get everyone involved and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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