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What can I put on my wall around my fireplace?

A fireplace is often the focal point of a living room, and decorating around it can be a great way to add visual interest and enhance the overall ambiance of the space. With so many options available, it can be tough to know where to start. In this post, we’ll explore some of the best things to put on your wall around your fireplace.


One of the most common things people hang above their fireplace is a mirror. A large mirror can reflect light and make the room feel larger and more open. It can also be a great opportunity to add some style and flair to your space. There are many different sizes, shapes, and styles of mirrors to choose from. Some popular options include round or rectangular mirrors with ornate frames, antique mirrors with patina, or contemporary mirrors with sleek, clean lines.


Another popular choice to hang above a fireplace is artwork. A beautiful painting or print can add color, texture, and visual interest to your wall. When selecting artwork, consider the style and color scheme of your space. You might choose something that complements the colors in your room, or you might choose a piece that makes a bold statement. The size and shape of the artwork should also be taken into consideration. A larger piece could make your space feel cozier, while a smaller piece might be better suited for a more minimalistic look.

Family Photos

Another great way to personalize your fireplace wall is by displaying family photos. This can be a great way to add a personal touch to your living room and remind you of the people you love most. You might choose to display a single favorite family portrait or create a gallery wall with several smaller photos. Either way, this is a great way to make your fireplace area feel like a true family space.

Wall Sconces

If you’re looking for a way to add some light and ambiance to your living room, wall sconces can be a great choice. These fixtures attach to the wall and provide a soft, warm glow that can really set the mood. Wall sconces are available in many different styles and finishes, from contemporary to vintage-inspired. You might choose a pair of matching sconces to flank your fireplace, or you might mix and match different styles for a more eclectic look.


For a more traditional look, candlesticks can be a great option to place atop your mantle. This creates a cozy ambiance that’s perfect for chilly evenings or romantic occasions. You might choose sleek, modern candlesticks for a contemporary look, or ornately carved vintage candlesticks for a more traditional style. You can also get creative using candles of different colors or shapes.


A clock adds function and style to your fireplace area. Beyond telling you the time, it can add visual interest and depth to your wall. Choose a style that complements the rest of your décor and consider if you want a clock featured within an ornate frame, one that’s a plain face, or one that’s oversized. Be sure to consider if you prefer a wood or metal finish. A clock provides a practical item and accent to the living room!


Vases add a classical touch that is always in season. They come in all sorts of shapes and finishes, from ceramic to glass to metal. You can tie in the vase with the holiday or the season (flowers, leaves, pumpkins, etc). Either way, a vase will add an instant class to your living room.


There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to decorating your fireplace area. It’s all about personal preference – but a piece of décor that makes you happy when you see it. Whether you choose a mirror, artwork, family photos, wall sconces, candlesticks, clocks, or vases, your living room will be sure to have plenty of elegance and class with it. Consider these options and choose which one is best for you and your personal style!


How to decorate around wall mounted fireplace?

Decorating around a wall mounted fireplace can be challenging because you want to create a cohesive and attractive appearance that complements the fireplace without overwhelming it. However, there are several effective ways to add interest and style to the area surrounding your wall mounted fireplace.

One way to decorate around a wall mounted fireplace is to add shelving. This not only provides an opportunity to display books, but just about any collectibles and other decorative items as well. For a sleek and modern look, opt for floating shelves in the same color or material as the fireplace. This will create a clean and straightforward look that will let your accessories shine. If you’re looking for a bit more storage, opt for bookcases flanking your fireplace. This is a classy choice that provides ample surface area for books, artwork, and other decorative items.

Another potential decoration idea around a wall mounted fireplace is to add art. Painting or print that matches with other accessories of your room can give a cohesive look. If you choose a vibrant or bold piece to hang over the fireplace, you may want to keep the surrounding décor understated to avoid a cluttered look. You can also opt for a series of smaller art pieces hung asymmetrically around the fireplace. This will create visual interest and provide an opportunity for multiple pieces which can be swapped out seasonally or when you want to change up the look of your space.

Mirrors, whether large or small, make an excellent addition to the area around a wall mounted fireplace. They reflect light making the room feel brighter and also create the illusion of more space. Make sure the scale of the mirror is not too overpowering to the fireplace or room overall.

Finally, the use of lighting fixtures can give life to your wall-mounted fireplace. You can add table lamps or decorative wall sconces that will seamlessly tie into your overall decor style.

