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What is an example of father’s speech at daughter’s wedding?

The father of the bride is one of the most important people at any wedding ceremony. Along with walking his daughter down the aisle, he is also tasked with giving a speech at the reception. The father’s speech is an opportunity to toast the newlyweds and express his feelings towards his daughter and new son-in-law. In this blog post, we will provide an example of a father’s speech at his daughter’s wedding.

The Opening

The father’s speech at his daughter’s wedding should begin with a warm and heartfelt welcome to all of the guests. He should express his gratitude for everyone attending this special day and offer a special welcome to the family and friends who have traveled great distances to be here today. Once the father has welcomed everyone, he should turn his attention to the bride and groom.

Thanking the Guests

As the father of the bride, it’s important to thank all the guests who have come to witness this special occasion. Express your gratitude that they have come to share this special day and tell them how much it means to both the bride and groom. Thank them for their gifts, presence, and support throughout the wedding planning.

Talking about the Bride

One of the most important parts of the father’s speech is talking about his daughter. Share a story or anecdote about her that highlights her best qualities. You can talk about how proud you are of her, how much she means to you and your family, and how much you love her. Emphasize how much you’ve enjoyed watching her grow and mature over the years and how she’s found love with someone who respects and adores her.

Talking about the Groom

In addition to talking about the bride, the father should also touch upon the groom. This is an opportunity to share how happy you are that your daughter has found a wonderful partner who loves and respects her. Talk about how you’ve gotten to know the groom over the years and what you admire about him. Highlight how much he complements your daughter and how much he has made a positive impact in her life.

Speaking to the Bride and Groom

In the final part of the speech, the father should address the bride and groom directly. He can offer advice or encouragement to the couple as they start their married life together. You can offer words of wisdom for a successful marriage or share some of the lessons you’ve learned over the years. You can express how confident you are that they’ll make a great team and a wonderful life together. Finally, you should raise a toast to the happy couple and wish them a lifetime of happiness together.


As the father of the bride, you want to give a memorable and heartfelt speech that your daughter and new son-in-law, as well as all the guests, will remember for years to come. Your speech should reflect the relationship you have with your daughter and your genuine happiness for her marriage. By following the guidelines above and using our example, you can craft a speech that will leave a lasting impression on everyone who hears it. Remember, this is a beautiful and joyous occasion, and your speech should reflect that.


Who does the father of the bride thank in his speech?

The father of the bride’s speech is an essential element of any wedding reception. This speech is an opportunity for the father of the bride to thank his daughter and son-in-law for contributing to the happiest day of his daughter’s life, and also to express gratitude to all those who played a part in the special occasion.

The first group of people that the father of the bride should thank in his speech are the guests that have taken the time and effort to attend the wedding. He should express his gratitude for their presence, and thank them for being a part of this special day. This could also be an opportunity for the father of the bride to recognize any guests who have traveled far to attend the wedding and acknowledge their effort in making the day special.

The second group of people the father of the bride should thank in his speech are those who have contributed to the cost of planning the wedding. This may include grandparents, aunts, uncles, or any other family member who has provided financial assistance. Friends who have helped with planning the wedding or provided valuable advice could also be recognized and thanked in the speech.

In addition to thanking the guests and contributors, the father of the bride’s speech should also focus on praising and complimenting the bride. This is an opportunity to recognize his daughter’s qualities such as her kindness, intelligence, and beauty. Furthermore, he can also highlight the bride’s achievements and express pride in her.

The speech can also serve as a way for the father of the bride to welcome his son-in-law and his family into their own family. He can say what he appreciates about his son-in-law and how he has been a positive influence on the bride. The father of the bride can also speak about how the wedding has brought two families together and the importance of the new family relationships that are being formed.

Finally, the father of the bride’s speech should conclude with a toast to the newlyweds. He could raise his glass and wish the couple a lifetime of happiness, love, and success in their future together. the father of the bride’s speech is an important opportunity to express gratitude and celebrate the union of two families.

How long should a father of the bride wedding speech be?

The father of the bride speech is one of the most memorable speeches at a wedding, particularly because it contains personal touch and shares the sentiments of the father of the bride with the newlyweds. One of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to this speech is how long should it be.

When it comes to the length of a father of the bride speech, it’s essential to strike the right balance between speaking for too long and speaking for too little. While some fathers may be tempted to speak for an extended period, it’s important to remember that the primary aim of the speech is to honor the newlyweds and make them feel special.

It’s important to keep in mind that the speech should be short and sweet. The ideal length is about five or six minutes with the three-minute mark being your lowest threshold for a proper speech. You want to be able to express your thoughts and emotions about your daughter and the groom without losing your audience’s attention.

When writing your speech, keep in mind that it should be focused on the newlyweds, their love story, and your relationship with them. It’s important to share your heartfelt thoughts, emotions, and blessings for the newlyweds. You may also want to talk about some memorable moments of your daughter’s life and your relationship with the groom. However, it’s important to avoid oversharing or getting into too many details.

When it comes to the father of the bride wedding speech, it’s important to focus on the newlyweds and keep it short and sweet. While you may be tempted to speak for a long time or share too many details, it’s important to remember that the speech is meant to be memorable and filled with love and blessings for the newlyweds. Keep it to around five or six minutes or the three-minute minimum threshold, and make sure your speech honors the bride and groom and honors the occasion in a beautiful way.