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What is a day of emergency kit wedding?

Wedding day is one of the most special and memorable days in the life of a couple. They put their heart and soul into making sure that everything is perfect. From selecting the perfect venue to picking the right menu, designing the perfect invitations to deciding on the perfect dress, a lot goes into planning the perfect wedding. However, even the most meticulously planned weddings can run into unexpected last-minute glitches. This is where a day of emergency kit wedding comes in handy.

What is a Day of Emergency Kit Wedding?

When it comes to a wedding, anything can go wrong at any given moment. You could have a sudden headache, or you could spill something on your dress. You might need a quick fix for a wardrobe malfunction or a minor beauty emergency. The day of emergency kit wedding is simply a curated collection of the necessary items that can come in handy if such emergencies arise. It’s also one of those small details that, if planned ahead of time, can save you from a lot of stress and frustration on your big day.

What Should You Include in Your Day of Emergency Kit Wedding?

When putting together your emergency kit, it’s important to keep in mind that it should cater to the specific needs of the bride, groom, and the bridal party. Here are a few essential items that can be included in your emergency kit:

For the Bride

  • Bobby pins, hair ties, hairspray, and a brush/comb to help fix hair mishaps
  • Safety pins, fashion tape, and a needle and thread for wardrobe malfunctions
  • Lipstick, powder, and blush to help touch up makeup throughout the day
  • Deodorant and perfume to keep you smelling fresh all day long
  • Pain relievers, antacids, and allergy medication to keep you feeling good and energetic
  • A healthy snack and a bottle of water to keep you hydrated and energized
  • Tissues, wet wipes, and mints to keep you looking and feeling fresh all day long
  • A pair of comfortable shoes for when your feet get tired or sore from all the dancing or walking

For the Groom

  • Bobby pins, styling gel, and a comb/brush in case of a hair emergency
  • Safety pins, fashion tape, and a needle and thread for wardrobe malfunctions
  • Deodorant and cologne to keep you smelling great all day long
  • Pain relievers, antacids, and allergy medication to keep you feeling good and energetic
  • A healthy snack and a bottle of water to keep you hydrated and energized
  • Tissues, wet wipes, and mints to keep you looking and feeling fresh all day long
  • A pair of comfortable shoes for when your feet get tired or sore from all the dancing or walking

For the Bridal Party

  • A first aid kit that should include plasters, bandages, antibiotic ointment, aspirin, and other basic medication for minor injuries
  • A white chalk or baby powder to cover any last-minute stains on the bride’s dress
  • Extra earring backs, hair ties, and cufflinks/aglet in case of missing accessories
  • A phone charger and headphones to keep them entertained while waiting for the ceremony to start
  • A bottle of water and a few healthy snacks to keep them fueled throughout the day
  • Tissues, wet wipes, and mints to keep them fresh all day long


The day of emergency kit wedding is a must-have for any bride, groom, and their bridal party. These small items can save you from stress and headaches on your big day and allow you to enjoy every moment of it. Plan ahead, put together your emergency kit with care, and enjoy your special day with confidence and peace of mind. Remember, anything can happen on your wedding day, but with a day of emergency kit wedding, you’re prepared for anything.


What do brides need the day of?

On the wedding day, the bride is the star of the show, and there are a few things she’ll need to ensure she looks her best throughout the day. The most important item the bride needs is, of course, her wedding dress. This could be a traditional white gown, a vintage-inspired tea-length dress, or something more modern and unique. Regardless of the style, the bride needs to make sure her dress fits comfortably and that she feels confident in it. This means taking the time to make any necessary alterations ahead of time and ensuring the dress is clean and wrinkle-free on the day of the wedding.

In addition to the dress, the bride will need the right undergarments to ensure a seamless look. This may mean investing in a good quality strapless bra, silky shapewear or even a corset. The idea is to choose undergarments that are comfortable enough to wear all day and don’t interfere with the fit of the dress.

Another key item the bride will need on the wedding day is comfortable and stylish footwear. Whether she’s opting for high heels, flats, or something in between, the bride needs to make sure her shoes are comfortable enough to wear for a long day of standing and walking. She should also consider bringing an extra pair of shoes, like flip-flops, to change into during the reception.

