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What happened to Steven Curtis Chapman’s daughter?

Steven Curtis Chapman is a well-known Christian musician in the United States. His music has transcended globally, touching and inspiring millions of people with his spiritual songs. However, in 2008, the Chapman family encountered a tragedy that shook them to the core. Steven Curtis Chapman’s daughter, Maria Sue Chunxi Chapman, died from an accident that occurred on their farm in Nashville, Tennessee. In this blog post, we will explore what happened to Steven Curtis Chapman’s daughter and how the family has coped with this tragedy over the years.

The Accident

On May 21, 2008, Steven Curtis Chapman’s family was preparing for a party to celebrate the engagement of one of their daughters. The family had been practicing for a performance later that evening when Maria Sue, who was only five years old at the time, wandered outside to play with the family’s dog.

Unbeknownst to Maria Sue, her older brother, Will Franklin Chapman, was backing up a Toyota Land Cruiser into the driveway when he struck her. Maria Sue was immediately rushed to the hospital, but despite the efforts of medical personnel, she died from her injuries.

The news of Maria Sue’s death shocked the Christian music community and fans worldwide. Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife, Mary Beth, were devastated by the tragic loss of their beloved daughter.

Maria Sue’s Legacy

Steven Curtis Chapman and his family were heartbroken by the loss of Maria Sue, but they refused to let her death define her legacy. In her memory, they created the Maria Sue Chapman Memorial Fund to provide grants to organizations that help children and families in need.

The Chapman family also started a ministry called Show Hope, inspired by Maria Sue’s love for orphans. Through Show Hope, the family has provided financial assistance to families adopting children through grants and loans. They have also developed caregiver training programs to help improve the care of orphans around the world.

Maria Sue’s legacy has touched and inspired many, and her memory lives on through the work of the Chapman family.

Coping with Tragedy

The loss of a child is one of the most difficult things any parent can face, and Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife, Mary Beth, were no exception. In the aftermath of the accident, the family struggled to deal with their grief and find a way to move forward.

Steven and Mary Beth leaned on their faith to guide them through the difficult times. They were also grateful for the outpouring of love and support they received from their friends, family, and fans.

In interviews, Steven Curtis Chapman has shared that music has been an essential outlet for him to express his emotions and process his grief. He has also been open about seeking counseling as a way to help him navigate the pain of losing his daughter.


The loss of Maria Sue Chapman was a tragic event that rocked the Christian music community. Steven Curtis Chapman and his family have used their grief as a catalyst to help others in need and keep the memory of Maria Sue alive. Through their ministry and the Maria Sue Chapman Memorial Fund, they have touched the lives of countless families and orphans around the world.

While coping with the loss of a child can be an incredibly challenging journey, the Chapman family’s commitment to one another and to their faith has helped them find a way to move forward. The music industry and all those touched by Maria Sue’s legacy will forever cherish her memory.


What gospel singer lost a child?

One of the most heartbreaking tragedies that can befall a parent is the loss of a child. Unfortunately, this is something that happened to Christian and gospel singer Steven Curtis Chapman. In 2004, Chapman and his wife, Mary Beth, were in the process of adopting a 5-year-old girl from China who they named Maria Sue. The Chapmans were thrilled to bring Maria Sue into their family, where she quickly became a beloved daughter and sister.

However, tragedy struck just a few short years later – in 2008 – when Maria Sue was playing outside with her siblings and was accidentally struck by an ATV driven by one of her brothers. Despite frantic efforts to save her, Maria Sue died from her injuries. The Chapmans were devastated by the loss of their precious daughter, mourning the loss of a child who had only just begun to blossom as part of their family.

In the wake of this tragedy, Chapman opened up about his grief and heartbreak, sharing his experience through his music. The singer spoke about how music had always been a way for his family to connect and process difficult emotions, and that this was a decision they made together. His music captured the range of emotions that the family experienced after the loss of Maria Sue – from deep sorrow to hope in the midst of the pain.

Through his music and his public sharing of his family’s journey through grief, Chapman has become a spokesperson for the experience of losing a child and the process of healing from that loss. His example has helped inspire and comfort countless other families who have faced similar tragedies – a testament to the power of music in times of sorrow.

Where was Mary Beth Chapman born?

Mary Beth Chapman, the wife of contemporary Christian music artist Steven Curtis Chapman, was born in Denver, Colorado. She was one of five children born to Garry L. Smith, a Brach’s Candies salesman. Growing up, Chapman trained as both a gymnast and an ice skater. She eventually went on to attend Winthrop University in South Carolina, where she earned a degree in education with a minor in music.

In addition to being the wife of a famous musician, Chapman is also known for her philanthropic efforts. She and her husband founded the organization Show Hope in 2003, which provides financial assistance to families seeking to adopt orphaned children. She has also written a book entitled Choosing to See, which chronicles her journey of faith through the pain of losing a child and dealing with depression.

Mary Beth Chapman’s birthplace in Denver, Colorado may have been just the beginning of her life story, but it has played an important role in shaping her into the person she is today – a devoted wife, mother, philanthropist, and author.