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What happened with Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell?

Fans of the popular dating show “The Bachelor” may remember Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell as one of the show’s success stories. Higgins was the star of the show’s 20th season, which aired in 2016, and he ultimately chose Bushnell as his fiancée.

However, fans were shocked when the couple announced their split just over a year later. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what went wrong between Higgins and Bushnell, as well as what they’ve been up to since their breakup.

The Show

Higgins and Bushnell’s romance began while filming “The Bachelor,” which sees a group of women compete for the heart of a single eligible bachelor. Higgins was the bachelor in the show’s 20th season, and he quickly formed a connection with Bushnell.

The couple’s sweet moments on the show, including Higgins telling Bushnell that he loved her during the season’s finale, won over the hearts of audiences everywhere. They became the show’s first couple without the show’s original bachelorette or bachelor to have their own spin-off show, Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?, which debuted in October 2016, immediately following their engagement.

On the show, viewers watched as Higgins and Bushnell navigated post-show life and planned their wedding. However, the cracks in their relationship soon began to show.

The Breakup

After just over a year together, Higgins and Bushnell announced their split in a joint statement in May 2017. The statement read, in part:

“It is with heavy hearts that we announce our decision to go our separate ways…We will always be grateful for the time we spent together and will always care deeply for each other.”

In interviews following their split, both Higgins and Bushnell expressed sadness over the end of their relationship but cited differences between them as the reason for the breakup. They also said that they had tried couples therapy to make the relationship work but ultimately decided to part ways.

Despite their breakup, the couple maintained a friendly relationship and wished each other well in their future endeavors.

Life After “The Bachelor”

Following their split, Higgins and Bushnell both continued to work in the reality TV world. Bushnell began hosting her own podcast, “I Suck at Life,” where she candidly discusses her life and relationships. She also went on to marry country singer Chris Lane in 2019 and the couple has since welcomed two children.

Similarly, Higgins remained in the public eye, co-hosting the podcast “Almost Famous” with fellow “Bachelor” alum Ashley Iaconetti. He also founded a non-profit organization, Generous Coffee, to support causes related to clean water and social justice.

Additionally, both Higgins and Bushnell have made appearances on other reality TV shows since their time on “The Bachelor.” Higgins competed on “Dancing with the Stars,” while Bushnell appeared on “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Hills: New Beginnings.”

Despite their split, it seems that things have worked out for both Higgins and Bushnell in the end. They’ve both moved on with their lives in positive ways and are still beloved by fans of “The Bachelor.”


While fans of the show may have been heartbroken when Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell announced their split, it seems they’ve both found happiness in the years since. Through their work in the entertainment industry, both have continued to thrive in their careers and personal lives.

It’s clear that Higgins and Bushnell have both learned and grown from their time on “The Bachelor.” Whether or not they find that special someone in the future, fans will undoubtedly continue to root for their happiness and success.


What happened at the end of Ben Higgins season?

Ben Higgins’ season is one of the most memorable seasons of the popular reality show, The Bachelor. The season finale saw Ben struggling to make a choice between two women who had captured his heart: Lauren Bushnell and Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher. The episode was filled with tension and drama as both women got to meet Ben’s parents and go on their final date.

During the final rose ceremony, the two women nervously waited for Ben’s decision. Ben then revealed that he had fallen in love with both women, leaving them both stunned. However, it was clear that Ben had a closer connection with Lauren throughout the season.

Despite admitting his feelings for both women, Ben decided to propose to Lauren. As he got down on one knee, he professed his love to her and asked her to marry him. Lauren, who was overjoyed, accepted his proposal, and the two hugged and kissed in front of the cheering crowd.

However, the couple faced a lot of challenges in their relationship after the show ended. They struggled with trust issues, and the pressure of being in the public eye became too much for them to handle. After getting engaged on the show, Ben and Lauren eventually broke up in 2017.

Ben Higgins’ season ended on a high note with him proposing to Lauren. However, the couple’s relationship ultimately did not last, proving that even though The Bachelor may bring people together, true love cannot be guaranteed.

How long were Ben Higgins and Lauren engaged?

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell became known to fans of “The Bachelor” as one of the show’s successful couples. They first met on the 20th season of the popular ABC dating show, where Ben Higgins was the Bachelor and Lauren Bushnell was one of the contestants. The two had a strong connection from the beginning, and Ben ultimately chose Lauren as the winner of his heart.

The season 20 finale of “The Bachelor” aired on March 14, 2016, and that’s when Ben Higgins proposed to Lauren Bushnell with a stunning diamond ring. The couple seemed happy and in love, and they were excited to start their lives together. Fans were thrilled for them and were glad to see a couple from “The Bachelor” actually make it work.

However, after less than two years together, Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell announced their split in May 2017. In a statement to People magazine, they said that they “wanted everyone to know that we do love and care for each other very much. This is the healthiest decision for both of us at this time.” The couple seemed to be on good terms and did not give any specific reasons for their breakup.

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell got engaged during the season 20 finale of “The Bachelor” in March 2016. However, their engagement was short-lived as they split less than two years later in May 2017. Even though they didn’t end up together, they will always be remembered as one of the most popular couples from “The Bachelor.”

Who is Lauren dating after Ben?

After her engagement with “The Bachelor” star, Ben Higgins, ended, Lauren Bushnell Lane moved on and found love again with country singer, Chris Lane. In 2019, Lauren and Chris started dating and announced their relationship on social media. They shared their first photo together on Instagram while attending the BMI Country Awards in Nashville, Tennessee. A few months after their relationship was made public, the couple took a big step in their relationship and moved in together.

Later that year, Lane popped the question in the backyard of Bushnell Lane’s family home in Oregon. Lane proposed with a custom-designed, rectangular-shaped diamond ring, which he helped create with jewelry designer, David Alassa. The couple announced their engagement on Instagram, with both of them sharing photos and videos from the proposal.

In October 2019, the couple tied the knot in a romantic ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee. The wedding took place at the indoor/outdoor venue, Hummingbird Nest Ranch, and was attended by family, friends, and country music personalities. The couple exchanged vows in front of an altar decorated with white and pink blooms and greenery, making it a picture-perfect background.

Lauren and Chris have been going strong ever since their engagement and wedding. They frequently share updates from their lives and travels on social media and have even collaborated on a few songs, including “Big, Big Plans,” which Lane wrote and performed as a tribute to his bride. Lauren Bushnell Lane has found happiness and love with her now-husband, Chris Lane, after her public breakup with Ben Higgins.