Gorgeous Hand-fasting Ceremony in California
Heather and Veronica were married in a beautiful garden bed and breakfast in Ojai, California. The day was steeped in meaning and intention, ditching traditions and choosing things they absolutely loved and wanted on their wedding day. They chose red and purple dresses, had a hand-fasting ceremony, and claddagh... Read more
Don’t Miss This Enchanting Elopement to Sedona!
Meet Kamaile and Ash! These two met each other while Ash was stationed in Hawaii and Kamaile was living there. They have both lived in so many places in and out of the United States, but fate brought them together on the islands. They soon started dating and fell... Read more
Just Another Day in Love
This gallery is actually near and dear to my heart because one of the subjects is my brother. It’s not only special for that reason, but it’s also special because we both grew up in a house that told us we couldn’t love who we wanted to love. Now... Read more
Eloping to the Las Vegas Desert
How did you meet? “We met when we both lived in Chicago, while working for the same company. After asking Jaimielee out on a date, which she totally thought of as just friends, she quickly learned I did not mean a friend date. Fast forward 6 months, we decided... Read more
LGBTQ Wedding with Timeless Fall Colors
To you, what is the most important part of your wedding day? Leslie: getting married…? Emily: getting to throw a huge party to tell the world how much I love her: (it’s also a pretty big deal that both our families will be there bc queer things) What are... Read more