Decorating around a wall mounted fireplace requires attention to scale, style, and other aesthetics. However, with a bit of creativity, you can make the area around your wall mounted fireplace a centerpiece in your home. Incorporate practical and chic storage solutions, artwork, mirrors, and lighting to create a welcoming and stylish space.

How do you accent a fireplace wall?

When it comes to home design, the fireplace often serves as the focal point of a room. However, it’s not just the fireplace itself that draws the eye. The wall that surrounds the fireplace is also an essential aspect of the design aesthetic and can greatly enhance the overall look of the room. Here are a few ways to accent a fireplace wall:

1. Tiles: Tiles are a popular choice for accenting fireplace walls as they come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can opt for a classic subway tile, a patterned mosaic, or a textured ceramic tile to create a unique look. You can also play with different tile layouts, such as herringbone or chevron patterns, to add even more interest.

2. Stone: Natural stone is another great option for accenting fireplace walls. Materials like limestone, travertine, and slate are popular choices due to their durability and unique textures. You can opt for a full stone wall or use stone as an accent around the fireplace to create a cozy and rustic atmosphere.

3. Marble or Quartz: For a more luxurious look, consider using marble or quartz slabs to accent your fireplace wall. These materials come in a wide range of colors and patterns and create a seamless and elegant look when used as a single slab.

4. Paint or Wallpaper: If you’re on a budget or looking for a quick fix, you can always opt for a fresh coat of paint or unique wallpaper to accent your fireplace wall. Bold colors, textured wallpaper, or even a painted stencil design can add visual interest and depth to the space.

Adding tiles, stone, marble, quartz, paint, or wallpaper to your fireplace wall is a great way to enhance the overall look and feel of the room. Whether you’re going for a modern or rustic aesthetic, there are plenty of options to choose from to create a stunning accent wall that can’t be ignored.

Should fireplace be lighter or darker than walls?

When designing a room, the fireplace is often the centerpiece that can tie everything together. With so many options for fireplace materials and finishes, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect look for your home. One of the most common questions when selecting a fireplace is whether it should be lighter or darker than the walls.

There are several factors that come into play when making this decision, such as the size of the room, the style of the fireplace, and the overall aesthetic you wish to achieve. The first consideration when choosing the color of your fireplace is contrast. Generally, you want your fireplace to stand out from the surrounding walls. A contrasting color scheme will highlight the beauty of the fireplace and make it a focal point in the room.

If you have light-colored walls, you can choose a darker finish for your fireplace to create a stunning contrast. This will make the fireplace pop and draw the eye, enhancing the cozy ambiance in the room. A dark fireplace may also add a touch of elegance to the space.

On the other hand, if your walls are darker, a lighter fireplace finish could help to create a bright and inviting space. A light-colored fireplace can give the illusion of a larger room and add some much-needed contrast to the dark walls, making it the perfect choice for those who want their fireplace to blend in with the surroundings.

Another factor to consider is the style of your fireplace. If your fireplace has intricate details and ornate designs, a lighter color may help to accentuate these features and make them stand out. However, if you have a modern, sleek fireplace, a darker finish may be the best option to keep the design simple and sophisticated.

When it comes to selecting the color for your fireplace, a contrasting shade to the surrounding walls is the most popular choice. Whether you choose a lighter or darker finish depends on your personal preference, the style of your fireplace, and the overall look you wish to achieve in your room. the key is to choose a color that complements the style of your space and makes your fireplace the star of the show.

Can fireplaces be flush with the wall?

Yes, fireplaces can be flush with the wall, which is also known as a flush mount installation. A flush mount installation allows the fireplace to sit flush with the surrounding wall or cabinetry, creating a seamless and modern look. In this type of installation, the fireplace frame is mounted directly onto the wall, allowing for a clean and minimalist appearance.

Another type of installation that allows for a flush appearance is a recessed fireplace. In this installation, the fireplace is set into a wall cavity, giving the illusion that it is built directly into the wall. Recessed fireplaces are often referred to as fireplace inserts, as they can be inserted seamlessly into a wall without protruding out from the surface.

Both flush mount and recessed fireplaces have become popular choices for modern home designs that prioritize clean and sleek aesthetics. However, it’s important to note that not all fireplaces are suitable for flush or recessed installations. It’s always best to consult with a professional installer to determine whether your chosen fireplace model is suitable for the installation type you desire. Additionally, it’s important to follow all safety codes and have the installation completed by a licensed professional to ensure the safety and longevity of the fireplace.