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What is a good introduction to a wedding speech?

Wedding speeches are an inevitable part of any wedding ceremony. Whether you are the maid of honor, best man, or a family member, you will be expected to deliver a speech. Giving a wedding speech can be challenging, but the first thing you have to get right is the introduction. A good introduction will grab everyone’s attention and set the tone for the rest of your speech. In this blog post, we will share some tips on what makes a great introduction to a wedding speech.

Thanking the Guests

The first step in giving a great wedding speech is to thank the guests for attending the wedding. This opening line is a perfect way to catch the guests’ attention and connect with them emotionally. You can start by saying, “Welcome to the most important day in the lives of [NAME] and [NAME]. Thank you all for being here today to share this special day with us.” This statement sets a positive tone and shows the audience that you acknowledge their presence and value their support.

Introducing Yourself

After thanking the guests, you should briefly introduce yourself and your relationship with the couple. For instance, you can say, “For those who don’t know me, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I am [BRIDE/GROOM’S RELATIONSHIP i.e. best man, maid of honor, etc.].” This introduction not only helps the guests to know who you are but also provides context for your speech.

Reflection on the Couple

The next thing you can do is reflect on the couple and their relationship. You can share some personal or humorous stories that showcase their love for each other. Such stories will help the guests to connect with the couple on a personal level and also create a relaxed atmosphere. The reflection on the couple should be heartfelt and authentic. It is also a good idea to incorporate praises and compliments directed at the couple to show them how much you appreciate and value them.

Setting the Tone

The tone of your speech should be in line with the wedding theme. If the wedding is a formal one, your content and delivery should be more serious and official. On the other hand, if it is a casual affair, it is okay to be more relaxed and humorous. Remember, the introduction sets the tone for the rest of your speech. A good introduction should create a comfortable platform for the presenter to deliver their message, which the audience will take seriously, without feeling bored or uncomfortable.


In conclusion, a good introduction is vital to making a great wedding speech. Introducing yourself, thanking the guests, reflecting on the couple, and setting the tone are all crucial aspects of a great introduction. While it can be nerve-wracking to deliver a wedding speech, remember that you are celebrating and honoring the couple’s love and commitment. Be confident, stay genuine and always speak from the heart. And finally, smile- a smile is worth a thousand words.


What is a standard wedding intro?

A standard wedding intro is typically used at the beginning of a wedding ceremony to welcome the guests and set the tone for the rest of the ceremony. In this intro, the officiant will welcome everyone who has come to share in this important moment in the lives of the bride and groom.

The intro usually begins with a warm greeting, such as “Good evening everyone” or “Welcome to this special day.” It’s important to make the guests feel comfortable and excited to be there. The officiant will then introduce themselves and their role in the ceremony.

Next, the officiant will acknowledge the importance of the day and the vows that the couple will be making. It’s essential to give some context and significance to the ceremony, highlighting the commitment that the couple is about to make to each other.

The officiant will then invite the guests to join in celebrating and honoring the couple. By acknowledging the presence of the guests, the officiant creates a sense of community and support for the couple.

Finally, the officiant will wrap up the intro with a call to witness and affirm the truth of the couple’s love and commitment to each other. This is an opportunity for the guests to show their support and to be a part of the ceremony in a significant way.

A standard wedding intro is an essential component of a wedding ceremony that welcomes guests, gives context and significance to the ceremony, and invites everyone to celebrate and support the couple.

What is an example of a speech introduction?

A speech introduction is a crucial part of any presentation or speech as it sets the tone for the rest of the presentation and helps the audience understand what the speaker is going to talk about. An effective speech introduction should be engaging, informative, and provide an idea of what the audience should expect from the speech. There are several ways to start a speech introduction, and the approach depends on the nature of the topic, the target audience, and the setting of the speech.

One example of a speech introduction is to start with a captivating or thought-provoking question or statement that is relevant to the topic being discussed. For instance, if the topic of the speech is about the impact of technology on society, the speaker may start their introduction with a question such as, “What would happen if technology suddenly disappeared from our lives?” This kind of opening sentence captures the audience’s attention and gets them to think about the topic before the speaker delves deeper into it.

Another example of a speech introduction is providing context and background to the topic. This approach is particularly useful when the audience may be less familiar with the topic, and the speaker wants to provide some background information to help them understand the issue in a broader context. For instance, if the topic of the speech is about climate change, the speaker may start with an explanation of the scientific evidence that supports the existence of climate change.

Thirdly, a speech introduction can be started by sharing a personal or relevant anecdote that connects the speaker, the audience, and the topic being discussed. For example, if the speaker is giving a speech about public speaking, they may start their introduction by sharing their personal journey of overcoming their fear of public speaking.

To conclude, an effective speech introduction should be attention-grabbing, informative, and relevant to the topic being discussed. It should provide the audience with a clear idea of what the speech is going to be about and get them interested in listening to what the speaker has to say.

What should the bride and groom say in a wedding speech?

A wedding speech is an integral part of a wedding ceremony that allows the bride and groom to thank their guests for attending their special day, express their gratitude towards their family and friends, and share their love and happiness for one another. As the bride and groom, it is essential to take some time to contemplate on the things that you want to say in your wedding speech.

The wedding speech should reflect the bride and groom’s personality and should be honest and heartfelt. The speech should begin with a welcoming statement, thanking everyone for coming to be a part of their big day. This is also an excellent opportunity to acknowledge the efforts and contributions of the family and friends who helped make the wedding possible.

The next part of the speech can focus on the couple’s journey; it can be a brief summary of how they met, the challenges they had to overcome, and how much they have grown together. This is an opportunity to share any personal stories that may touch hearts and provide some light-hearted humor to keep the mood relaxed.

The bride and groom can also express their gratitude towards their spouse, how they have brought significance and fulfillment into their lives, and how they feel grateful for having met the love of their life. They should take a moment to acknowledge how supportive and loving their partner is and to express their love and affection towards them.

Finally, the couple should express their hopes and aspirations for the future and their excitement for what lies ahead in their journey as a married couple. It is essential to end the speech by thanking everyone once again and to raise a toast to celebrate their union, reflecting on how they will continue loving and supporting each other as a team.

The bride and groom should use this opportunity to express their genuine emotions, share their personal journey, and express their gratitude to their loved ones. It is essential to deliver the speech with confidence, from the heart, and with a genuine sense of appreciation and love. The speech may seem daunting at first, but with some due diligence and preparation, they will deliver a memorable and heartwarming speech that everyone will cherish for years to come.