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What do you say in a formal RSVP?

Are you having trouble responding to an invitation? Are you unsure of what to say in a formal RSVP? Well, worry no more! Here are some tips and guidelines to help you craft the perfect response.

First off, it is crucial to understand that responding to an invitation is not just a formality – it is an opportunity to show your respect for the host and the event they have planned. Your response should be written in the same tone as the invitation and convey your appreciation for the invitation.

The RSVP is an abbreviation for “Respondez s’il vous plait” which is a French phrase that translates to “Please respond”. The aim of this phrase is to indicate to the recipient that the sender is requesting a response to the invitation.

When responding to an invitation, it is essential to sign up and make your presence known on time. The essence of an RSVP is to ensure that the hosts have the accurate numbers and planning needed to accommodate the guests. Ignoring or not responding on time can be seen as rude, as it takes away the time and effort that the host has put in organizing everything for the event.

The response should include the following:


Begin by addressing the individual or group that has extended the invitation. This information can be found in the invitation, so make sure to pay attention to it. Use proper titles such as Mr., Mrs., or Ms. for an individual or group like “The Johnson family.”

Attending or Not Attending?

When responding to an invitation, you should indicate whether or not you will be attending the event. If you will attend, make sure to include your anticipation of the event and show your appreciation for the invitation. If you are unable to attend, be cordial in your reply and express your regrets.

The Host’s Name and Details

Always include the host’s full name and details in your RSVP response. If the invitation has multiple hosts, remember to include the names of all the hosts as this is a recognition of all their contribution to the event.

Date and Time

Your response to the invitation should always acknowledge the date and time of the event, just as they were written in the invitation. Showing that you are aware of these details is not only respectful, but it also demonstrates that you have taken the time to read the invitation carefully.

Formal Wording

When writing an RSVP response, it is advisable to use polite and formal language. This shows that you respect the invitation, and you will be respectful to the host as well. Avoid using slang and abbreviations, as that can be shown as too casual for a formal event.

Here is an example of a formal RSVP response:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Johnson,

Thank you for the kind invitation. I am delighted to respond in the affirmative that I will attend the event. I look forward to the excellent company and the chance to celebrate together.


Mary Jane

In conclusion, responding to an invitation should be seen as a chance to communicate respect for the host and the event invited. Always respond on time, include all necessary information such as your name, the host’s details, date and time, and use formal language. By doing so, you will demonstrate your gratitude for the invitation, and help the host plan and prepare better for a fantastic event.