Love Matters
The love story of Zhaleh & Erica is one full of love and community and the many cultures that they blended together to become 1! This wedding was a Persian, African American, Queer celebration of love! Set in Brooklyn, NY at the Society for Ethical Culture set the tone... Read more
East Coast Meets West Coast Wedding
Ryan and Joe met in Washington DC where they reside. Ryan grew up in San Diego, CA and when Joe came to meet his family in San Diego they fell in love. They decided to have their wedding in La Jolla, CA where they celebrated and came together with... Read more
Congratulations to Jen and Julian!
Jen and Julian wanted to have a local wedding with eighty of their best friends and they wanted it to  be a party. That is exactly what they got. Atwood’s Tavern in Cambridge has a killer AirBNB upstairs that the two ladies used to get ready in and for... Read more
A Midnight Proposal
There could not have been a better year ending of 2019 or more amazing way to start 2020 than the surprise wedding proposal to my girlfriend Alizée on New Years Eve, right at midnight. We are deeply connected through our passion for music and traveling as well as our... Read more
Wedding Day in Texas
“So we met back in college. I had just started working at Starbucks with Lora’s coworker and he introduced us, probably not knowing that he’d be in our wedding one day. After a few months, Lora and I started talking and hanging out more frequently. Unfortunately, around that same... Read more