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What are the requirements to get married in Washington state?

Getting married is an exciting and joyous occasion, but before you can say “I do” in Washington state, there are a few requirements you need to meet. Understanding the requirements ahead of time can save you a lot of time and hassle, so let’s go over what you need to know.

Requirements for Getting Married in Washington State

  • Both applicants must be at least 18 years old
  • Both parties must have current photo identification, such as a U.S. passport, military ID, or driver’s license issued by the Department of Licensing.
  • Both parties must appear in person to apply for the marriage license at any county auditor’s office in the state of Washington.
  • You and your partner must not be related to each other by blood or marriage (first cousin marriages are allowed in Washington).
  • The marriage license must be obtained three days before the wedding ceremony.
  • The couple must pay a $69 application fee

Where to Get Your Marriage License

You can apply for your marriage license at any county auditor’s office in the state of Washington. However, both parties must appear in person to apply. It’s recommended that you apply at least a few weeks in advance of your wedding date to ensure you have time to obtain the license before the ceremony. Some counties offer online applications, so be sure to check out your county’s website for more information.

First Cousin Marriages

Washington state allows first cousin marriages, but there are a few additional requirements you need to meet. The couple must provide a doctor’s certificate stating that they’ve received genetic counseling within the past year, and the certificate must be attached to the marriage application.

Proxy Marriages

In Washington state, proxy marriages are not allowed. Both parties must be present in person to apply for and receive their marriage license.

Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex couples can legally marry in Washington state. The requirements for a same-sex marriage are the same as for a traditional marriage.

The Waiting Period

There is a three-day waiting period after you obtain your marriage license before you can legally get married. Keep this in mind when planning your wedding ceremony. If you need to get married sooner, you can obtain a waiver of the waiting period.


Getting married in Washington state is a simple process, as long as you meet the requirements. Ensure that you check with your county’s auditor for any additional requirements, such as first cousin marriages. Be sure to plan ahead and get your marriage license early to avoid any stress or complications. With the correct documentation and a bit of patience, you’ll be well on your way to your happily ever after.


Does Washington state require a blood test for marriage?

Washington state does not require couples to undergo a blood test before getting married. The state’s marriage requirements include completing an application, presenting government-issued identification, and providing documentation such as birth certificates and social security numbers. However, individuals under the age of 18 must have parental consent with additional rules and requirements for younger individuals.

While some states still require premarital blood tests to check for sexually transmitted diseases or genetic disorders, Washington state does not see it as a necessary step. The process of licensing marriage in Washington State includes the consideration of age, blood relationship, competency, and gender. The two people wishing to be married must also not be currently married, and both are required to be present during the marriage ceremony.

Before planning for the wedding, couples in Washington must apply for a marriage license. This process can generally be completed online, allowing couples to save time and travel expenses. Along with filling out the application, each person must provide forms of identification to prove citizenship or lawful presence. These can be in the form of a state-issued driver’s license, passport, or birth certificate. Applicants will also be asked to provide their social security numbers.

Washington does not require blood tests for marriage. However, both persons must have all required documentation and identification to fill out the application, and first cousins cannot legally marry in the state. Additionally, marriage applicants do not have to reside in Washington or be American citizens; they just need to prove their lawful status in the country. Before starting the wedding planning process, couples should always research their state’s marriage requirements to ensure they meet all the necessary criteria.

What happens if a marriage license is never turned in Washington state?

In the state of Washington, obtaining a marriage license is a legal requirement for couples who wish to get married. The license is issued by the county where the couple plans to get married and it must be acquired at least three days before the wedding ceremony. After the wedding, it is then the responsibility of the officiant to complete the marriage certificate and return it to the issuing county for recording within 30 days of the marriage.

However, what happens if the marriage license is obtained but not submitted for recording? In Washington state, failing to turn in a marriage license does not necessarily mean that the marriage did not take place or is not considered valid. This is because the license itself is simply a legal document that grants permission for the couple to marry, and not turning it in does not invalidate the marriage.

If the marriage ceremony took place and all other legal requirements were met, then the marriage is considered to be legally binding, even if the license was not recorded. However, the absence of a recorded license could have ramifications for the couple later on. For example, if they need a copy of the marriage certificate for legal or personal reasons, it may be more difficult to obtain without a recorded license.

In addition, not recording the license could affect the legal benefits that come with marriage. For instance, if one spouse needs to apply for Social Security benefits, health insurance coverage, or other government-related benefits, proof of marriage may be required, and without a recorded license, this could cause delays or other complications.

Not turning in a marriage license does not necessarily invalidate a marriage in Washington state. However, it may have practical and legal implications for the couple down the road, especially if they need proof of their marriage for official purposes. Therefore, it is always best to complete all legal requirements, including filing the marriage license, to ensure that the marriage is fully recognized and protected under the law.

How long does it take to get marriage license in Washington state?

In Washington State, obtaining a marriage license is a straightforward process. However, there is a mandatory 3-day waiting period after the license is purchased so couples should plan accordingly. This means that you will not be able to get married until three days after you have obtained your marriage license. It is essential that couples do not forget about this waiting period as it cannot be waived.

Once you apply for a marriage license, you can expect the entire process to take about 30 minutes, depending on the number of people ahead of you in line. You will be required to present your identification to the clerk and pay the required fees. In-person applications are necessary since you will sign the forms in front of the clerk.

After you have purchased the license, you have 60 days to tie the knot. If you do not get married within that time frame, you will need to purchase a new license and wait another 3 days, as the previous license will have expired.

If for any reason, you are unable to apply for a marriage license in person, you may be able to complete the process by mail. However, this process may take longer, and you will still be required to wait three days before getting married.

Obtaining a marriage license in Washington State is a straightforward process. Couples should plan ahead and keep in mind that there is a mandatory 3-day waiting period after purchasing the license. Additionally, they have 60 days from the purchase date to get married before the license expires.