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Was CS Lewis ever married?

C.S. Lewis is one of the most prominent Christian thinkers of the 20th century. He is best known for his works of fiction, particularly “The Chronicles of Narnia,” which have sold millions of copies worldwide. But, one question that some people may have about C.S. Lewis is whether or not he was ever married?

Early Life of CS Lewis:

Clive Staples Lewis, known to his family and friends as “Jack,” was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1898. His father, Albert Lewis, was a solicitor while his mother, Florence, was the daughter of an Anglican priest. C.S. Lewis had one sibling, his brother Warren, who he would remain close with throughout his life.

In 1908, C.S. Lewis’s mother passed away from cancer, which had a profound impact on him. He became an atheist at the age of 15, but later returned to Christianity in his early 30s. This journey towards faith heavily influenced his later writings.

C.S. Lewis’s Career:

After serving in World War I, C.S. Lewis attended Oxford University where he would spend the majority of his academic career. He was a professor of Medieval and Renaissance literature at Magdalen College until he retired in 1954.

C.S. Lewis’s early works were largely academic, but he began to gain widespread success with the publication of “The Screwtape Letters” in 1942. This work of fiction, which is presented in the form of a series of letters from a demon named Screwtape to his nephew Wormwood, is a satire on human nature and Christian theology.

Meeting and Marriage:

In 1952, C.S. Lewis was introduced to Joy Davidman, an American writer who had converted to Christianity. Davidman had been corresponding with Lewis for some time, and the two quickly became close friends.

At this point, C.S. Lewis was celibate and had never been married. However, in 1956, Davidman’s husband divorced her, and she and her two sons moved to England to be closer to C.S. Lewis.

The relationship between C.S. Lewis and Joy Davidman became romantic, and they were married in a civil ceremony in 1956. However, the Church of England did not recognize the marriage, as Davidman had been previously divorced.

C.S. Lewis and Joy Davidman’s relationship was cut short when Davidman was diagnosed with bone cancer in 1959. She passed away in 1960.

C.S. Lewis’s Reflections on Marriage:

After the death of Joy Davidman, C.S. Lewis wrote a book called “A Grief Observed,” in which he reflected on his experience of losing his wife. In this work, C.S. Lewis discussed the difficulties of coping with grief and the challenges of faith in the face of tragedy.

Prior to his marriage to Joy Davidman, C.S. Lewis had written extensively on the topic of marriage. His book “The Four Loves” discusses the different types of love, including romantic love, and how they relate to one another.

C.S. Lewis’s views on marriage can be described as traditional, but also deeply personal. He believed in the importance of commitment and sacrifice in a marriage, but also recognized that every relationship is unique.


In conclusion, C.S. Lewis was married, but it was a brief and tragic marriage to Joy Davidman. Their relationship had a profound impact on Lewis’s life and work, and helped to shape his views on marriage and faith. Though his time with Joy was cut short, their relationship serves as a reminder of the transformative power of love and the resilience of the human spirit.


Who was the wife of C.S. Lewis?

Joy Davidman was the wife of C.S. Lewis, a renowned British author, theologian, and essayist. Joy was born in New York in 1915 and grew up in a Jewish family, but she later converted to Christianity. Before she met Lewis, Joy was in a tumultuous marriage with her first husband, William Gresham. She suffered from an abusive relationship, and it led her to seek help from a psychiatrist, who recommended that she start writing.

Joy’s writing caught the attention of Lewis, who was known for his literary works and theological writings. They began a friendship, and their correspondence soon turned into a romantic relationship, which led to their marriage in a civil ceremony in 1956. However, Lewis and Joy delayed having a Christian ceremony because Joy was still legally married to Gresham and it was not until 1957 that they were able to have a church wedding.

Joy was diagnosed with bone cancer in 1957, and Lewis took care of her during her illness. Joy’s tragic death in 1960 devastated Lewis, and he struggled to come to terms with her loss. Nevertheless, he wrote a book called A Grief Observed, which chronicles his grieving process and his struggle with faith. In the book, Lewis grapples with the question of why God allows suffering, and he ultimately comes to the conclusion that it is a mystery beyond human comprehension.

Joy’s influence on Lewis’s life and work is evident in his writings. She inspired him to write The Four Loves, a book about the nature of love, as well as the book Till We Have Faces, which is dedicated to her memory. Moreover, Joy’s life story was the basis for the movie Shadowlands, which tells the story of their love and Joy’s death.

Joy Davidman was a significant figure in the life of C.S. Lewis. She supported and inspired him during their marriage, and her death affected him profoundly. However, Joy’s legacy lives on through Lewis’s writings and the movie Shadowlands, which tell the story of their love and the impact that Joy had on his life.

How old was Jerry Lewis when he married his 13 year old wife?

Jerry Lewis, a well-known American comedian, actor, singer, and filmmaker, caused a controversy in 1957 when he married his 13-year-old first cousin once removed, Myra Gale Brown. At the time, Lewis was 22 years old and claimed that Myra was actually 15 years old. Regardless of her age, the marriage was considered highly inappropriate and caused an uproar among the public.

