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What do men wear at Hawaiian weddings?

Hawaiian weddings are known for their beautiful scenery, tropical vibes, and laid-back atmosphere. If you’re attending a Hawaiian wedding, you might be wondering what to wear. Men’s attire for a Hawaiian wedding can vary depending on the type of wedding, but there are certain guidelines you should follow to ensure you look appropriate and stylish.

In this post, we’ll explore what men wear at Hawaiian weddings, different styles and outfits to consider, and provide tips to help you choose the perfect outfit for the occasion.

Traditional Attire for Men at Hawaiian Weddings

One of the most popular types of attire for men at a Hawaiian wedding is the traditional Hawaiian shirt paired with khaki pants or shorts. Hawaiian shirts, also known as Aloha shirts, are made of lightweight, breathable fabric, and they often feature prints or patterns that reflect Hawaii’s beautiful scenery, flora, and fauna.

While Hawaiian shirts are perfect for guests attending a casual, beach-themed wedding, they might not be suitable for a more formal ceremony or reception. If you’re unsure what level of formality is expected, Hawaiian shirts with more subdued prints or colors may be appropriate for all occasions. Pair them with a pair of khaki pants or shorts, comfortable loafers, and you’re ready to go.

For a more formal Hawaiian wedding, the groom and groomsmen might wear traditional Hawaiian attire such as a white dress shirt, black slacks, and a maile lei. The maile lei is made from fragrant greenery and adds a touch of elegance to the traditional Hawaiian attire. In some cases, the groomsmen may also wear matching vests to complete the look.

Alternative Attire for Men at Hawaiian Weddings

While traditional Hawaiian attire can be a great option for a wedding in Hawaii, it may not be the best option for everyone. Luckily, there are alternative outfits you can wear to a Hawaiian wedding that are just as stylish and appropriate.

For those who prefer a more modern and stylish look, consider wearing a linen shirt paired with dark trousers or khaki pants. Choose a shirt that is comfortable yet stylish, and that complements your skin tone and the color scheme of the wedding.

Another stylish option is to wear a tailored suit in a lightweight fabric such as linen, cotton, or seersucker. Opt for a light-colored suit so that you don’t overheat in the tropical climate. Pair your suit with dress shoes and a simple tie or bowtie for a polished look.

Tips for Choosing the Right Outfit

When choosing what to wear to a Hawaiian wedding, keep these tips in mind to ensure that you look great and feel comfortable on the big day:

– Check the dress code: Be sure to double-check with the wedding invitation or the couple about the expected dress code. This will give you a better idea of what to wear and what’s considered appropriate attire.
– Embrace the tropical vibe: Since you’re attending a Hawaiian wedding, it’s a good idea to embrace the island’s tropical vibes. Choose attire that reflects the island’s bright, vibrant colors and patterns that give off a relaxed and laid-back aura.
– Dress for the type of wedding: If the wedding is on the beach, consider wearing attire that is appropriate for sandy, windy conditions. If it’s a formal event, ensure that your outfit is more elegant and polished.
– Keep comfort in mind: Hawaii’s warm temperatures can be challenging to dress for, so be sure to choose an outfit that is breathable, lightweight, and comfortable.
– Accessorize appropriately: Finish off your outfit with the right accessories. A flower lei, a woven belt, and a stylish watch can take your casual outfit from basic to stylish.


When it comes to dressing for a Hawaiian wedding, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can opt for traditional Hawaiian attire or choose a more modern outfit that’s equally stylish and appropriate. The key is to dress for the type of wedding, keep comfort in mind, and accessorize appropriately.

By following these tips and guidelines, you’ll be sure to look great and feel comfortable at the next Hawaiian wedding you attend!


What is Hawaiian wedding attire?

When thinking of a Hawaiian wedding, one can’t help but visualize a beautiful tropical setting with gentle waves and warm breezes blowing through. And with this picturesque backdrop, it’s only natural to wonder what the appropriate attire would be for such an event. The traditional Hawaiian wedding attire for women is called Holoku, which is a long, flowing gown that is often made with a lightweight, breathable fabric to keep the bride comfortable in hot weather.

