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What happened to Bon Iver?

For many years, Bon Iver has been one of the most magical music projects of this century. Their indie folk sound, coupled with Justin Vernon’s incredible vocal range, has earned them a loyal fan base and critical acclaim. Unfortunately, with Bon Iver announcing that they are putting down their music career for now, many fans are wondering what happened.

Background Information

Bon Iver was formed in 2006, and after the release of their debut album “For Emma, Forever Ago,” they quickly rose to fame. Their music was a mix of mellow, acoustic sounds, rich harmonies, and intimate lyrics. The band quickly became known for their emotionally driven live performances.

They continued to release successful albums like “Bon Iver, Bon Iver” and “22, A Million,” which showcased their versatility and willingness to experiment with their sound. Bon Iver received two Grammy Awards for Best Alternative Music Album in 2012 and 2020.

What Happened to Bon Iver?

In a recent interview with Grantland in 2021, Justin Vernon, the lead singer and founding member of the band, revealed that Bon Iver, for now, is no more. Vernon said that he had put the acoustic guitar down for the time being to focus on other projects, including Big Red Machine, a collaboration with Aaron Dessner of The National. Vernon also stated that he has been working on various other music projects that he is excited to release.

Vernon’s desire for experimentation and the evolution of his sound may be the primary reason for the hiatus of Bon Iver. He believes that the artistic process is a fluid one that should be constantly evolving, and that’s what he’s aiming to do now.

What’s Next for Justin Vernon?

In the same interview with Grantland, Justin Vernon revealed that he is currently working on an album with Bruce Springsteen. He said that the album would be something unexpected. Vernon has collaborated with many artists, including Kanye West, James Blake, and Taylor Swift, in the past. His versatility and ability to blend his sound with others make him a sought-after collaborator.

While his focus is on his new projects, Vernon has not ruled out the possibility of a Bon Iver reunion in the future. He said that he does not know what the future holds and that he does not want to close any doors.


In conclusion, Bon Iver’s hiatus is not necessarily the end of the band. Justin Vernon’s continuous evolution as an artist may lead to a new and exciting phase of his music career. While fans will miss the signature Bon Iver sound, there is something intriguing about Vernon’s willingness to explore new sounds and collaborate with other artists. As we wait for his new projects to be released, we can only anticipate what the future holds for this talented musician.


Does Bon Iver still make music?

Yes, Bon Iver still makes music. The American indie folk band led by singer-songwriter Justin Vernon is still active in the music scene. Since their debut album, “For Emma, Forever Ago,” was released in 2007, Bon Iver has continued to release critically acclaimed albums, including “Bon Iver, Bon Iver” in 2011, which won the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album.

Their latest album, “i,i,” was released in August 2019, and it received widespread praise from critics. The album was described as “exploring an emotional wilderness” and “grown-up and adventurous” and was named as one of the best albums of the year by several publications.

Bon Iver has also been busy touring. They have performed at major festivals such as Coachella, Glastonbury, and Primavera Sound, and have played to sold-out crowds around the world.

In 2020, Bon Iver announced that they would be returning to the stage for a series of concerts, beginning with a tour of Australia and Europe. They also have several upcoming shows in the United States, including stops in Madison and Seattle, and will be headlining the Beach Road Weekend festival in Martha’s Vineyard.

It is clear that Bon Iver is still very much active in the music industry, both through their recordings and live performances. Fans of the band can expect to see and hear more from them in the years to come.

Does Bon Iver hide his face?

Bon Iver is the musical project fronted by singer-songwriter Justin Vernon. Vernon is known for his distinctive falsetto vocals, emotional songwriting and atmospheric production. However, he is also known for hiding his face in recent press photos. Fans have speculated as to why Vernon covers his face, with some believing it is a deliberate attempt at mystique or a desire for privacy.

In interviews, Vernon has explained that his decision to cover his face in press photos was simply a way of maintaining a sense of anonymity. He has stated that he wants people to focus on his music, rather than his personal life or physical appearance. Vernon has also talked about the stress that touring and publicity can put on an artist, explaining that he uses the mask as a way of mentally preparing for the demands of life on the road.

