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What are non traditional vows?

Wedding vows are the cornerstone of any marriage ceremony. These sacred promises made between two people during their union set the tone for their love and commitment to one another. While traditional wedding vows are steeped in history and tradition, modern couples are choosing to embrace nontraditional wedding vows that reflect their unique personalities and values.

So, what are nontraditional vows? Simply put, they are wedding promises that deviate from the traditional script. Instead of the standard “to have and to hold” and “in sickness and in health,” nontraditional vows offer a fresh perspective on the meaning of marriage and what it means for the couple. Here, we explore the different types of nontraditional vows and why they may be the perfect choice for your wedding.

Promises from the Heart

One popular type of nontraditional vows is promises from the heart. These vows are often personalized, creative, and spoken with genuine emotion. They may include lyrics from a favorite song, a poem, or a quote. Promises from the heart are heartfelt and deeply personal, offering a glimpse into the couple’s true feelings for each other.

For example, a bride might say: “I promise to always make you feel loved and appreciated. I promise to be your rock when times get tough, and your cheerleader when you need encouragement. I promise to always listen and be open to your ideas, dreams, and opinions. Most importantly, I promise to love you with all my heart, every single day of our lives together.”

Vows with a Twist

Another type of nontraditional vows is vows with a twist. These vows take traditional promises and add a unique spin to make them memorable and meaningful. Vows with a twist are often playful, humorous, and unexpected, and they show the couple’s fun-loving side.

For example, a groom might say: “I vow to let you have the last slice of pizza, even if it’s my favorite. I vow to always let you pick the movie, even if it’s a romantic comedy. I vow to be your travel buddy, your dance partner, and your partner in adventure. And most importantly, I vow to love you, cherish you, and annoy you with my dad jokes for all eternity.”

Shared Vows

One of the newest trends in wedding vows is shared vows. These vows are said together by the couple, in unison, emphasizing the idea of equal partnership. Shared vows show that the couple is in this together, as equals, and that their promises are shared and mutual.

For example, the couple might say: “Together, we promise to laugh and cry, to support and encourage, to dream and achieve. We promise to always make time for each other, to be each other’s best friend, and to love each other, no matter what. We promise to be true partners in life, and to cherish our marriage for all time.”


Nontraditional wedding vows offer couples the chance to create a unique and special moment that reflects their personalities, values, and love for one another. Whether you’re using a poem, a quote, or sharing vows together, nontraditional vows show that you are willing to think outside the box when it comes to your wedding day. So, choose the vows that speak to your heart, and start your marriage off on the right foot – with customized wedding promises that mean the world to you and your partner.


What is the difference between traditional and modern vows?

Wedding vows are a crucial part of the wedding ceremony. They are the promises made between the bride and groom to love, respect and support one another and to share a lifelong journey together. Vows represent a deeply personal commitment to each other and the bond shared between them. However, nowadays, couples have the option of choosing between traditional or modern vows based on their preferences and lifestyle.

The biggest difference between traditional and modern vows is that traditional vows have a religious element in which marriage is acknowledged as a holy ordinance of God, while modern vows are generally less formal and can be secular, meaning that they may not involve religious aspects at all. The traditional vows are often rooted in the religious beliefs of the couple, with the couple acknowledging their faith and seeking blessings from a higher authority for their union. On the other hand, modern vows tend to focus more on the personalities and values of the couple themselves.

From a linguistic standpoint, traditional wedding vows often use more formal language and follow standard archaic expressions from the past, using phrases such as “in sickness and in health” and “until death do us part”. These vows are beautiful and timeless, as they are so deeply ingrained in wedding culture. On the other hand, modern vows are less formal and more personalized. Couples can choose to include their personal stories, how they fell in love, and even inside jokes, creating something unique that can only be shared between them.

The tone of traditional and modern vows can also differ. Traditional vows often have a more somber and serious tone that echoes the importance and significance of the commitment made, while modern vows can be more fun and lighthearted, focusing on the love and connection of the couple.

Choosing between traditional and modern wedding vows is entirely up to the couple. Whether they choose to include religious elements or not, or if they want to incorporate their personal touch, the most important thing is that their promises reflect the love, commitment and values shared between them.

What can you do instead of vows?

When it comes to wedding ceremonies, exchanging of vows between the bride and the groom is always a traditional and important part of the ceremony. However, some couples may choose to be more creative or personalize their moment by doing something different from the norm. Here are some ideas that couples can consider to replace the traditional exchanging of vows.

1. Write a poem or song: Some couples are musically or poetically inclined. They can write a poem or sing a serenading song to each other instead of the traditional vow exchange. You can enlist the help of a musician or songwriter to help create an original tune that you will both enjoy.

2. Create Art: For couples who are more inclined to art, they can create some form of carving, painting, or sculpture to exchange. For instance, each could create two pieces of art that are to remain separate, and then they can unite it during the ceremony to form one complete piece representing their union.

3. Coordinate a Dance: For couples who love to dance, this could be their chance to showcase their skills. You can coordinate a special dance move to show their love for their soon-to-be spouse.

4. Write it in Icing: Who doesn’t love cake at a wedding? Instead of exchanging vows, you can write a message to each other in icing on a decadent dessert such as a cake, cupcakes or macarons. You will have a unique and sweet way to profess your love while everyone enjoys a treat.

5. Create a Time Capsule: Couples can put together a time capsule containing things such as letters to one another, mementos, and pictures of their journey together. You can bury or lock the capsule in a secure location and agree to open it either in five, ten, or twenty-five years.

It’s important to note that the decision to replace vows should be a mutual agreement between the couple. Choosing something different should not detract from the meaningfulness of the day but instead allow the couple to express their unity in a way that is true to them. it is the love and commitment they have between them that is the most important, regardless of the method they choose to express it.

What is an example of a modern vow?

Wedding vows are an essential part of any wedding ceremony, and they serve as a declaration of love and commitment between two people. In the past, traditional wedding vows used to be very specific and follow a certain format. However, with the evolution of society and changing relationships dynamics, modern wedding vows have become more personal and expressive.

Modern wedding vows reflect the couple’s unique personality, beliefs, and values. They are crafted to reflect the depth of love and commitment that the couple shares. One example of a modern vow is,

“I take you to be my partner. I pledge to be your best friend, your confidant, and your strength. I’ll work to create a household filled with love, peace, laughter, patience, and respect. I promise to grow old together with you, cherishing each day with you.”

This vow reflects the couple’s desire to support each other and build a home filled with love and respect. It emphasizes the importance of friendship and trust in their relationship, while also acknowledging the importance of patience and forgiveness.

Another example of a modern vow is,

“I promise to love you unconditionally with all that I am, in all of the world’s circumstances, from this day forward. I will be patient and kind, respecting your unique talents and interests. I promise to laugh with you, cry with you, and grow with you.”

This vow expresses deep and unconditional love between two people and acknowledges a commitment to growth and change. It highlights the importance of respecting each other’s individuality while promising to support and encourage each other.

Modern wedding vows provide a beautiful way to express love and commitment in a way that feels personal and genuine. They allow couples to create a unique reflection of their love, personalities, and values that captures the true essence of their relationship.