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What is customary for a bridal shower gift?

The bridal shower is an exciting time for both the bride-to-be and her guests. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the upcoming nuptials and shower the bride with love and gifts. But with so many gift ideas out there, it can be tough to find the perfect one. If you’re wondering what is customary for a bridal shower gift, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll explore the traditional gifts for bridal showers and offer some creative ideas to help you stand out from the crowd.

Traditional Bridal Shower Gifts

When it comes to bridal showers, traditional gifts are always a hit. These are gifts that the bride needs or wants to build a happy home with her future spouse. Some of the most common traditional gifts include:


Kitchenware is always a great gift idea for a bridal shower. From baking sheets to pots and pans, there are plenty of options to choose from. If the bride is a food lover, why not get her a personalized cookbook? It’s a thoughtful gift that she’ll cherish for years to come.

Home Decor

Another popular choice is home decor. From picture frames to decorative pillows, there’s sure to be something to fit every bride’s style. If you’re struggling to choose, a gift card to her favorite home decor store goes a long way.

Bath and Body Products

You can never go wrong with bath and body products. From luxurious body washes to scented candles, there’s something to suit every personality. Consider getting a gift set or basket to make the gift extra special.

Gifts from the Bride’s Registry

One of the easiest ways to find the perfect gift is to consult the bride’s registry. This list is specifically curated by the bride and groom, highlighting the items they want or need for their home. This not only ensures the bride gets exactly what she wants but it also makes it easy for her guests to find the perfect gift.

Creative Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, consider these creative gift ideas:

Monogrammed Gifts

Monogrammed gifts are a classic choice. From throw pillows to towels, adding a monogram can instantly transform a simple gift into something special. Plus, it’s a great way to add a personal touch.

Experience Gifts

A gift doesn’t need to be a material item. Consider getting the bride a unique experience. A spa day, cooking class, or wine tasting are all great options. Not only will the bride get to enjoy the experience, but it’s also a great way to create lasting memories.

Personalized Artwork

For the art lover, personalized artwork is a great choice. A custom painting or handmade piece adds a personal touch to the bride’s home. If you’re not confident in your artistic abilities, there are plenty of artists and websites that specialize in personalized artwork.


While there are plenty of gift ideas out there, the best gifts are always the ones that come from the heart. Whether you opt for a traditional gift or something a little more creative, make sure it represents your love and support for the bride-to-be. With these ideas in mind, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift to make her bridal shower extra special.


What is a reasonable amount of money to give as a bridal shower gift?

When it comes to choosing a bridal shower gift, one common question that often arises is what is a reasonable amount of money to spend. The amount of money that would be suitable as a bridal shower gift is subjective, and depends on a range of factors such as your budget, your relationship with the bride, and the type of event you will be attending.

Typically, a bridal shower gift is smaller and less expensive than the wedding gift, as it is meant to celebrate the upcoming nuptials and show support for the bride’s new life. Most guests spend an average of $25 to $75 on bridal shower gifts, with the amount varying based on the guest’s financial situation and their relationship with the bride.

If the bride is a close friend or family member, you may wish to spend a little more to show your love and appreciation. For close family members, spending $100 or more may be appropriate. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that you should only spend what you are comfortable with and never go beyond your means. Remember, the bride is likely to appreciate the thought and effort you put in, regardless of the monetary value of the gift.

It’s also a good idea to consider the type of bridal shower you’re attending. If it is a lavish event held at an upscale venue, you may want to adjust your gift accordingly. In contrast, a more casual or low-key affair may require a less expensive gift. Another thing to keep in mind is the bride’s registry. If she has created a registry, it is appropriate to choose a gift within your budget from the items she has requested.

Deciding on the appropriate amount of money to spend on a bridal shower gift depends on various factors. It’s essential to choose a gift that is meaningful, within your budget, and appropriate for the occasion. the amount you spend on the bridal shower gift should reflect your relationship with the bride and your financial situation.

Do you give a card at a bridal shower?

When it comes to attending a bridal shower, it’s natural that you would want to make a good impression and show your appreciation for the bride-to-be. One question that often arises is whether or not to bring a card. While it isn’t strictly necessary to bring a card to a bridal shower, it’s still considered a thoughtful gesture that’s appreciated by many couples.

According to experts in the wedding and event industry, bringing a card to a bridal shower is a great way to show your support and affection for the bride-to-be. Cards can be a simple yet powerful way to express your well wishes and congratulations, especially if you’re unable to attend the wedding itself. Additionally, many couples enjoy keeping cards as a special keepsake of their engagement and wedding season.