Finally, the bride will need a few beauty essentials to keep her look fresh throughout the day. This might include lipstick or lip gloss, oil-absorbing sheets, or a powder compact for touch-ups on her face, as well as hairspray, bobby pins, and a hairbrush or comb to keep her hairstyle looking flawless. With these essential items in hand, the bride will be ready to enjoy her special day feeling comfortable, confident and beautiful.

What does maid of honor do on wedding day?

The role of the Maid of Honor is crucial to the success of the wedding day. She is the Bride’s closest friend or family member, and is responsible for making sure the Bride feels cared-for and supported throughout the day. From the moment the Bride wakes up, the Maid of Honor is on call to assist with any needs, including helping the Bride get ready, making sure she eats and drinks, and providing emotional support.

During the pre-ceremony preparations, the Maid of Honor may be tasked with making sure the Bride’s hair and makeup are flawless, assisting with the putting on of the wedding dress (which may require some delicate maneuvering), and ensuring the Bride has all the necessary accessories (shoes, veil, jewelry, etc.). She may also help calm any last-minute nerves by offering words of encouragement and reassurance.

During the ceremony, the Maid of Honor has a few key duties. She will hold the Bride’s bouquet during the ceremony, in case the Bride needs to hold the Groom’s hand or wishes to adjust her veil. She may also assist with the signing of the marriage license and make sure all necessary parties have signed it.

After the ceremony, the Maid of Honor may continue to support the Bride in any number of ways. She may help facilitate the wedding photos, assist with any necessary seating arrangements, or help with the transition from the ceremony to the reception.

At the reception, the Maid of Honor may be called upon to give a toast or speech, which she will have prepared beforehand and practiced. She should also keep an eye on the Bride, ensuring she is comfortable and socializing with guests.

The Maid of Honor’s role is to make the Bride’s day as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. She should always be ready and willing to assist with any needs, while also serving as a constant source of support and encouragement.

Do you give the bride a gift on her wedding day?

When it comes to wedding traditions, the exchange of gifts between bride and groom has been making a resurgence in recent years. Although it is not mandatory to give each other gifts, it is a gesture that has become more popular among couples tying the knot.

The gift exchange might occur during the “first look” portion of the day, which is when a couple sees each other privately before the ceremony. Usually, this is a time when the bride and groom have an intimate moment and exchange sweet words with each other, along with sentimental gifts.

The gifts for brides can often be symbolic or practical. For instance, a groom can opt to give his bride a piece of jewelry that she can wear on the wedding day or a keepsake that they can cherish over the years, like a photo album or a personalized item.

On the other hand, a gift for the bride could be something that will help her prepare for the wedding day. It could be a spa or wellness package, or a beauty or makeup treatment that she can use before the ceremony.

The exchange of gifts is a touching addition to a wedding day that can show love and appreciation between the bride and groom. Whether it’s a sentimental keepsake or something practical, a thoughtful gift can make the day even more special for the happy couple.

What do you do the day of your wedding?

The day of your wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming. Here are some things to consider doing on your big day to help things run smoothly:

1. Get a good night’s sleep: It’s important to have a good night’s sleep before your wedding day. This can help to reduce stress, prevent bags under your eyes, and help you look and feel your best.

2. Eat a healthy breakfast: You’ll need plenty of energy for your wedding day, so make sure to eat a healthy breakfast. This will help you to feel satisfied, energized, and ready for the day ahead.

3. Double-check your wedding day schedule: Make sure you have a clear understanding of your wedding day schedule, including what time you need to be ready, when the ceremony begins, and when the reception starts. It’s also a good idea to confirm the schedule with your wedding planner or coordinator to ensure everyone is on the same page.

4. Get ready: Start getting ready early in the day, to give yourself enough time to finish everything. Some brides like to have their hair and makeup done professionally, while others prefer to do it themselves. Either way, make sure you allow enough time to get ready.

5. Spend time with your bridal party: This is a great opportunity to bond with your bridal party and relax before the ceremony. Consider having a light lunch or snacks together and take some time to chat and catch up.

6. Relax: Take a few moments throughout the day to relax and breathe. This is a big day, and it can be easy to get caught up in all the excitement. Take breaks when you need to decompress and center yourself.

7. Be present: Take time to savor the moments throughout the day. This day will go by quickly, so be present and enjoy everything as it unfolds.

8. Have fun: Finally, remember to have fun. This is your wedding day, and it’s a celebration of your love. Enjoy every moment, laugh, dance, and make memories that will last a lifetime.