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What happened to Kelly Reardon on 22 news?

Kelly Reardon is a meteorologist who is known for her work on 22 News, an NBC-affiliated television station in Chicopee, Massachusetts. She had been with the station for three years, during which she became known for providing accurate weather forecasts for the Western Massachusetts area. Prior to her work on 22 News, Reardon worked as a meteorologist for WRGB in Schenectady, New York.

What happened to Kelly Reardon on 22 News?

After three years with 22 News, Kelly Reardon announced her departure from the station in early November 2021. At the time of her departure, no reason was given for her leaving the station, leading many viewers to speculate about what had happened.

It was later revealed that Reardon had accepted a new job as a meteorologist at Fox Weather, a new streaming channel owned by the Murdoch family’s Fox News Media. The channel was launched in October 2021, and Reardon will be providing national forecasts as part of her new role.

Why did Kelly Reardon leave 22 News?

While no reason was given for Reardon’s departure from 22 News at the time, it is likely that her decision to move to Fox Weather was based on career opportunities. Fox Weather is a new channel that is focused exclusively on weather, and as such represents a unique opportunity for meteorologists to showcase their skills and expertise in a specialized field.

In addition, it is possible that Reardon was attracted to the national platform that Fox Weather provides. While 22 News is a respected station in the Western Massachusetts area, it is likely that Reardon saw the opportunity to reach a much larger audience by working for a national network.

What does Kelly Reardon’s move to Fox Weather mean for viewers?

Kelly Reardon’s move to Fox Weather is likely to be viewed positively by viewers of the channel. Reardon is an experienced meteorologist with a proven track record of providing accurate and informative forecasts to viewers, and her addition to Fox Weather is likely to enhance the channel’s reputation for quality weather coverage.

In addition, Reardon’s move to Fox Weather represents a potential shift in the way that weather coverage is delivered to viewers. With a dedicated channel focused exclusively on weather, viewers can expect a more detailed and nuanced approach to weather reporting, as well as a greater emphasis on accurate forecasting and analysis.


Kelly Reardon’s departure from 22 News and subsequent move to Fox Weather represents an exciting development for weather coverage in the United States. With a dedicated channel focused solely on weather, viewers can expect a more in-depth and informative approach to weather reporting, as well as a greater emphasis on accuracy and analysis. Reardon’s addition to the Fox Weather team is likely to be viewed positively by viewers, and her experience and expertise will no doubt be an important asset to the channel moving forward.


Who is the former meteorologist on WWLP?

The former meteorologist on WWLP, a TV station affiliated with NBC that serves the Springfield, Massachusetts area, is John Quill. Quill was a beloved figure in the community, having forecasted the weather on WWLP for an impressive 47 years. He was known for his friendly demeanor, his charming on-air personality, and his accurate weather predictions. For many viewers in the region, Quill was the go-to source for information on weather conditions, and his forecasts were a reliable guide for planning outdoor activities or preparing for a storm.

Quill began his career at WWLP as a weather intern in 1953 before ultimately becoming the station’s full-time meteorologist. During his tenure at WWLP, Quill earned numerous accolades for his work, including an Emmy Award and an honorary doctorate from American International College. He was also widely recognized and respected within the meteorological community, having served as the president of both the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association.

Quill retired from WWLP in 2000 after a long and distinguished career, leaving behind a legacy of excellence and professionalism that continues to inspire his colleagues and viewers alike. Today, even though he is no longer on the air, Quill remains a beloved figure in the Springfield region, and his contributions to weather forecasting and community service have not been forgotten.

Where has Kelly Reardon been?

Kelly Reardon, a former meteorologist at WWLP-TV, 22News, in Chicopee, has recently moved on to a new venture. Reardon had been employed by WWLP-TV for the past three years and was a respected meteorologist in the area. However, two weeks ago, Reardon left her position at WWLP-TV. Many viewers were left wondering what had happened to her and where she was headed.

It was recently announced that Kelly Reardon would be providing national forecasts with Fox Weather. Fox Weather is a new streaming channel owned by the Murdoch family’s Fox News Media. The channel was launched in October of this year and focuses on weather news and updates.

Kelly Reardon’s move to Fox Weather is certainly a positive one for her career. She will now have the opportunity to provide weather updates to a much larger audience and work for a well-respected media company. It is an exciting time for her, and her fans are eagerly waiting to see her work on Fox Weather.

Kelly Reardon’s move from WWLP-TV to Fox Weather has garnered a lot of attention from viewers. With her incredible meteorological expertise and experience, she is sure to make a significant impact at Fox Weather. We wish her all the best in her new role and look forward to following her success in the future.

Where is Emily Schuitema from?

Emily Schuitema is a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan. She spent most of her childhood and teenage years in this city in western Michigan. Emily attended Grand Rapids Christian High School and graduated from there after completing her secondary education.

Grand Rapids is the second-largest city in Michigan, known for its thriving art and culture scene, historic landmarks, and beautiful outdoor recreational spots. The city is situated along the Grand River, from which it derives its name. It is home to several industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and education. Grand Rapids is also a great place to live, offering a high quality of life, great schools, and a friendly community.

