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12 Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas & Tips

Engraving of wedding bands with personal and unique figures dates to the courts of medieval Europe. With plenty of time and technological advancements, you can easily engrave even traditional or simulated diamond jewelry the way you want.

Advancements in technology have provided so much flexibility to carry out various creative engraving ideas on your wedding band. Hence, you are no longer limited to a few characters. The ring’s small surface area is practically a whole canvas for all sorts of poetic genius.

You can pick between classic wedding rings that never go out of style and non-traditional wedding bands. So be it a short marital verse, a romantic sign or symbol, or even your initials, the inscribable opportunities are limitless. Here in this article, we’ve provided the best wedding ring engraving ideas and tips to help you make the right engraving decision.

Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

It has almost become a norm to pick out the perfect engraving for your wedding band. If inspiration doesn’t hit right away, you don’t have to worry as we’ve got you covered.

We’ve made out a list of a few of the best ring engraving ideas for husbands and wives to be. As you look through them, remember to discuss it with your significant other. Like many other decisions, it should be made together by both genders.

1. Traditional Engraving

As the groom, the wedding ring engraving ideas for her you should consider is one which looks traditional. With all the many ways to personalize a wedding ring, sometimes, it’s best to go with the traditional and timeless.

Most couples decide to personalize their wedding bands with significant dates of the initials of their names. You could inscribe on them the day of your first date, or when you first met.

If you both plan to share the same last name, you could also engrave your last names. Making a monogram, combining bits of your names for a cute finish, is also a good idea.

The engravings should carry meaning and depth. Inscribe a brief phrase, verse, or inscription on sentimental value to you. If you and your spouse have catchphrases or watchwords or even just things you say to each other frequently, that would also make for a great engraving.

If you feel your words are too personal or wish to keep them between you and your spouse, consider laser engraving. These engravings are microscopic and can only be seen with the aid of a magnifying glass. So, whether it is something personal, a secret, or even something sexy, this is the way to go.

Inscribe Words Such As:

  • Eternal Love
  • Forever Yours
  • Nothing Can Separate Us
  • A meaningful song title or lyrics
  • The highlight of your wedding vows

2. Be Romantic

Secondly, don’t shy away from the romantic. We understand that people have very different romantic views, and thus they express it in different ways.

So, these engravings will be tailored just for you and your spouse. No matter how you chose to express it, though, some terms still stand effective. Try saying sweet things like:

  • Rest of My Days
  • Overly into You
  • Love, Honor, and Cherish
  • You are my heart
  • You are my life
  • You are my home
  • You are my world

You could define romance by engraving a heart with an arrow through it or a love symbol with a star, it’s all up to your taste. And that’s ok. When it comes to romantic engravings on a wedding ring, there are no rules. It only has to be personal and meaningful.

3. Vows Engraved

Inscribing your vows in your wedding bands is another great idea. You could pick out a meaningful line from the vow, such as “I do,” or “for better for worse.”

You could as well inscribe all mentioned above. To accomplish this, you might have to shorten your vows unless you have opt-in for the microscopic procedure. But remember, it has to be meaningful and memorable to both of you.

4. Funny Engraving

A lot of things drive a relationship, and humor is one of the biggest of those things. A lot of couples share a common and strong sense of humor. It only makes sense that you incorporate your funny side in engraving your wedding ring.

You could make funny engravings that reference an inside joke, or perhaps a playful secret you two share. Funny pet names, cooking fails, hilarious social event happenings, they all have humor potential. When you and your spouse have a hard, near-crippling laugh about it, you know it’s perfect for your engravings.

Here are a few funny ring engravings to consider:

  • No refunds
  • No take-backs
  • Inside you
  • Ours yesterday, today, and next week
  • You’re stuck with this
  • My ride or pie
  • General Her-no-bee
  • In brightest day

5. Be Expressive

Different couples have their passions. As a lady, you should consider something they nerd over, like Harry Potter and Star Wars movies, or even video games. These, on their own, offer a lot of creativity to draw from. Men are usually more on the nerd side than women. So, ladies, this is a perfect idea for his wedding band engraving.