Despite his desire for privacy, Vernon has created an open and honest persona in his music. His lyrics often deal with personal struggles, such as heartbreak and mental health issues. Vernon has been praised for his vulnerability and emotional depth, which have connected with fans around the world.

While it may seem unusual for a musician to cover their face in press photos, it is simply a way for Justin Vernon to maintain a sense of anonymity and focus on his music. Fans can still connect with Vernon’s emotional lyrics and distinctive sound, even if they don’t get a clear look at his face.

Are Kanye and Bon Iver still friends?

Kanye West and Bon Iver, or Justin Vernon, were previously known to have a close friendship after collaborating on several music projects. However, it is not clear whether they are currently still friends or not.

In a 2018 interview with The Guardian, Justin Vernon hinted that their friendship may have been affected by Kanye’s controversial political views, saying, “I can’t really kick it with him [Kanye] anymore on a personal level, just the energy. But I’ve got mad love for him, and we’re still friends.”

Justin Vernon’s comment suggests that he may have distanced himself from Kanye on a personal level due to the energy or atmosphere that has been created by Kanye’s comments and actions. However, Vernon also made it clear that he still has love and respect for Kanye, and they remain friends regardless.

It is worth noting that Kanye’s political comments have made headlines in recent years and have drawn criticism from some of his fans and collaborators. He has expressed support for President Donald Trump, which has led to backlash from many in the music industry. It’s possible that these political views were a contributing factor to the tension between Kanye and Justin Vernon, although neither artist has explicitly confirmed this.

Based on Justin Vernon’s 2018 interview, it can be inferred that he and Kanye West may have distanced themselves from each other on a personal level due to a difference in energy or atmosphere. However, Vernon also stated that they remain friends and have a strong bond despite any differences they may have.

How much is Bon Iver worth?

Bon Iver is a prominent name in the indie folk and indie rock music scene. The band, which was formed by Justin Vernon in 2007, has garnered a loyal following over the years with their unique sound and emotionally charged lyrics. With their numerous accolades and successful albums, it is no surprise that fans are curious about the net worth of Bon Iver.

Justin Vernon, the lead singer and founder of Bon Iver, is estimated to have a net worth of around $8 million. He was born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and started his music career in the early 2000s with various projects before forming Bon Iver. His talent as a musician and songwriter has earned him recognition and respect in the industry, leading to various collaborations with other artists and musicians.

Bon Iver’s success can be attributed to their unique sound and emotional lyrics. Their debut album, “For Emma, Forever Ago,” was released in 2007 to critical acclaim and earned the band a cult following. This was followed by several highly successful albums like “Bon Iver, Bon Iver,” which won the Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album in 2012.

In addition to their album releases, Bon Iver has also been involved in various projects and collaborations with other musicians and artists. They have contributed to soundtracks for movies, TV shows, and even video games. The band has also been featured in numerous music festivals and tours all over the world, further establishing their popularity and success.

With all their accomplishments and successful career, it is no surprise that Bon Iver has attained a net worth of around $8 million. Their music has inspired and touched many fans all over the world, cementing their place in the indie rock music scene.

What singer does not show their face?

One of the most mysterious and enigmatic singers in the music industry today is Sia, who is known for not showing her face during performances. Sia is originally from Australia, and she is a talented songwriter, singer, and music video director. Her voice has been described as powerful and distinctive, and she has collaborated with artists such as David Guetta, Flo Rida, and Kendrick Lamar. However, despite her success, Sia has chosen to remain anonymous and not show her face in public.

Sia’s decision to hide her face has garnered much attention and speculation over the years. Some believe that she does this to maintain her privacy and avoid the trappings of fame, such as paparazzi and obsessive fans. Others think that it is a marketing strategy, designed to create a sense of mystery and intrigue around her brand. Indeed, Sia has used her anonymity to her advantage, creating elaborate music videos that feature dancers and actors wearing her trademark blonde wig, which covers their faces as well.