Emily Schuitema is proud of her roots and remains connected to her hometown. She continues to visit Grand Rapids frequently to spend time with her family and friends, enjoy local heritage sites, and explore new developments that contribute to the city’s growth. Her connection to her hometown has helped to shape her personality and worldview and influenced her decision-making process as she embarked on her career journey.

Where did Kayla Hevey go?

Kayla Hevey is a well-known journalist who has built a reputation for herself in the news industry. She began her career in journalism after graduating from Boston University’s College of Communication with a degree in broadcast journalism. Throughout her career, she has reported on a wide range of topics, including crime, politics, and entertainment.

In May 2022, Kayla Hevey joined Mass Appeal – a lifestyle and entertainment show that airs on WWLP-TV22/DT in western Massachusetts. As one of the newest members of the Mass Appeal team, Kayla brings her experience and passion for journalism to this popular show. Her role at Mass Appeal includes working as a co-host and correspondent, covering topics that range from local events, food, and entertainment news.

Before joining Mass Appeal, Kayla worked as the morning anchor for ABC 7 and Fox 22 in Bangor, ME. During her time working there, Kayla covered some significant news events and won an award from the Maine Association of Broadcasters for “Best Feature Story” in 2021.

Kayla Hevey was born and raised in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. She grew up in western Massachusetts and returned to the area to continue her career after spending several years working in other states. Even before joining Mass Appeal, Kayla had a strong connection to the local community. She often shared stories from local charities and organizations on her social media channels and encouraged her followers to support these causes.

Kayla Hevey’s journey in journalism has been an exciting one, and her move to Mass Appeal is a significant milestone in her career. Her passion for news, storytelling, and dedication to the community continues to shine bright. With her experience and enthusiasm, Kayla Hevey is sure to add a valuable contribution to the team at Mass Appeal.

Where did Heather Waldman go?

Heather Waldman is a well-known meteorologist who has worked in various news stations across the United States. After spending her entire life on the East Coast, Heather Waldman decided to make a big move and join the KCRA 3 team. Before moving to KCRA 3, Heather worked at various news stations such as WMUR-TV in Manchester, New Hampshire as well as at WMTW-TV in Portland, Maine.

In 2019, Heather Waldman decided to join the KCRA 3 team as their weekday morning meteorologist. Her expertise and experience in meteorology made her the perfect fit for the position. She was excited to explore a new market and help the people of California to prepare for the ever-changing weather patterns.

Heather Waldman’s move to KCRA 3 was big news and her fans were excited to see her on their television screens again. Since joining the KCRA 3 team, Heather has been an integral part of the morning news team and has helped keep Californians informed about the weather. Heather Waldman’s move to KCRA 3 has been a welcome addition to the station and to the people of California.

Where did Dani Beckstrom go?

Dani Beckstrom, a seasoned meteorologist, has recently joined ABC7NY and Eyewitness News as part of the meteorology team. She started in August 2022, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience. Prior to her stint in New York, Beckstrom was the Chief Meteorologist for the ABC affiliate in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Beckstrom began her meteorology career early on, and it is something she has always been passionate about. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology from the University of Oklahoma. After graduation, Beckstrom went on to work for various weather agencies in Portland, Oregon, and Oklahoma City. Eventually, she moved to the West Coast and became the Chief Meteorologist for the ABC affiliate in Las Vegas.

As a meteorologist, Beckstrom has a broad range of skills. She has extensive experience with forecasting and covering severe weather, including hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires. Additionally, she has worked extensively with weather systems that impact transportation, such as snow and ice. One of her notable achievements was creating a program that helps educate people about monsoons and flash flooding.

Beckstrom’s passion for meteorology and her experience in the field makes her an excellent addition to the ABC7NY and Eyewitness News teams. Her expertise will provide valuable insights to viewers of the news and ensure that they are well informed about any natural or weather-related events that may happen in New York and surrounding areas.

What happened to Allison Finch?

Allison Finch was a well-known reporter and journalist for WNYT, a television station based in Albany, New York. However, in recent times, it was reported that she had left the station. She had been a popular figure on the station and had a significant presence on their programs, leading many of her viewers to wonder what could have caused her departure.

It was on March 16, 2021, that the news of Allison Finch leaving WNYT was confirmed. It was reported that she had taken up a full-time job at a station located in Springfield. This move would mean that she would be closer to her family, which was a major factor in her decision to leave WNYT. Although it came as a surprise to many of her fans, it was a move that Finch felt she needed to make to be able to better balance her work and personal life.

Allison Finch was not the only person to leave WNYT around that time. Asa Stackel, another well-known personality on the station, had also decided to leave. It was reported that Stackel had chosen to start a career in finance. The departure of both Finch and Stackel was a blow to WNYT and their fans, as the duo had been significant figures on the station.

It was reported that Allison Finch, a popular reporter and journalist on WNYT, had left the station for a full-time job at another station located in Springfield. Her decision was majorly influenced by a need to balance her work and personal life, and to be closer to her family. Although her departure was a surprise to many, it was a move she felt she had to make.