It’s a perfect way to combine connection, humor, and uniqueness. It also drives a healthy obsession further, solidifying your relationship in the process. Try fun phrases like:

  • To Infinity and Beyond
  • Generally, Kenobi
  • Shut Up and Dance
  • Say Hello to My Little Friend
  • You’ve Got A Friend in Me

6. Inscribe Romance Language

It is very well known the French, Latin, and Italian are what is called Romance Languages. Anything spoken in any of these languages becomes a thousandfold more romantic. So, for a bit of both uniqueness and tradition, you could inscribe a meaningful text on your wedding bands.

As a couple, you could even adopt it as one of your love languages. A good example is a phrase like “I love you,” which translates in French to “He t’aime.” Now say out loud and see for yourself how much more romantic it sounds.

7. Favorite Quotes

If you’re a couple that is fund Quotes and cliches, that could work fine. Sayings like “Whoop! There it is,” or “The Butler Did It,” or even “Work Hard, Play Hard,” and several others. Most couples have at least one of these sayings. Why not pick one to inscribe on your wedding bands. Perhaps the most meaningful one to you as a couple.

8. Song Lyrics Are Cool Too

A lot of couples have a special song. A song of great sentiment to them. Whether it was the song that played on their first date, first kiss, or when they first met.

Of course, you can’t engrave all the words in the Lyrics on your wedding ring. Hence, just pick out a verse or a few lines. If you insist it should be little, then a microscopic laser is your best bet.

9. Send A Message

Play a little on the idea of two separate people uniting to become a loving couple by dividing a message between the two rings. One phrase, split into two, in each ring. And when the bars are close together, the message is complete. Try messages like:

  • Ring 1: To Have | Ring 2: To Hold
  • Ring 1: I’m with Him | Ring 2: I’m with Her
  • Ring 1: Peanut Butter | Ring 2: Jelly

10. Fingerprints Engraving

If you want something that is more exclusive to you and you two alone: Engrave your fingerprints. Yes, your fingerprints. This takes the whole “Two become one” to the next level.

11. Bible Verses

Certain Bible verses perfectly capture the essence of marriage. Pick out a meaningful Bible verse, preferably one you plan to read out at the ceremony. If the verse is too long, you can shorten it or just put on the verse’s name. A few suitable bible verse ring engravings include:

  • Solomon 2:16 “My lover is mine, and u am his.”
  • Colossians 1:17 “And he is before all things, and in him, all things hold together.”
  • 1 Corinthians 16:14 “Do everything in love.”

12. Meaningful Locations

Many couples have some very meaningful Locations to them. It could be the place they first met, where they got engaged, or the location of a specific trip. You can immortalize these experiences by engraving the location on your rings.

Helpful Wedding Ring Engraving Idea Tips

However little the task may seem compared to the rest of the wedding, engraving still requires focus and dedication. Here are a few tips to help perfectly plan your engraving.

  • Keep it short: Remember that it’s only a ring. You have very limited space to make your inscriptions. There’s no way you’re cramming an entire song on there. If you do this, it might end up being unreadable. Keep it brief yet sweet.
  • Combine your options: Perhaps you’re into more than one idea, it’s ok to combine them for the ultimate creative engraving. For example, you could pair your names with the wedding date and add a little bit of that inside humor.
  • Choose Carefully: Your wedding ring is something you and your spouse will wear for a very long time, so you want it to be perfect. With that in mind, I advise you not to pick an engraving in haste. Calm down, sit on it, and take your time to come up with the perfect words or image.
  • An Engraving Secret: Why not surprise each other with your engravings. That’s right, as an extra wedding gift, you can each pick out an inscription for your partner’s ring. Don’t show or reveal it to each other so that the surprise and emotions will have full effect on the wedding day.
  • Engrave another time: Don’t ever feel like you need to get it all ready before the wedding day. If you couldn’t engrave it before your big day for whatever reason, you can always do it later. This way, there is snow pressure on you. With a calm mind and plenty of time, you can pick up the right idea for your engraving. And remember, it’s never too late to fish out fresh ring engraving ideas for husbands and wives.


We’re glad you’ve chosen to get an engraving for or with your loving partner and decided to go through our wedding ring engraving ideas and tips. The wedding ring is a tradition that symbolizes union, belonging, and eternal love, and now, you get to add your personal touch to this great tradition.

Whatever creative idea you decide to go with, whether favorite quote, Bible verse, or song lyrics, with the right amount of love and depth, you’d be passing across an incredible message of love. So, go out now and get the words out of your head and onto that ring!