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What is a good wish for daughter and son in law?

As parents, we always want the best for our children, including their happiness and success in life. When our children get married, we also want their marriage to be happy and fulfilling. Therefore, it is important to express our affection, blessings, and good wishes to our daughter and son-in-law on their wedding day, anniversary, or other special occasions. But what is a good wish for daughter and son-in-law? In this article, we will explore some ideas and examples of heartfelt and meaningful wishes that you can share with your beloved child and their spouse.

1. Express Your Love and Happiness

The first and most obvious thing to include in your wish is your love and happiness for your daughter and son-in-law. Let them know how proud and delighted you are to see them getting married and starting a new life together. You can say something like:

“Dear [Daughter’s Name] and [Son-in-Law’s Name], today is a joyous day for our family. We are so happy to see you two getting married and committing to each other for life. You both have grown into such wonderful, loving, and responsible adults, and we are honored to be your parents. Our hearts are filled with pride, love, and blessings for your marriage and future together.”

2. Offer Your Blessings and Support

Another important aspect of a good wish is to offer your blessings and support to the newlyweds. Let them know that you are there for them, no matter what challenges or blessings come their way. You can say something like:

“We pray that God blesses your marriage with love, peace, and understanding. May you always cherish and respect each other, communicate openly and honestly, and grow stronger together through all the ups and downs of life. We are here for you whenever you need our advice, guidance, or love. You are not just our daughter and son-in-law but also our beloved family members and friends.”

3. Share Your Wisdom and Experience

As parents who have been through the joys and trials of marriage, you can share some of your own experience and wisdom with your daughter and son-in-law. You can offer some advice on how to keep their marriage healthy, happy, and meaningful. You can say something like:

“Marriage is not always easy, but it is always worth it. Communication, respect, trust, and forgiveness are the pillars of a strong and lasting marriage. Always listen to each other, share your feelings and needs honestly and respectfully, and try to see things from each other’s perspective. Trust each other’s judgment and intentions, and forgive each other’s mistakes and shortcomings. Remember to keep the romance and fun alive in your marriage, too. Surprise each other, do new things together, and enjoy the simple moments of joy and humor in your everyday life.”

4. Invoke the Blessings of the Divine

Finally, you can include some prayers or invocations of the divine blessings in your wish. Depending on your religious or spiritual beliefs, you can ask God, the Universe, or any other higher power to bless your daughter and son-in-law’s marriage. You can say something like:

“May God bless and protect your marriage, and guide you on the path of righteousness, love, and grace. May you always feel His presence and support in your life, and may His love fill your hearts and souls. May your marriage be a reflection of His light and truth, and a haven of peace and joy for you and your family. Amen.”


In conclusion, a good wish for daughter and son-in-law should be sincere, supportive, and wise. It should express your love, happiness, blessings, and commitment to their happiness and success as a couple. You can use some of the ideas and examples we have shared above, or create your own personalized and unique wish that reflects your family’s values and traditions. Whatever you say, remember to speak from your heart, and let your daughter and son-in-law feel the warmth and love of your words. They will cherish your wish and remember it for life.


What should I say to my daughter on her wedding day?

A wedding day is a special and emotional day in every parent’s life. As a parent, you are both proud and happy for your daughter as she embarks on this exciting new journey with her partner. It’s a day when you want to express your love and blessings to your daughter, and give her your heartfelt wishes for her future happiness.

First, it’s important to congratulate your daughter on her big day. Let her know how proud you are of her and how much you love her. Express your admiration for the person she has become and the values she embodies. Tell her how happy you are to see her marrying someone who loves her and is committed to building a life together.

Secondly, wish her immense joy and happiness in her married life ahead. Encourage her to embrace the challenges and rewards of married life with an open heart and a positive attitude. Share your own experiences and what you have learned in your own marriage journey. Let her know that you are always there to support her and her partner through thick and thin.

Thirdly, wish for her a strong union and a life together that is filled with love, trust, and understanding. Emphasize the importance of communication and compromise in building a successful marriage. Share with her that good relationships are built on shared values, mutual respect, and a willingness to put the needs of the relationship above individual interests.

Lastly, offer her a blessing on this special day of her life. Express your hopes for her future, and your confidence that she and her partner will create a beautiful and successful life together. Let her know that you will always hold her in your heart and love her no matter what.

On your daughter’s wedding day, it’s important to express your love and congratulations to her, wish her immense happiness and joy in her married life ahead, offer her a blessing, and reassure her of your unwavering support in her journey ahead. It’s a day to celebrate the love and bond between a parent and child, and to cherish a beautiful and memorable moment in your life.

How much money do you give your daughter on her wedding day?

The question of how much money to give your daughter on her wedding day is a common one for parents to consider. While you want to show your love and support for your daughter on her special day, it’s important to remember that you need to prioritize your own financial well-being as well.

When it comes to deciding on a monetary gift for your daughter’s wedding, there is no right or wrong answer. it will depend on a number of factors, including your financial situation, your relationship with your daughter, and the wedding itself.

In terms of financial considerations, it’s important to be honest with yourself about what you can realistically afford to give. The last thing you want is to put yourself in a difficult financial position by giving your daughter a large sum of money that you can’t afford. Consider your own financial goals and priorities, and think about how much you can comfortably give without putting yourself at risk.

Of course, the size of the wedding itself may play a role in how much you give. If the wedding is going to be an extravagant affair with hundreds of guests and lots of bells and whistles, you may feel pressure to give a larger gift to help your daughter cover the costs. On the other hand, if your daughter is having a small, intimate wedding, you may not feel the same pressure to give a large gift.

