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What happened to the lead singer of Rascal Flatts?

Rascal Flatts was a country music band that shot to fame in the early 2000s. The band was known for its catchy tunes, impressive harmonies, and relatable lyrics. Rascal Flatts was made up of three members, Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus, and Joe Don Rooney. Gary LeVox was the band’s lead singer, and his vocals were often praised for being the driving force behind the band’s success. However, after more than 20 years in the music business, the band announced its disbandment in 2020. This announcement left many fans wondering, “What happened to the lead singer of Rascal Flatts?”

The Disbandment of Rascal Flatts

After more than two decades together, Rascal Flatts announced their disbandment in January 2020. The band posted a statement on their Twitter account stating that “after 20 years, we felt like it was time to explore what else we could do individually. And so we’re taking a little hiatus right now and exploring those things.” The members of the band each released their own statement regarding the disbandment, with Gary LeVox saying, “There is no sadness. This is a celebration of what we’ve done, and what we’re going to do in the future.”

What Happened to Gary LeVox?

After the disbandment of Rascal Flatts, fans were left wondering what would become of the band members. In the case of Gary LeVox, he wasted no time in pursing his solo career. In fact, just a few months after the disbandment of Rascal Flatts, LeVox released his first solo EP, titled “One on One.”

The EP features six songs, and LeVox co-wrote four of them. According to LeVox, the EP allowed him to explore a different side of his music, as he was able to write and record songs that he may not have been able to do while in a band setting. LeVox told Billboard that “I’m just excited to continue doing what I love, which is making music, and to give fans something new and fresh to listen to.”

LeVox’s Solo Career

Since the release of his first solo EP, LeVox has continued to pursue his solo career as a country music artist. In August 2021, he released a new single titled “We Got Fight,” which was described by LeVox as “a powerful anthem for anyone who’s been knocked down and is getting back up.”

In January 2022, LeVox released another single called “Get Down Like That,” which was his first release on Big Machine Records, the same label on which Rascal Flatts was previously signed. The song is an upbeat, party tune, and LeVox said that he wanted to release something that would get people dancing again, after a year of so much hardship and negativity.

The Future of Rascal Flatts’ Members

As for the other members of Rascal Flatts, Jay DeMarcus has also pursued a solo career, while Joe Don Rooney has remained relatively quiet since the disbandment of the band. DeMarcus released a memoir in 2020 titled “Shotgun Angels: My Story of Broken Roads and Unshakeable Hope.”

While it is sad to see the end of Rascal Flatts, fans can take comfort in knowing that the members are continuing to pursue their passions and explore new avenues in their careers. As for Gary LeVox, he is continuing to make music, and fans can look forward to more solo releases from this talented country music artist.


The disbandment of Rascal Flatts marked the end of an era in country music. Fans were left wondering what would become of the band’s members, particularly their lead singer, Gary LeVox. Fortunately, he wasted no time in pursuing his solo career and has continued to release new music since the disbandment of the band. As for the future, fans can look forward to more great music from this talented country music artist.


How much is Rascal Flatts net worth?

Rascal Flatts is an American country music group that has made a remarkable name for themselves in the entertainment industry over the years. Comprising three talented musicians, the group has aced the country music scene with their exceptional music, remarkable success and a significant financial earning. In essence, Rascal Flatts is a group that has managed to accumulate a substantial net worth, that has enabled them to live a comfortable lifestyle. The combined net worth of the trio is estimated to be around $180 million.

Rascal Flatts comprises three members, namely Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus, and Joe Don Rooney. The three have been active in the entertainment industry for more than two decades and have cemented their place as one of the most successful country music groups. The group has sold millions of records worldwide and has won several awards, including multiple Grammy Awards, Academy of Country Music Awards, and Country Music Association Awards.

As of 2021, the estimated net worth of Rascal Flatts is $180 million. This incredible net worth is attributable to the group’s hard work and success, which has seen them release numerous platinum albums, embark on successful tours, and even appear in movies, including the 2012 movie “Footloose.” Their music is not only popular in America but also globally, having sold millions of records worldwide.

Rascal Flatts has had several successful tours, which form a significant part of their earnings. The group’s live performances are energetic and engaging, commanding large audiences and bringing in large sums of money. Additionally, the group has sold millions of merchandise and has made significant earnings from endorsements, sponsorships, and brand deals.

Rascal Flatts’ success in the entertainment industry is undeniable and has translated into a significant financial net worth. With a combined net worth of $180 million, the trio is among the wealthiest country music groups and continues to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. While they may have announced their retirement from touring in 2020, the group’s music remains timeless, ensuring that their net worth and legacy continues to grow.

Are Jay DeMarcus and Todd Chrisley friends?

Jay DeMarcus and Todd Chrisley are indeed friends. The two have a longstanding friendship that has been documented on the reality TV show “Chrisley Knows Best.” In fact, Jay DeMarcus has appeared on several episodes of the show, and Todd Chrisley has even appeared in a music video for Rascal Flatts, DeMarcus’s band.

Their friendship appears to be genuine, with both men often posting about the other on social media. Todd Chrisley has praised DeMarcus’s talent as a musician, and DeMarcus has spoken highly of Chrisley’s sense of humor and dedication to his family.

In a recent episode of “Chrisley Knows Best,” DeMarcus and his wife Allison joined the Chrisleys on vacation. The two families appeared to have a great time together, with lots of laughter and good conversation.

It’S clear that Jay DeMarcus and Todd Chrisley have a strong friendship built on mutual respect and admiration.