Jerry Lewis and Myra Gale Brown began dating when she was just 12 years old, and they quickly fell in love. Despite the significant age gap and the fact that they were first cousins once removed, the couple continued their relationship and eventually got married in 1957. However, the marriage was met with significant backlash from the public, who saw it as an example of an older man taking advantage of a young, vulnerable girl.

The controversy surrounding the marriage was further exacerbated by the fact that Jerry Lewis was a popular celebrity at the time, known for his comedy and acting roles in movies and on television. As a result, news of the marriage quickly spread, and Lewis’s reputation was severely damaged. The controversy also caused fallout for Lewis’s career, as he was forced to cancel a tour of England due to the public outrage and boycotts.

In the years since the marriage, Jerry Lewis has continued to be a controversial figure, with some defending his actions and others condemning them. Regardless, the fact remains that Lewis married Myra Gale Brown when she was just 13 years old, which is widely considered to be inappropriate and morally wrong. The controversy surrounding the marriage has continued to overshadow Lewis’s career and personal life, serving as a reminder that even the most beloved celebrities are not immune to personal scandal and controversy.

What was the age difference between Jerry Lee Lewis and his first wife?

Jerry Lee Lewis, a legendary rock and roll musician, was married several times in his life. His first marriage took place on December 12, 1957, when he was 22 years old. However, what made this marriage a topic of controversy was the fact that his bride, Myra Gale Brown, was only 13 years old at the time.

The age difference between Jerry Lee Lewis and his first wife was a staggering 9 years. This age gap was not only deemed immoral, but also illegal – as the age of consent in the state of Mississippi, where they tied the knot, was 14 years old.

In May 1958, when Lewis arrived in London for a 37-date tour, Myra Brown accompanied him and revealed to a newspaper reporter that she was, in fact, his wife. This created a lot of negative publicity for Lewis, as people saw this marriage as an attempt to take advantage of a young girl.

Later on, Brown’s age was revealed during an interview with a New York reporter. Jerry Lee Lewis clarified that Myra Brown was actually 15 years old at the time of their marriage, as they had been married for two months prior to the London tour.

Despite multiple attempts to explain and justify his actions, Jerry Lee Lewis suffered a severe backlash due to this controversial marriage. This marriage is still remembered as one of the most scandalous moments in the history of rock and roll.

How long was CS Lewis married to his wife?

Clive Staples Lewis, or better known as C.S. Lewis, was an English author, literary critic, and theologian. He is also famous for his works, including the Chronicles of Narnia book series, The Screwtape Letters, and Mere Christianity. However, what many people might not know is that C.S. Lewis had a unique love story that was marked by challenges and heartbreak.

C.S. Lewis met Joy Davidman Gresham in 1952, an American poet and writer. At first, their relationship was purely professional, and they corresponded via letters. However, as their friendship grew more profound, so did their affection for one another, and eventually, they married in 1956 in a civil ceremony. But their union was a deathbed marriage since Joy had bone cancer and wasn’t expected to live very long. Despite her diagnosis, they had three years together before her death in 1960 at age 45.

Their marriage was not without its challenges. C.S. Lewis and Joy were from different countries, which meant that once they married, they had to go through the process of gaining citizenship. Additionally, C.S. Lewis struggled with spirituality and faith for most of his life, and Joy’s diagnosis challenged his beliefs even more. However, through it all, they remained in love, and their marriage was a testament to the power of love.

C.S. Lewis and Joy Davidman Gresham were married for three years. Although their union was brief, it was a beautiful and inspiring love story that has captured the hearts of many. Despite their challenges, they remained committed to one another until the very end, portraying a deep and meaningful love that remains an example for all of us.

What were CS Lewis’s last words?

C.S. Lewis was a renowned writer, poet, and academic who passed away on November 22, 1963, at the age of 64. His works have been widely celebrated over the years and have influenced many people, particularly in the realm of Christian literature. Naturally, there is a certain level of curiosity among people as to what his last words might have been.

According to several sources, Lewis’s last words were, “And to go on with, thank you for telling me that you like my books, a thing an author is always pleased to hear.” It is believed that Lewis spoke these words to a friend who had visited him at his home in Oxford a few weeks before he passed away.

It’s interesting to note that Lewis is recognized for his distinct and remarkable ability to communicate Christian truth effectively through both fiction and non-fiction writing. His most famous works in this regard are undoubtedly “The Chronicles of Narnia” and “Mere Christianity” but he has also authored several other notable works such as “The Four Loves” and “The Problem of Pain” which explore the nature of God and humanity’s relationship with Him.

Reflecting on Lewis’s last words in light of his life’s work, we can see that even in his final moments, he was focused on the reason he dedicated his life to writing – to inspire and encourage others in their faith journeys. These words capture his humility, warmth, and generosity of spirit, which endeared him to readers and admirers worldwide.

While there is no way of knowing for certain what someone’s last words are, we can safely assume that C.S. Lewis’s final words encapsulate the essence of his character and beliefs and remind us of the impact he had on the literary world and those who read his works.