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What color shoes go with navy blue?

Navy blue is a versatile color that can be paired with many other colors. But when it comes to shoes, many people struggle with selecting the right color that will complement their navy blue outfit. The truth is, the color shoes that go with navy blue will largely depend on the occasion, time of day, and your shoe preference.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best color shoe options you can wear with navy blue for different occasions, whether it’s formal or informal events.

Brown, Tan, or Nude Shoes with Navy Blue

If you’re looking to dress down a navy blue outfit, then brown, tan, or nude shoes are a great option. These colors offer a casual and relaxed look that can be perfect for a day out, hanging out with friends, or even a casual office day.

Brown shoes are a great option since they provide a nice contrast to the rich navy blue color. If you want to go for a lighter color, go for tan or nude shades, which are ideal for spring and summer. The best part about these colors is that they’re versatile, so you can wear them with any type of navy blue outfit, from dresses to denim.

White Shoes with Navy Blue

White shoes are perfect for achieving a crisp, clean, and fresh look with your navy blue outfit. This color goes great with navy blue and pops against the rich dark hue. White shoes are especially perfect if you’re wearing a navy blue dress or jumpsuit to your office/home office, wedding, or cocktail party.

For a daytime look, you can wear a pair of comfy white sneakers or sandals with your navy blue outfit. For a night out or a formal event, you can wear white pumps or stilettos that elongate your legs and make you look fabulous.

Gold or Metallic Shoes with Navy Blue

Looking to add a touch of elegance and luxury to your navy blue outfit? Then gold or metallic shoes are a perfect option. These shoes are ideal for formal events like weddings, corporate events, and fancy dinners.

Gold shoes add warmth to the cool navy blue color, creating a perfect balance that’s pleasing to the eyes. On the other hand, metallic shoes reflect the navy blue color, making it appear even brighter and more vibrant. With gold or metallic shoes, you can’t go wrong with a monochromatic navy blue outfit or a dress with golden or metallic accessories.

Red Shoes with Navy Blue

For a bold and confident look, red shoes are the perfect choice for your navy blue outfit. The vibrant and bold color contrast beautifully with navy blue to create an eye-catching look. Red shoes are a great option if you’re attending casual events, such as brunch, birthday parties, or a night out.

When it comes to styling a navy blue outfit with red shoes, it’s essential to choose the right shade of red that perfectly complements the navy blue color. When wearing a navy blue outfit with red shoes, keep the other accessories minimal, allowing the shoes to take center stage.


In conclusion, there are numerous color shoe options that you can wear with navy blue. The options will depend on factors such as the occasion, preference, and time of day. To achieve a classic and timeless look, go for neutral colors like brown, tan, nude, or white. For a touch of opulence, try gold or metallic shoes. And if you’re looking to make a bold statement, look no further than red shoes. Whatever color shoes you choose, ensure that they complement your navy blue outfit or dress and reflect your unique style.


Can you wear black shoes with dark navy?

Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to pair black shoes with a dark navy outfit. In fact, black shoes can be a versatile choice when it comes to pairing with navy clothing, as they can work well with both lighter and darker shades of navy. When wearing black shoes with navy, it is important to keep in mind the overall look and balance of the outfit.

First and foremost, you must ensure that your black shoes are well-cared for and polished, as they can stand out quite starkly against the dark navy of the outfit. This will also help to maintain the overall sharpness of the look. When choosing a pair of black shoes to pair with your dark navy outfit, opt for a simple and elegant style. A classic pair of black dress shoes, such as oxfords, brogues or loafers, can go a long way in elevating an outfit featuring dark navy clothing.

It is also important to consider the formality of the event or occasion you are dressing for, as this can influence the type of black shoes that you choose to wear. For more formal events, such as weddings or black-tie events, opt for a polished and sleek pair of black dress shoes. If you are wearing a dark navy suit for a more casual occasion, such as a day at the office, consider pairing it with a more relaxed pair of black shoes, such as black leather sneakers or boots.

While there are many factors to consider when pairing black shoes with dark navy clothing, this combination can create a sharp and stylish look when done correctly. By keeping in mind the formality of the occasion, the style of the black shoes and the overall balance of the outfit, you can confidently wear black shoes with your dark navy outfit and look great doing it.