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What colors to wear to a wedding in March?

March is a beautiful time to attend a wedding. As the season transitions from winter to spring, the weather starts to warm up, and nature starts to blossom, which makes for some stunning backdrops and photo opportunities for weddings. But when it comes to choosing what to wear for a March wedding, many guests aren’t sure what colors are appropriate. Here we will explore some beautiful colors to wear to a wedding in March that will keep you stylish and appropriate for any kind of wedding.

Why Are Colors Important?

Colors are important to consider when choosing an outfit for a wedding because they can set the tone and atmosphere of the event. The colors you choose can create a particular feeling that can affect your mood and that of those around you. Different colors convey different things. For instance:

– Black is commonly used to symbolize sophistication and elegance, and it’s an appropriate choice for formal weddings.
– White is not recommended as it is reserved for the bride, who will most probably wear an off-white or an ivory dress.
– Red, on the other hand, symbolizes love and passion, but it’s a tricky color to wear to a wedding, as you might end up stealing the show.
– It is essential to remember that you should avoid wearing the same color as the bridal party.

Now that you know the significance of color in wedding attire, let’s dive into the selection of colors that are ideal for a March wedding.

Colors to Wear to a March Wedding


When it comes to choosing a wedding outfit, pink is the perfect color for a spring wedding. It exudes an air of romance and femininity and looks amazing in outdoor settings. A light pink or blush dress will serve as a lovely contrast to the vibrant flowers and greenery that spring offers.


Yellow is a classic spring wedding color. It represents the sun, light, and happiness, and it’s a fantastic option for those who want to stand out from the sea of neutrals. From soft pastels to bright lemon, a yellow dress will provide a cheerful pop of color to any wedding outfit.


A March wedding means that the grass is starting to grow, and the trees are beginning to sprout new leaves. So it makes sense to choose the color of spring: green. It represents nature, growth, and renewal. It is an ideal choice for any garden or outdoor-themed wedding and complements the natural backdrop perfectly.

Patterns and Floral Designs

If you’re not comfortable committing to a single color, a patterned or floral dress is the way to go. Spring weddings are the perfect opportunity to wear a beautiful floral dress, and with so many vibrant, colorful designs available, it’s easy to find one that suits your style. When opting for a pattern, ensure that the dress color is not too bright and relaxed.

The Don’ts of Wedding Attire

While there are plenty of color choices that work at a spring wedding, there are a few color choices that should be avoided.


Avoid wearing white or its shades at a wedding unless you’re the bride. It is traditional for the bride to wear white, so wearing white or ivory will make you stand out for all the wrong reasons.


Although black is a classic color and appropriate for many events, weddings are an exception. Black is traditionally associated with funerals, and it is better not to wear it, especially to a daytime wedding.


In conclusion, choosing a beautiful outfit for a March wedding is essential to looking and feeling comfortable, confident and stylish. With the abundance of colors available, it’s easy to find an outfit that works. The most important thing to remember is to stick to the dress code and follow the lead of the bride and groom when it comes to colors. By wearing bright, floral pastels, or greens, you’ll fit in perfectly with the spring aesthetic of the wedding, making it an unforgettable experience.


What are the best colors for March?

March is the month that features transitioning from winter to spring, with hints of warmer weather and blooming flowers. When it comes to choosing the best colors for March, we need to take into account the season and special events associated with this month. Light blue and white are the two colors that stand out the most, and they are often associated with March, making them the best color choices.

The primary reason why light blue is considered the color of March is due to the March birthstone, Aquamarine. Aquamarine is known for its light blue color and is associated with water. As March is the month of spring and spring is often associated with rain and new growth, the color blue fits perfectly. Blue signifies tranquility and peace, which are essential emotions associated with spring.

Besides being associated with Aquamarine, blue also represents the sky, which is clearer and brighter during spring, giving us a sense of hope. The pale blue color is also created by mixing blue with white, representing clarity and freshness. Light blue is an excellent color for transition, as it also represents the calming effect of the sea, which can help us to bridge the gap from winter.

White is another color that is associated with March and is commonly used in spring decorations and outfits. White signifies purity and new beginnings, which also aligns with the blooming season of spring. March is also associated with Easter, which is another reason why white is an appropriate color for this month. The Christian festival of Easter is celebrated in March or April, making white an important color for the celebration.

While light blue and white are commonly associated with March, they symbolize new beginnings, growth, and purity, all of which are essential elements of spring. The light blue color associated with Aquamarine also adds the tranquility and calming effect of water to the mix. the best colors for March represent a sense of hope, freshness, and anticipation for the brighter and warmer months to come.

Is a March wedding spring or winter?

March is a month that often blurs the lines between winter and spring, and this can leave many couples wondering whether a March wedding should be considered a winter or spring event. The answer depends on a variety of factors including your geographic location, planned decor, and personal preferences.

In some parts of the world, March can still feel very much like winter. Northern climates may still be experiencing heavy snowfall, icy conditions, and subzero temperatures. In these areas, a March wedding may still be considered a winter event and should be planned accordingly with cozy decor, warm drinks, and attire that can withstand cold weather.

However, in more temperate climates, March is typically the beginning of springtime temperatures and sunshine. Trees and flowers may be starting to bloom, and there is a sense of new life and possibility in the air. In these areas, a March wedding can easily be considered a spring event, and can be planned with bright, cheerful colors, floral decor, and lighter weight fabrics.

Even within a single geographic area, there is often a lot of variation in weather conditions during the month of March. It’s important for couples planning a March wedding to monitor weather forecasts closely in the weeks leading up to the event, and to be prepared with backup plans in case of unexpected weather conditions.

The decision about whether a March wedding is a winter or spring event comes down to personal preference. Some couples may embrace the cozy vibes of a winter wedding and choose to plan their event accordingly, while others may prefer to highlight the new beginnings and fresh air of springtime. Whatever you choose, a March wedding can be a beautiful and memorable event that celebrates the unique joys of this in-between season.

What do you wear to a cold March wedding?

If you’re attending a wedding in March, it’s important to consider the weather conditions when putting together your outfit. Since it is still cold during this time of the year, you’ll want to opt for heavier fabrics and more coverage to stay warm. Some great options for cold weather weddings include wool, velvet, and heavy jacquard dresses.

A wool dress is an excellent choice for a March wedding. It is a breathable fabric that will keep you warm, and it provides a unique texture to your outfit that can look very elegant. You can choose a dress with sleeves or even pair it with a woollen coat or wrap to add more warmth and style to your ensemble.

Another good option is a velvet dress. Velvet is a luxurious fabric that can keep you warm and give you a very sophisticated look. It’s perfect for formal weddings, and you can choose from various colors and styles to match your preference and the dress code.

Lastly, you can also consider a heavy jacquard dress for a March wedding. It is a fabric that has a woven pattern, which can create beautiful silhouettes that you don’t usually wear. Similar to wool and velvet, it is a heavier fabric that is both warm and fashionable.

No matter which type of dress you choose to wear, you may want to layer up with a coat or a wrap to protect yourself from the cold. A faux fur shawl draped over your shoulders can add a touch of sophistication and keep you snug throughout the event. Remember to wear closed-toe shoes and nylons or tights if you’re prone to getting cold feet.

When attending a cold March wedding, you want to make sure that you choose an outfit that is both elegant and appropriate for the weather. A wool, velvet or heavy jacquard dress will provide you with the warmth and comfort you need, while also allowing you to look your best on this special occasion.