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Was Penguin in love with Riddler?

Gotham is a popular American television series based on the characters from DC Comics. The show is set in the Batman universe, and it revolves around the story of a young Bruce Wayne and his journey towards becoming the Dark Knight. One of the main characters of the series is Penguin, aka Oswald Cobblepot, who is a notorious villain in the Gotham City’s criminal underworld. Throughout the show, there have been hints that Penguin was in love with Riddler, aka Edward Nygma. In this blog post, we will explore whether Penguin was truly in love with Riddler or whether it was just a fan theory.

The relationship between Penguin and Riddler

The relationship between Penguin and Riddler has been complex throughout the series. In the first season, Riddler was a forensic scientist at the Gotham City Police Department, and he had a crush on his colleague, Kristen Kringle. However, when Kristen started dating Penguin, Riddler became jealous and eventually killed her. This set off a chain of events that turned Riddler into a villain and put him on a collision course with Penguin.

Despite their differences, Penguin and Riddler formed an unlikely friendship in the second season. Riddler helped Penguin regain his position as the leader of the criminal underworld, and Penguin helped Riddler get revenge on those who mistreated him. Throughout the second season, there were hints that Penguin had romantic feelings for Riddler. However, it wasn’t until the fourth season that Penguin openly admitted that he loved Riddler.

Penguin’s confession

In the fourth season, Penguin was suffering from an illness that was slowly killing him. Riddler discovered that the only cure for Penguin’s illness was a rare chemical found in a specific location. Riddler offered to get the chemical for Penguin, but on one condition: Penguin had to admit that he loved him.

Penguin was hesitant at first but eventually gave in and openly confessed his love for Riddler. Riddler then went to get the chemical but was attacked and presumed dead. When Riddler returned, he had amnesia and had no memory of his relationship with Penguin.

What does it all mean?

So, was Penguin truly in love with Riddler, or was it just a fan theory? The answer is not straightforward. Throughout the series, there were hints that Penguin had feelings for Riddler, such as the way he became protective of him and risked his own life to save him. However, it wasn’t until the fourth season that Penguin openly confessed his love for Riddler.

Some fans argue that Penguin’s love for Riddler is more than just romantic. They suggest that Penguin’s feelings for Riddler stem from a deep admiration for his intelligence and wit. In contrast, others argue that Penguin was genuinely in love with Riddler, and his love was not just platonic.

Nevertheless, the relationship between Penguin and Riddler is one of the most complex and intriguing dynamics in Gotham. It is a testament to the show’s storytelling that it can create such a layered and multifaceted relationship between two of its iconic villains.


In conclusion, the relationship between Penguin and Riddler in Gotham is complex and layered. While there were hints that Penguin had romantic feelings for Riddler throughout the series, it wasn’t until the fourth season that he openly admitted his love for him. Whether Penguin’s love for Riddler is genuinely romantic or stems from admiration for his intellect is open to interpretation. Nevertheless, the relationship between Penguin and Riddler is one of the most fascinating dynamics in the show and is a testament to the show’s storytelling.


Who is Riddler in love with?

The Riddler, real name Edward Nygma, is a supervillain in the DC Comics universe and the Batman franchise. Known for his obsession with puzzles, enigmas, and riddles, the character has had a long history of being one of Batman’s most formidable foes. However, one of the lesser-known aspects of the Riddler’s character is his romantic relationships, particularly his infatuation with one of Batman’s allies, Batgirl.

In the comics, the Riddler’s attraction to Batgirl, also known as Barbara Gordon, is not a longstanding one. It occurs in the 2008 storyline “Batgirl: The Flood,” where the character makes his feelings known to Barbara after a series of challenges and riddles. Frustrated by her ease in solving his puzzles, the Riddler sets out to prove Barbara’s worthiness by putting her through a series of life-threatening scenarios.

Despite Barbara’s skills and intelligence, the Riddler ultimately captures her and declares his love for her. However, his unrequited feelings do not last long, and the storyline ends with Barbara rejecting the Riddler’s advances and defeating him.

While the Riddler’s attraction to Batgirl may seem like a random plot point, it does tie into the character’s larger motivations and personality. As a criminal who is obsessed with intellect and outwitting others, the Riddler is likely drawn to Batgirl’s intelligence and tenacity. Additionally, the fact that she is an ally of Batman’s adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement for him.

The Riddler’s love for Batgirl is just another facet of his complex character. While he may be a villain who enjoys causing chaos and destruction, he is not immune to human emotions like love and infatuation.

What is the relationship between the penguin and Batman?

The relationship between the Penguin and Batman can be described as one of adversaries. The Penguin is a famous villain in the Batman universe and has been a recurring character throughout the character’s history. The Penguin is a character that is often associated with crime in Gotham City, and he sees himself as a criminal mastermind that can take on Batman.

The Penguin is one of the more distinct villains among Batman’s many adversaries. The character is often portrayed as a suave and sophisticated criminal, who is clever and conniving. He is known for his top hat, monocle, and umbrella, which he frequently wields as a weapon. The Penguin’s appearance is often as memorable as his personality, and the character is often used as a contrast to Batman’s stoic and serious demeanor.

Batman and the Penguin first met in the comics in the 1940s. The Penguin became a popular villain early on and has remained a recurring character in Batman comics, TV shows, and movies. The relationship between the two has been portrayed in many different ways over the years, but it has always been one of adversaries.

In many ways, the Penguin is the opposite of Batman. While Batman is a vigilante who works outside the law, the Penguin is a criminal who works within the system. While Batman is known for his incredible physical abilities and intense training, the Penguin is known for his intellect and wit. the two characters are locked in a never-ending battle for control of Gotham City, with Batman always working to thwart the Penguin’s latest scheme.

Despite their adversarial relationship, the two characters have had their moments of connection over the years. In some stories, the Penguin has even helped out Batman, often only for his own selfish reasons. However, in the end, the relationship between the Penguin and Batman is one that is defined by their mutual need to control the fate of Gotham City.

Who is the Riddler’s girlfriend?

The Riddler’s girlfriend is a character named Kristen Kringle, who was first introduced in the television series Gotham. Kristen is portrayed as the record keeper of the Gotham City Police Department, who is initially shy and reserved but eventually starts a romantic relationship with Edward Nygma, who later becomes the Riddler.

Throughout the series, Kristen’s character arc is heavily intertwined with Nygma’s transformation from a socially-awkward forensic scientist to the infamous supervillain known as the Riddler. When Nygma first meets Kristen, he is immediately smitten with her, but his attempts to impress her often come across as strange or off-putting.

Despite this, Kristen eventually starts to reciprocate Nygma’s feelings and the two begin dating. However, their relationship hits a major roadblock when Kristen discovers that Nygma has murdered her abusive ex-boyfriend, Tom Dougherty.

After learning the truth, Kristen rejects Nygma and attempts to turn him into the police. In a fit of rage and confusion, Nygma accidentally kills Kristen by pushing her down a flight of stairs, thereby cementing his descent into darkness as the Riddler.

Kristen Kringle’s character serves as an important catalyst for the Riddler’s transformation, and her tragic fate ultimately helps to solidify Nygma’s status as one of Gotham City’s most notorious supervillains.