In interviews, Sia has stated that her choice to hide her face is rooted in her desire for creative expression. She has explained that she wants her music to stand on its own, without being distracted by her personal appearance. Sia has also noted that she enjoys the anonymity of performing without being recognized, as it allows her to be more present in the moment and connect with her audience in a deeper way.

While Sia’s decision to hide her face may seem unusual, she is not the first artist to do so. Over the years, several other singers and musicians have also chosen to maintain their anonymity, such as Daft Punk, Burial, and The Residents. However, Sia’s success and popularity have brought this phenomenon into the mainstream, and she has become a symbol of creative freedom and self-expression for many in the music industry.

Sia’S decision to hide her face is a unique and intriguing aspect of her artistry. While the reasons behind her choice may be varied and complex, there is no doubt that it has helped her create a powerful, unforgettable brand that has resonated with millions of fans around the world. Whether or not she will continue to wear her iconic blonde wig for years to come remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: Sia’s music will continue to captivate and inspire audiences for generations to come.

Why is Bon Iver wearing a mask in folklore?

Bon Iver, the band fronted by Justin Vernon, recently surprised fans with the release of their new album, “Folklore.” Along with the announcement of the album’s release came a photo of Vernon wearing a mask. This caused fans to wonder why he was wearing a mask and if there was any significance to it.

Upon closer examination, it was revealed that the photo of Vernon wearing the mask was taken during a live video stream of a performance from his studio in Wisconsin. The stream was part of the annual Eaux Claires festival, which had been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The fact that Vernon was wearing a mask during the performance sparked a conversation among fans, and some wondered if there was a deeper meaning to his gesture. It is believed that Vernon was simply taking precautions to protect himself and others, as the COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of people around the world.

Additionally, Vernon’s decision to wear a mask may also have been a nod to the importance of public health and safety during a time of crisis. Many musicians and artists have canceled their tours and performances in an effort to stop the spread of the virus, and Vernon’s decision to wear a mask during his live stream may have been his way of showing that he takes the pandemic seriously and wants to do his part to keep people safe.

It seems that there is no greater meaning to Vernon’s decision to wear a mask during the promotional photo for “Folklore.” Instead, it was likely a simple gesture of respect and consideration for those around him during a time of crisis. However, it is encouraging to see people take the pandemic seriously and take steps to protect themselves and others, and Vernon’s actions serve as a reminder to us all of the importance of public health and safety.

Is Bon Iver one person?

The question of whether Bon Iver is one person is a common one amongst music fans. While the name “Bon Iver” may suggest that it is the moniker of a single musician, the truth is that it is actually the name of a band. However, the origins of the band can be traced back to one individual: Justin Vernon.

Justin Vernon is the primary force behind Bon Iver, and is often credited as the band’s founder. Vernon, a native of Wisconsin, began his music career as a member of various indie rock bands around the Eau Claire area. However, it wasn’t until he suffered a series of personal setbacks- including a break-up, a battle with mononucleosis, and a bout of cabin fever- that he retreated to his father’s hunting cabin and began writing and recording music under the name “Bon Iver.”

The resulting album, “For Emma, Forever Ago,” was released in 2008, and quickly became an indie sensation. The album’s raw, intimate sound and deeply personal lyrics resonated with audiences, and helped to establish Vernon as a rising star in the music world.

Since the success of “For Emma, Forever Ago,” Bon Iver has evolved from a one-man project to a full band, with a rotating cast of musicians and collaborators. However, Vernon remains the driving force behind the band, and is often credited as its de facto leader.

So while the answer to the question of whether Bon Iver is one person may technically be “no,” it is important to understand the role that Justin Vernon plays in the band’s history and identity. whether you consider Bon Iver to be a one-man project or a fully-fledged band is a matter of personal interpretation – but there is no denying the impact that Vernon’s unique vision and talent has had on the world of indie music.