The Hawaiian Holoku wedding gown is typically made with a white fabric, usually with Hawaiian tropical flower prints in white. This dress style is easy to wear and provides an elegant look without the formality of a typical wedding gown. It also suits the beach style wedding, photo weddings, and can be worn as an after-ceremony dress.

The dress’s design is also essential, consisting of a loose-fitting, flowing design that allows for easy movement and is perfect for the wedding’s outdoor setting. The Holoku typically has a high neckline, capped sleeves, and a long, full skirt that flares gently as the bride moves. The dress’s tropical flower prints add a touch of vibrancy and color to the outfit, perfectly complementing the lush Hawaiian surroundings.

For men attending a Hawaiian wedding, the traditional attire is known as Aloha shirt, which is a colorful and casual shirt that often features tropical flowers, plants or designs. The shirt is typically worn with khaki pants, shorts, or even swim trunks. For a more formal wedding, men can wear a white or natural-colored linen suit with a matching Aloha shirt to complete the Hawaiian look.

Hawaiian wedding attire is a perfect marriage of tradition and comfort that perfectly fits the effortless, laid-back vibe of a Hawaiian wedding. With its breathable, flowing design and beautiful tropical flower prints, the Holoku dress is a fantastic choice for brides. Aloha shirts and matching suits are perfect for the groom and wedding guests, allowing everyone to blend in with the surrounding beauty of Hawaii.

What do you wear to a semi formal wedding in Hawaii?

If you’re attending a semi-formal wedding in Hawaii, you’ll want to dress for the tropical climate yet remain stylish and elegant. A semi-formal dress code is more relaxed than a traditional black-tie event, but it still requires some effort and attention to detail in your dressing.

For tropical semi-formal weddings, women can opt for light and airy fabrics such as chiffon, linen, cotton, silk, or silk blends. You can choose a sundress, knee-length dress, or floral dress with colorful prints. Adding dressy accessories such as statement jewelry, a clutch, and high heels can elevate your outfit. Remember to dress appropriately for the warm weather, keeping hair and makeup understated and natural.

Men, on the other hand, have several options for semi-formal weddings. A collared button-down shirt, slacks, and dress shoes are the classic go-to outfits, paired with or without a tie depending on the formality level. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can mix and match your attire with a sportier blazer and shorts. A light-colored suit jacket with khaki pants or linens can also be an excellent option.

It’s also a great idea for both men and women to consider the wedding location and time while choosing their outfit. Beach seaside or garden weddings tend to be more relaxed, so opting for lighter, flowy clothing is fitting. Conversely, evening weddings might require some muted colors and darker hues, as well as a fancy shawl or jacket for an extra layer.

The key to a semi-formal wedding in Hawaii is to keep your attire comfortable and stylish while obeying the dress code. By putting together an outfit with these factors in mind, you can be sure that you are appropriately dressed for the occasion while feeling confident and enjoying the wedding festivities.

What is semi-formal for men in Hawaii?

When it comes to dressing semi-formally as a man in Hawaii, it’s important to strike the right balance between casual and formal attire. Hawaii is known for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere, so men should aim for a comfortable and easygoing look while still making an effort to dress up.

One popular and time-tested approach to semi-formal attire in Hawaii is to pair khaki pants with a stylish Aloha shirt. These shirts come in a variety of materials and styles, and they often feature bright and eye-catching designs that are perfect for the island setting. When selecting an Aloha shirt for a semi-formal event, it’s a good idea to choose a shirt that is not overly loud or flashy, but rather one that is tasteful and well-coordinated with the rest of your outfit.

If the dress code for a particular event calls for dressier or more formal attire, men can opt for a suit or a dress shirt and tie. A suit is a timeless option that exudes class and sophistication, and it can be paired with a variety of accessories such as a pocket square or a bold tie. For a more laid-back look, men can skip the jacket and simply wear a dress shirt and tie, paired with either dress pants or khakis.

The key to dressing semi-formally as a man in Hawaii is to strike a balance between comfortable, island-inspired styles and more formal dress codes. With a little bit of effort and attention to detail, men can easily achieve a stylish and sophisticated look that is perfectly suited to the laid-back yet stylish atmosphere of Hawaii.