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What happened to Evans in Ozark?

Ozark, a small city in Missouri, made headlines recently due to a shocking development. A 69-year-old man named Leo Evans was arrested and charged with seven felonies, including first-degree child molestation. The community was left in shock, wondering what could have happened and how they can protect their children. In this blog post, we will discuss the details of what happened to Evans in Ozark.

The Arrest and Charges

On April 5, 2021, Leo Evans was arrested and booked into the Christian County Jail. The charges against him include seven felonies, with the most serious being first-degree child molestation. These charges come as a result of allegations made against Evans by a minor.

According to a probable cause statement, the victim told investigators that Evans had molested them on multiple occasions over a three-year period. The victim reported that this abuse occurred when they were alone with Evans, and that no one else was aware of what was happening.

After the victim reported the abuse to their parents, the authorities were immediately notified, leading to Evans’ arrest. He is currently being held in custody on a $150,000 bond.

The Reaction from the Community

The news of Evans’ arrest and charges has left the Ozark community in shock. The allegations are especially concerning as Evans has been a longtime resident of the city, and has even served as a youth sports coach in the past.

Parents are understandably worried about the safety of their children and are calling for increased measures to protect young people from potential predators. Some have suggested that more thorough background checks should be conducted before allowing individuals to serve in positions of authority over children.

Others are expressing their support for the victim, hoping that they can find a path to healing and justice after the trauma they have experienced. The community is also calling for a stronger response from law enforcement to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

The Legal Process

While Evans has been charged with multiple felonies, he is still entitled to due process under the law. This means that he is innocent until proven guilty, and will have an opportunity to go to trial and present his defense.

In the meantime, the authorities will continue to investigate this case, and additional charges could be added if new evidence is found. The legal process can be lengthy, but it is crucial in ensuring that justice is served for all parties involved.


The situation involving Leo Evans in Ozark is a difficult one. The allegations of first-degree child molestation are serious and demand a thorough investigation. The community has expressed their concern and their support for the victim, and everyone involved is hoping for a just resolution.

As the legal process unfolds, it is important for us to remember that everyone involved deserves a fair and impartial hearing. While we may have our own opinions and emotions about the situation, it is crucial that we allow the authorities to conduct their investigation and for justice to proceed through the appropriate channels.


What happened to Agent Petty’s boyfriend?

In the series Ozark, Agent Roy Petty works as an FBI agent trying to bring down the Byrde family who have been involved in money-laundering and other illegal activities. Throughout the show, Agent Petty has a boyfriend named Russ Langmore who is the uncle of Ruth Langmore. Russ is initially introduced in season one where he is shown getting into a fight with Ruth after she stole money from him.

However, in season two, we see a change in their relationship as Roy and Russ start to get closer. Russ is seen more frequently with Roy, and the two even start living together. However, their happy moments are short-lived as Russ gets involved in the criminal world again and becomes a liability to the FBI’s operation.

In episode seven of season two, titled “The Gold Coast,” things take a darker turn when Russ is killed. He is shown getting beaten to death in his jail cell by members of the Snell cartel who were hired by the Byrdes to take him out. This comes as a shock to both Roy and the audience as Russ’s death was unexpected.

The death of Russ has a profound impact on Petty’s character, and we see him struggle with the loss throughout the remainder of the season. He becomes more determined than ever to bring down the Byrdes and seeks revenge for Russ’s death.

Russ Langmore’s death is a significant turning point in the storyline for both Roy Petty and the Byrde family. It not only impacts the characters’ life but also adds a layer of complexity to the plot. The audience is left wondering how Roy will react to the tragedy and what it means for the future of the Byrdes.

What did the black FBI agent do in Ozark?

In the third season of the popular Netflix series Ozark, a new character was introduced, Special Agent Maya Miller, a Black female who’s nine-months pregnant. As an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), her task was to audit the newly established casino run by the Byrde family for possible money laundering irregularities.

Agent Miller is portrayed as a no-nonsense and straightforward person, who prefers to stick by the book and follow the correct procedures meticulously. But being the only Black agent in the show also added another dimension to her character, as she often had to deal with subtle and explicit racial biases from some of her white colleagues. Her steadfast principles of being ethical and honest in her work stood out as a breath of fresh air amidst the various illegal activities happening in the show.

Throughout the season, Agent Miller made several attempts to gather evidence against the Byrdes and their associates. She requested and received search warrants to investigate their properties, questioned the employees working in the casino, and even asked for information from Marty Byrde himself, played by Jason Bateman. Her persistence paid off when she finally got one of the casino’s money launderers, Helen, to cooperate with the FBI in exchange for immunity. The Byrdes’ criminal enterprise, which seemed untouchable, was finally brought under the radar of law enforcement.

Special Agent Maya Miller was an essential addition to the Ozark series. Her character portrayed the complexities of race, gender, and moral values in the workplace, and she represented the bureau as an honest and ethical enforcer of the law. With her story arcs in Season 3, viewers were able to see a glimpse of what it means to be a Black woman in law enforcement and the challenges that come with it.

Does Marty turn agent Miller?

Throughout the course of the Netflix original series “Ozark,” the main character Marty Byrde finds himself in numerous high-pressure situations as he attempts to launder millions of dollars in drug money for a Mexican drug cartel. One of the characters he interacts with is FBI agent Maya Miller, who is investigating him and his associates for their involvement in this criminal enterprise.

In season 2 of the show, Marty is approached by Agent Miller with a proposition: she offers to turn a blind eye to his illegal activities in exchange for information about the cartel’s operations. At first, Marty is hesitant to accept her offer, but eventually decides that it would be in his best interests to cooperate.

However, Marty’s decision to work with Agent Miller is short-lived. He is soon abducted by Omar Navarro, the leader of the cartel he is involved with, who threatens him and his family. This experience makes Marty realize that he can no longer trust Agent Miller, and he decides to “turn” her instead. He attempts to convince her to work for him instead of against him, but she sees through his plan and declines his offer.

Marty does not ultimately turn Agent Miller in “Ozark.” While he initially accepts her offer to cooperate in exchange for leniency, he changes his mind after being threatened by the cartel he is involved with. He later attempts to convince her to work for him instead of against him, but she remains loyal to her job and does not fall for his plan.