Another factor to consider is your relationship with your daughter. If you have a close relationship and you want to do something special to show your love and support, you may feel inclined to give a larger gift. However, if your relationship is more distant or strained, you may feel less of a desire to give a large sum of money.

In terms of specific amounts, there is no set rule for how much money to give your daughter on her wedding day. However, wedding etiquette suggests that wedding guests typically give between $50-$150 when making a monetary gift. The same range may be used as a guideline for parents, but ultimately the decision will be up to the individual parent and their own financial situation and relationship with their child.

When it comes to giving your daughter money on her wedding day, it’s important to prioritize your own financial well-being and consider your relationship with your daughter, as well as the size and extravagance of the wedding. Giving a monetary gift is a wonderful way to show your love and support for your daughter, but it’s important to do so in a way that is financially responsible and realistic.

How do you write a letter to your daughter she will never forget?

Writing a letter to your daughter is a great way to express your love and admiration for her. When you want to write a letter that your daughter will never forget, there are a few important things to consider.

Firstly, you should start by thinking about what kind of relationship you have with your daughter. Are you particularly close, or have you always struggled to connect? Whatever your relationship, it is important to find a tone and style that fits it. Whether you are writing in a very candid and personal style or adopting a more formal tone, your daughter will appreciate the effort you have put in to personalize the message.

Once you have established the best tone and style, you can start to think about the content of your letter. One approach is to write about the obstacles you have seen her overcome, such as her academic or athletic achievements. Emphasize the qualities that she has displayed during these challenges, such as courage, resilience, strength, commitment, endurance, and power. Your letter should be both specific and heartfelt – you want her to really feel the message you are conveying.

Another approach is to think about your dreams for your daughter’s future. In this case, you might write about the things you hope she will achieve, or the person you hope she will become. It is important to communicate these wishes in a positive, empowering way. Avoid preaching or lecturing – instead, focus on encouraging your daughter to be the best version of herself that she can be.

No matter what approach you choose, it is important to make the letter personal and specific. Pay attention to the little details that make your daughter unique, and try to capture these in your writing. If there are memories or special moments that you share together, try to reference them – this can make the letter even more meaningful.

To write a letter to your daughter that she will never forget, you should start by finding the best tone and style for your relationship. From there, you can focus on the obstacles she has overcome or your dreams for her future, but make sure to communicate the message in a positive and empowering way. Finally, make the letter personal and specific to her – show that you really understand and appreciate the person she is.

What do you say to your future son-in-law on your wedding day?

Your daughter’s wedding day is a momentous occasion, not just for her and your family but also for your future son-in-law and his family. As a parent, you want to express your feelings to your daughter’s husband and let him know how much he is appreciated and accepted by the family.

On your daughter’s wedding day, you can start by congratulating your future son-in-law for his union with your daughter. You can tell him how proud you are to have him as a part of your family and how you are thrilled that he has married your daughter. It is important to make him feel like a part of the family from the beginning.

You can also offer him some words of wisdom and encouragement for their new life together. You can talk about the importance of communication, trust, and respect in a relationship. You can share some experiences and stories from your own married life that might be helpful to him.

You can also thank him for loving your daughter and being a part of her life. You can tell him how much you appreciate his care and affection for her and how happy it makes you to see them together.

As a parent, you want to show your love and acceptance towards your future son-in-law. You can let him know that you are always there to support him and your daughter in any way possible. This can include advice on marriage, family dynamics, and even financial support if needed.

Your daughter’s wedding day is a special occasion for everyone involved, especially for your future son-in-law. You can make him feel welcomed and appreciated by congratulating him, offering words of wisdom and encouragement, thanking him for loving your daughter and making him feel like a part of the family. Your support and love can help build a strong foundation for a long and happy life together for your daughter and her husband.

What do you say to your daughter walking down the aisle?

The moment when a father sees his daughter walking down the aisle is often an emotional one. As a father, you have raised your daughter, watched her grow, and now you are giving her away to another person. It is a bittersweet moment, but one that is filled with love, hope, and pride. So, what do you say to your daughter walking down the aisle?

Firstly, it is important to convey your love and pride in your daughter. Let her know how much she means to you and how proud you are of the woman she has become. You can say something like, “I love you so much and am incredibly proud of you. You’ve become an amazing woman and today I get to witness you start a new chapter in your life.”

It is also important to acknowledge the moment and the significance of the occasion. You can say something along the lines of, “This is such a special day, a day you will always remember. Take it all in, and cherish every moment.”

As your daughter takes her first steps down the aisle, it is the perfect time to compliment her. Tell her how beautiful she looks and how radiant she is. She has spent hours getting ready for this day, so take a moment to acknowledge her beauty. You can say something like, “You’ve never looked more beautiful, and I’m so honored to be here with you.”

Lastly, it is important to give your daughter some words of wisdom as she embarks on this new chapter in her life. As she transitions from your daughter to a wife, let her know that you believe in her and that you know she will do great things. You can say something like, “Let today set the precedence for your marriage. When you walk down the aisle and into your new life as a wife shine bright and confident in who you are. I believe in you, and I know that you will do great things.”

What you say to your daughter walking down the aisle is all about conveying your love, pride, and support. It is a moment that should be cherished, and your words should reflect the gravity and significance of the occasion. So be present, be thoughtful, and most importantly, be authentic.