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What is a celestial themed wedding?

A celestial themed wedding is a magical and romantic way to celebrate the most important day of your life. The celestial theme is all about astronomy, the stars, the cosmos and the night sky. A celestial wedding is a theme that’s perfect for couples that want to have a unique and memorable wedding that will leave a lasting impression on their guests.

If you’re contemplating a celestial themed wedding, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll guide you through everything that you need to know to create the celestial wedding of your dreams.

What is a Celestial Wedding Theme?

A celestial themed wedding is all about capturing the magic and beauty of the universe. It’s a theme that pairs dark, moody blues with shimmering metallic accents and twinkling lights. Imagine constellations and galaxies adorning your wedding with silver and gold accents!

A celestial wedding is ideal for couples that want a magical wedding theme that’s unique and memorable. The celestial theme is all about the magnificent and awe-inspiring universe and the wonder it inspires.

Celestial Wedding Colors

The celestial color scheme is all about rich, deep tones with shimmery metallic accents! The colors you choose will depend on how bold or subtle you want the theme to be.

Deep, moody blues and black, symbolize the vast, expanse of space, while silver and gold metallics evoke the sparkle of stars beyond. Grey and white are also perfect if you want a more muted and subtle color palette.

Another great option is to add pops of purple representing the Northern Lights and pink symbolizing the galaxies.

Celestial Wedding Décor

The ceremony and reception décor for a celestial themed wedding should evoke a magical, almost dreamlike, atmosphere. If you’re running short on inspiration, an easy way to get started is to opt for star-strung lighting and twinkling fairytale details.

For the wedding reception, consider incorporating tablescape ideas that feature the colors of space. You can include a galaxy-inspired floral centerpiece or incorporate moon and star decorations. From the tablecloth to place cards and centerpieces, the celestial theme should be everywhere.

Celestial Wedding Attire

The bride’s attire should be romantic and ethereal, dreamy and voluminous. Think soft fabrics and airy silhouettes, with a touch of sparkle and shine.

Think lace! Whether your dress be a full-length boho gown or tea length, it should flow like the night sky, mimic the stars, and flow gracefully and serenely.

For the groom, a sleek navy or deep grey suit with black accents will help complement the celestial theme without being overly bold.

Celestial Wedding Invitations and Stationery

Your invitations and stationery are a chance to set the tone for your celestial wedding. Consider playful star and moon inspired motifs with deep blue hues and metallic accents.

Printed materials made to look like a star chart can be a fun way to inform guests about the seating options at your ceremony or the dinner menu.

While the invitation suites should follow the celestial theme, it should also reflect the formal nature of the event.

Celestial Wedding Cake and Treats

The wedding cake should be a mix of magic and sophistication. A white cake adorned with faux constellations or edible gold and silver glitter can work wonders. Moreover, adding gold star decorations on cupcakes or sweets, can help elevate the celestial theme.

Celestial Wedding Favors

For take-home gifts, consider giving your guests celestial themed coasters, candles, or even a star map that marks the date of your special day. Your guests will appreciate the extra bit of thought put into the event, and a memento of the day that they’ll never forget.


A celestial themed wedding is a magical and enchanting way to celebrate the day you say ‘I do.’ With its moody, dark color scheme, shimmery metallic accents, and twinkly starry details, this wedding theme is sure to give you and your guest the ultimate romantic and memorable experience. We hope this guide has been helpful and has given you just the inspiration required to start planning your very own celestial themed wedding!


What is considered to be an elegant wedding?

An elegant wedding is a timeless event that usually incorporates a sense of sophistication, classicism, and luxury. It is an occasion that exudes grandeur using an intricate blend of colour, fabric, and décor. In such weddings, the decor and arrangements revolve around the theme, where the colours and the style of the decorations are harmoniously intertwined with the prevailing theme.

One of the most recognizable features of an elegant wedding is the floral decor. The quintessential elegant wedding usually features neat, one-colour bouquets and flower arrangements. Popular flowers for elegant weddings include lilies and roses – often both in white to match the ‘white wedding’ aesthetic most elegant weddings crave. The flowers’ arrangement is usually uniform and symmetrical, giving a sense of harmony and balance to the overall decor. Additionally, the flowers are often arranged in tall and grand vases, giving the wedding a sense of grandeur and opulence.

Elegant wedding attire is also a vital aspect of the overall wedding aesthetic. As the wedding is a formal affair, the dressing code is usually highly elegant and sophisticated. The bride’s dress, for instance, is usually long, flowing, and made of high-quality materials such as silk or satin. It often has intricate designs, such as lace or embroidery, with an emphasis on details such as buttons or bows. The groom’s attire might be a stylish suit or a tailcoat, sometimes with a top hat to match.

The decor in an elegant wedding typically includes large centrepieces, table runners, embroidered tablecloths, and fine crockery. The tables are adorned with elegant candelabras and ornate candlesticks to provide a warm, intimate atmosphere. The lighting is often dimmed to create a romantic ambiance for the guests. The furniture, such as the chairs and tables, is usually high-end, luxurious and made out of wood or metal.

An elegant wedding is all about the little details that come together to create a perfect wedding day. From the bridal attire, floral arrangements, table settings, and decor, everything is designed to produce a timeless and sophisticated ambiance. The overall theme blends seamlessly to create an awe-inspiring atmosphere that will leave an unforgettable impression on the couple and their guests forever.

What does whimsical wedding mean?

A whimsical wedding is a popular theme for brides who want to add a playful touch to their wedding day. This theme is all about incorporating fun and unconventional details into the wedding decorations, attire, and overall ambiance. The whimsical wedding theme is gaining popularity because it allows couples to showcase their personality and unique sense of style. Typically, a whimsical wedding is characterized by colorful and bold decor, playful patterns, and fanciful design elements.

When it comes to the decorations, a whimsical wedding can encompass a wide range of ideas. For example, brides may choose to incorporate fun and festive elements like confetti, balloons, and oversized flowers into their wedding decor. Alternatively, they may look for offbeat ways to decorate the reception venue by hanging unique string lights, using mismatched chairs or opting for a drape tent that gives the feel of a cozy and chic hideaway.

In terms of attire, the whimsical wedding theme means that the bride and groom can play with their outfits and accessories to bring out their personalities. Brides may choose to wear non-traditional wedding dresses, perhaps with a colorful sash or an unexpected back detail, while grooms may opt for patterned suits, colorful ties, or quirky shoes. The wedding party can also join in on the fun with mismatched bridesmaid dresses or fun accessories like colorful socks or sunglasses.

A whimsical wedding is all about infusing joy and happiness into the wedding day. Whether it’s popping a confetti-filled balloon as the couple exits the ceremony, or including a playful photo booth in the reception, this theme allows couples to create a truly memorable and fun-filled event for their guests. So, if you’re looking for a wedding theme that’s quirky, colorful, and unforgettable, a whimsical wedding may be just the thing for you!