That being said, it’s important to understand that there are no strict rules or expectations when it comes to cards for bridal showers. In some cases, the host or organizer may explicitly request that guests refrain from bringing cards or gifts, opting instead for a more low-key celebration. In other cases, guests may choose to bring a small gift or token of appreciation instead of a card.

The decision of whether or not to bring a card to a bridal shower is up to you. If you feel that a card would be a meaningful way to express your congratulations and support for the bride-to-be, then go ahead and bring one along. On the other hand, if you don’t feel particularly compelled to bring a card, then it’s perfectly acceptable to skip it and simply focus on enjoying the celebration with the bride and her loved ones.

Do you address a bridal shower card to the bride only?

When it comes to sending cards or invitations for a bridal shower, the question often arises as to whether the card should be addressed solely to the bride or include both the bride and groom’s names. The answer to this question depends on the nature of the bridal shower.

Traditionally, bridal showers were exclusively attended by female family members and friends of the bride-to-be. In such cases, it is appropriate to only address the bridal shower card to the bride. The reason for this is that typically, bridal showers are a way for the bride to celebrate with her closest female friends and family members as she prepares for marriage. Women gather to “shower” the bride with gifts and well-wishes and, therefore, it is customary to address the card to the bride out of respect for her and the tradition of the bridal shower.

However, in recent years, bridal showers have evolved to be more inclusive, with more coed showers becoming more popular. In such cases, it is appropriate to address the card to both the bride and groom or include both of their names if it’s a joint shower. This allows the groom and his male friends and family to be invited and participate in the celebration.

Addressing a bridal shower card depends on the nature of the event. If it is a traditional women-only celebration, address the card to the bride. If the shower welcomes both males and females, then include both the names of the bride and groom or if it’s a joint celebration, address the card to both of them.

Do you have to give a card with a gift?

The act of giving gifts is a wonderful way to show someone that you care for them and appreciate them. But when it comes to giving gifts, there are some questions that may arise, such as whether you should include a card with your gift. The short answer to this question is yes, you should always include a card with a gift.

Including a card with your gift adds an extra touch of thoughtfulness that is always appreciated by the recipient. A card allows you to include a personal message that lets the recipient know why you chose this particular gift for them. It’s an opportunity to express your gratitude, love, or appreciation in a more meaningful way. It shows that you have put in more effort than just buying a gift and handing it over. By taking the time to write a thoughtful message, you are showing the recipient that you value them and the relationship you have with them.

Not only does a card provide the opportunity to express your thoughts or feelings in writing, but it also ensures that the recipient knows who the gift is from. This is especially important, especially if you’re giving a gift to someone you don’t see often or if the gift is being sent through the mail. The card reminds the recipient of the thought and effort you put into selecting the perfect gift for them.

In some cases, a card might not seem necessary, especially if you’re giving a gift to someone you’re very close to. However, including a card with your gift is always a good idea, no matter who the recipient is. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way in strengthening your relationships.

Giving a card with your gift is important and adds an extra touch of thoughtfulness. It allows you to express your feelings in a personal way and ensures that the recipient knows who the gift is from. It’s a small gesture that shows you care and strengthens your relationships. So, whether it is a birthday gift, a holiday present, or a gesture of appreciation, always take the time to include a thoughtful card.

Is $500 too much for a wedding gift?

The answer to the question of whether $500 is too much for a wedding gift depends on many factors, including your relationship with the couple, your financial situation, and the overall cost of the wedding itself. First, consider your relationship with the couple. If you are a close friend or family member, you might feel more inclined to give a generous gift as a way of celebrating their special day. On the other hand, if you are not as close to the couple or are attending the wedding as a work colleague or distant relative, a more modest gift might be appropriate.

Another important consideration when deciding on the amount of your wedding gift is your financial situation. While you want to give a gift that is meaningful and reflects your appreciation for the couple, it is also important not to overextend yourself financially. If $500 is out of reach for you, then it is perfectly acceptable to give a gift that is more within your budget.

Finally, the overall cost of the wedding can also play a role in determining an appropriate gift amount. If the couple is having an extravagant wedding with a high price tag, a more generous gift might be expected. However, if the wedding is smaller and more low-key, a more modest gift might be just as appropriate.

The decision of how much to spend on a wedding gift is a personal one, and there is no right or wrong answer. It is important to consider your relationship with the couple, your own financial situation, and the circumstances surrounding the wedding itself when making your decision. Whatever amount you decide to give, the most important thing is to offer your congratulations and well wishes to the happy couple on their special day.