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What can I use instead of an aisle runner?

An aisle runner is a timeless wedding tradition, but these days, more and more couples are getting creative with their aisle décor. While aisle runners have their own unique charm, there are plenty of alternatives that can not only save you money, but make your ceremony stand out. If you’re not sold on the idea of a traditional aisle runner, consider some of these options that will wow your guests.

Use a Vintage Carpet as an Aisle Runner

One cost-effective and easy alternative to the average aisle runner is a vintage carpet. You can find beautiful and inexpensive Persian rugs at most antique shops, and the extra touch will add a bohemian feel to your ceremony décor. Not only will a vintage carpet add a pop of color and style to your wedding, but it also has practical benefits. A carpet is much more durable than a traditional aisle runner, making it a smart investment if you’re planning an outdoor wedding or have a large guest list. Plus, you can reuse the carpet in your home décor after the wedding, so it serves as a sentimental keepsake of your special day.

Line the Aisle with Flower Petals

Another unique aisle option that will make your guests’ jaws drop is lining the aisle with flower petals. You can do this in a way that is elegant and traditional, or creative and fun. Use a single type of flower petals, or mix and match for a more eclectic look. You can even get your guests involved in a DIY project before the wedding and have them create handmade paper flowers to line the aisle. This is a great option if you’re looking for an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional aisle runners.

Use Festive Lanterns

If you’re looking to add a romantic atmosphere, lanterns are the perfect option. You can line the aisle with festively lit lanterns to create a soft, warm glow. This adds a touch of elegance and ambiance to your ceremony, and there are endless ways to customize the look to match your wedding décor. You can use old-fashioned lanterns, ornate Moroccan styles, or rustic mason jar lanterns. Whatever style you choose, be sure to incorporate soft, warm lighting to really set the mood.

Try a Water Aisle Runner

If you’re having a beach or tropical-themed wedding, a water aisle runner is a unique and fun option. This will add a touch of whimsy to your ceremony, and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind walk down the aisle. Plus, your guests will love the novelty of walking on water and it’s a great opportunity to get some memorable photos. Consider incorporating floating candles or petals to make it even more magical.

Get Creative with Balloons

Balloons are a versatile option that can add a fun and festive vibe to your ceremony. You can choose to use colorful helium-filled balloons, or get creative with giant balloons filled with confetti or glitter. Balloons can be used to line the aisle, or as an element to your wedding arch. They are inexpensive and can be easily customized to fit your wedding theme and color palette.


As you can see, there are plenty of creative alternatives to traditional aisle runners that will make your wedding stand out. From budget-friendly options like lining the aisle with flower petals or using party balloons, to more whimsical options like walking on water, the possibilities are endless. When choosing your aisle décor, be sure to consider your own personal style, wedding theme, and budget. With a little bit of creativity and imagination, you can create a walk down the aisle that you and your guests will never forget.


Can you skip walking down the aisle?

Walking down the aisle is a traditional element of a wedding ceremony. But not every bride or groom feels comfortable with this ritual, whether it’s because of nerves, shyness or simply because they don’t want to be the center of attention. So can you skip walking down the aisle altogether? The answer is yes, you can.

In fact, there are many creative ways to do it. If you don’t like the idea of walking down a long open space, with all eyes on you, skip the aisle altogether. No one said you have to have one! Some couples “just start” the ceremony, without any kind of formal walk. Instead they simply show up in the front, for instance from the sides.

Another alternative is to have a different kind of entrance, such as an entrance from the back of the ceremony site, or even from above, by descending stairs or a bridge. This is particularly popular in outdoor weddings or those taking place in non-traditional venues.

Another idea is to enter the ceremony together, hand in hand. This emphasizes the fact that the wedding ceremony is about the couple as a team, rather than just the bride, and makes for a very romantic and intimate moment.

If you do decide to skip the aisle, you should let your celebrant or wedding planner know in advance, so they can arrange things accordingly. It’s important to make sure that any alternative entrances are safe and do not impede the flow of the ceremony. Additionally, if you are having a religious ceremony, make sure you get permission from your religious leader to make any deviations from the traditional ceremony.

It’S your wedding day and you should feel comfortable and happy with every aspect of the ceremony. If walking down the aisle doesn’t feel right for you, then it’s perfectly fine to skip it altogether. Just remember, the most important thing is to make your ceremony personal and meaningful to you as a couple.

Is it okay not to have entourage in wedding?

When we think about weddings, many of us envision a traditional ceremony where the bride walks down the aisle with her bridesmaids and the groom stands alongside his groomsmen. However, the truth is that not every couple chooses to have an entourage at their wedding, and that’s perfectly okay.

There are many reasons why a couple may choose not to have an entourage. For one, it can be expensive to outfit a large group of people in matching attire. Additionally, some couples may prefer a more intimate wedding with only their closest family and friends in attendance. Others may simply find the tradition of having an entourage to be outdated.

While having a wedding entourage can add to the celebration and help make the couple feel supported on their big day, there is no rule that says it’s mandatory. In fact, some couples may prefer to keep the focus solely on themselves and their commitment to one another.

The decision to have an entourage at your wedding should be based on what feels right for you as a couple. If you prefer a more low-key celebration or simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of coordinating a large group of people, then it’s perfectly fine to forgo the traditional entourage and focus on what truly matters – your love for each other.