Ready Made LGBT Families: Step-parenting in an LGBT household
Stepfamilies can harbor some challenging dynamics. For LGBT stepfamilies the dynamics can include having to address additional challenges such as coming out to the children, the community where you live, and the children’s schools. If the other biological parent is involved, these decisions can become even more delicate. For... Read more
The Supreme Court to decide if ban allowing gay couples to adopt is legal.
The U.S. Supreme Court brought gay marriage to Mississippi this year. Now it’s looking increasingly likely that a federal judge could be called on to decide if gay couples can adopt children in the state too. A lawsuit filed on behalf of four same-sex couples in August is attempting... Read more
LGBT Family Children’s Books – A Baker’s Dozen of Good Reads
LGBT Children’s literature has come a long way since Your Family, My Family by Joan Drescher in 1980. It was one of the first US children’s picture books to show a same-sex family. The book came under fire, at that time, for the subject matter. Since then, there have... Read more
The Pressures of Bullying: How Can LGBT Parents Help Their Children Cope?
According to the most recent U.S. census data, some 115,000 same-sex households are raising some 300,000 school-age children. In 2008 a National School Climate Survey was performed and the results published by GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network). The school experiences of LGBT-headed families were examined. It was... Read more
How to Avoid Adoption Scams
Adoptions these days seem complicated enough, but can be disastrous unless you know how to avoid the many scams out there. You have decided to adopt a baby! All the details surrounding that decision come with a wealth of emotions. The happiness you feel as you embark on your... Read more