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Was the Corinthian gay in Sandman?

When it comes to LGBTQ+ representation in media, comics have been notoriously slow to evolve. However, one graphic novel series that broke new ground was “The Sandman” by Neil Gaiman. One character in particular, the Corinthian, has sparked a lot of debate among fans. Was he gay?

The Sandman

“The Sandman” series follows the adventures of Morpheus, the King of Dreams, and his siblings, the Endless. The Corinthian is introduced in issue #10, “The Doll’s House.” He is a nightmare created by Morpheus, who takes the form of a tall, handsome man with razor-sharp teeth in place of his eyes.

At first, the Corinthian appears to be a loyal servant of Morpheus, tasked with hunting down rogue nightmares. However, it soon becomes clear that he has his own agenda. He escapes Morpheus’s control and begins a killing spree, targeting homeless people and taking their eyes to replace his own.

The Debate

The Corinthian’s sexuality has been a subject of debate among fans for years. In “The Sandman Companion,” a book published in 1999, Neil Gaiman confirmed that the Corinthian is gay. He even stated that the character only consumed the eyes of boys.

However, this revelation is not explicitly stated in the comics. The Corinthian never has a romantic or sexual encounter with another male character on panel. Some argue that his sexuality is irrelevant to the story, while others point out that it adds depth to the character and helps to humanize him.

Representation Matters

Regardless of whether or not the Corinthian’s sexuality is explicitly stated in the comics, it is important to recognize the impact of LGBTQ+ representation in media. For many readers, seeing a character who is gay can be a powerful experience. It can help them feel seen and understood, and it can also challenge harmful stereotypes and increase empathy for others.

In the case of the Corinthian, his sexuality adds complexity to his character. He is not just a one-dimensional villain, but a person with desires, fears, and struggles. It also raises interesting questions about the nature of nightmares and where they come from. Is the Corinthian a product of Morpheus’s imagination, or is he a reflection of society’s fears and prejudices?


In conclusion, the debate about the Corinthian’s sexuality may never be settled. However, what is clear is that LGBTQ+ representation matters in media. Seeing characters who reflect the diversity of our world can have a powerful impact, both on individual readers and on society as a whole. “The Sandman” was one of the first comics to feature complex LGBTQ+ characters, and we can only hope that more comics will follow in its footsteps.


Who was Sandman in love with?

The Sandman, also known as Dream, is a character in the comic book series of the same name created by writer Neil Gaiman and artist Sam Keith. Throughout his journey, Sandman encountered many characters including other supernatural beings, humans, and even mortals. Among these characters, Sandman fell in love with Thessaly, a sorceress and a fellow witch.

Their love story began when Thessaly became aware of the existence of the Dreaming, where Dream resides as the ruler of dreams. Thessaly, being a sorceress, was intrigued by the idea of entering the Dreaming and decided to follow a trail of dream stuff left behind by Dream, hoping to find her way inside. Dream, who sensed her presence, decided to meet her and escorted her to safety. After this initial meeting, Thessaly became a regular visitor to the Dreaming.

As their friendship grew, Sandman and Thessaly started to develop feelings for each other. Dream made a room for her in his castle, which was an exceptional gesture, as it meant a lot for both of them. Through long walks in Fiddler’s Green and spending all their time in the castle, their relationship became much more profound than just a friendship.

Although their romance was not the focal point of the storyline, their interactions showed a deep and meaningful connection between them. Thessaly, being a witch, was a vital character in the series, and with her arrival, the plot of Sandman became more complex and dynamic.

Sandman was in love with Thessaly, a sorceress, and fellow witch, who he met in the Dreaming. Their romance developed through various interactions, which showed an intense and deep connection between them. Their unconventional love story added depth and complexity to the Sandman series.

Who does Corinthian represent in The Sandman?

In Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel series “The Sandman,” The Corinthian is a character who represents the darkest aspects of humanity and the idea that evil exists within everyone. The Corinthian is an escaped nightmare from The Dreaming, with rows of teeth for eyes that he cut for himself, and he embodies the concept of evil and horror.

As explained by Gaiman, The Corinthian is named after an old term for a scoundrel or troublemaker, which reflects his nature as a malevolent force. He is not simply a villain or antagonist, but a representation of the truly depraved and wicked. The Corinthian’s existence also serves to remind readers that evil can exist in unexpected places, even within oneself.

Furthermore, The Corinthian is not simply a theoretical representation of evil. He becomes a serial killer in the waking world, adding a level of terror and realism to his character. In this sense, The Corinthian is a warning, that the consequences of immoral behavior can be deadly and have serious repercussions.

The Corinthian in “The Sandman” represents the darkest parts of humanity and serves as a reminder that evil can exist within all of us. Through his existence and actions, Gaiman presents a cautionary tale about the dangers of indulging in wickedness and highlights the importance of choosing the right path in life.

Why does the Corinthian have no eyes?

The Corinthian is a fictional character that appears in Neil Gaiman’s comic book series “The Sandman”. He is one of the most terrifying and memorable characters in the series due to his unique and gruesome appearance. The Corinthian has no eyes, and instead, his eye sockets have a mouth-like appearance where teeth are present. The reason behind this lies in his origins as a creation of Dream himself.

In the comics, the Corinthian was initially created by Dream as an experiment in the creation of nightmares. However, Dream himself was not satisfied with the creation and cast him out into the world of the living. In the human world, the Corinthian quickly discovered his ability to consume human eyes through his eye sockets. By doing this, the Corinthian was able to view that person’s memories and past life, as well as see into their future. This gruesome ability makes the Corinthian one of the most feared and deadly characters in the series.

The Corinthian’s appearance is an essential aspect of his character. The lack of eyes and the presence of teeth in his eye sockets emphasize his inhuman nature and the horror he inspires. His appearance also serves as a metaphor for our deepest fears. The human eye is often associated with awareness and perception, and the lack of eyes on the Corinthian represents a loss of perspective and understanding. The teeth within the eye sockets illustrate the predatory nature of the Corinthian and the idea that he is always hungry for more.

The Corinthian’s lack of eyes is a crucial aspect of his character, both in terms of his abilities and his appearance. The unique features of his eye sockets and the teeth within them serve as a representation of the horror and fear he inspires. the Corinthian’s character represents the darkest aspects of our psyche, and his appearance and abilities illustrate these themes.