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What is documentary wedding photography?

Wedding photography is one of the essential parts of any wedding ceremony. It is an art that captures the essence of the event and helps to keep the memories alive forever. As photography has evolved over time, new styles and techniques have emerged to capture the precious moments of the wedding in a unique way. One of the most popular styles that have gained traction in recent years is documentary wedding photography.

In this blog post, we will explore what documentary wedding photography is, the techniques used, and the benefits of hiring a documentary wedding photographer for your big day.

What is Documentary Wedding Photography?

Documentary wedding photography is also known as photojournalism, reportage, or candid wedding photography. It is a style that captures the wedding day in a candid way, capturing the events as they happen naturally without any influence from the photographer.

With documentary wedding photography, moments are photographed in their natural setting without any posing or staging. Photographers use their skills to tell a compelling story using images by capturing the emotions and feelings of the guests. This style of photography aims to create a visual documentary of the wedding day.

Techniques Used in Documentary Wedding Photography

The following techniques are commonly used in documentary wedding photography:

Observation and Anticipation

Observation and anticipation are key factors when it comes to capturing the perfect moment in documentary wedding photography. Photographers need to be constantly observing the surroundings, anticipating how events unfold, ready to capture the perfect moment.

Better equipment

Documentary wedding photographers use high-quality equipment, including lenses and flashguns, to capture images in low light with minimal disruption. With their expertise and cutting-edge technology, documentary wedding photographers can capture stunning images, even in poor light conditions.

Being unobtrusive

Documentary wedding photography involves being unobtrusive, and unobtrusive photographers capture extraordinary moments naturally without disturbing the guests or the event. They blend in with the crowd and take a stealth-like approach to capture every precious moment.

Benefits of Documentary Wedding Photography

Here are some of the benefits of choosing documentary wedding photography for your special day:

Capturing Genuine Emotions

Documentary wedding photography captures the true emotion of the events, which is one of the best things about this style of photography. Capturing those genuine moments provides a photographic record of the day that is invaluable.

Less Time Consuming

Posed photography can be time-consuming and disrupt the flow of the day. In contrast, documentary wedding photography requires the photographer to stay in the background, taking pictures of the day as it unfolds naturally. This allows the photographer to be less intrusive, giving you more time to enjoy your big day.

A Visual Story of the Day

Documentary wedding photography tells a story of the day, capturing the highlights, emotions, and precious moments as they happened. The images create a visual diary of the events of the day and build memories that will last a lifetime.

Natural Images

Documentary wedding photography is all about capturing natural images that reflect the day’s mood and atmosphere. It covers everything from the bride and groom’s preparation to the evening celebrations. With documentary photography, the images produced reflect the true essence of the day.

New Perspectives on the Day

A documentary wedding photographer goes beyond the ordinary. They consider the wedding from different perspectives, capturing angles and images that offer new and unique interpretations of the day. This approach is particularly important when documenting the day for future generations.


Documentary wedding photography has become increasingly popular over the years, with more and more couples looking to capture the essence of their wedding day naturally. It provides a unique way of telling the story of your special day, building lasting memories that will take you back to the day’s emotions and feeling. Documentary wedding photography captures the day’s reality without excessive manipulation, resulting in a visual story that will last a lifetime. So, if you’re looking for a unique way of capturing the biggest day in your life, consider documentary wedding photography, and find the perfect photographer to capture your special moments.